From Heartache to Joy!

Are You Ready to Create Extreme
Transformation in YOUR Life RIGHT NOW?

I am joining some of the world’s top experts on the Global Tele-Summit Series, From Heartache to Joy, in bringing extremely valuable and time-sensitive information for you, so you can have EVERYTHING you need at your disposal to take the leap into your magnificent life like never before! (My interview is December 20th, 1pm ET – see below for more info!)

If you could get the tools that could create Quantum Changes in your life in…


Would you be interested?

This incredible opportunity to transform and change is not for everyone… so please carefully consider these critical points before you answer:

  • What if 33 of the World’s TOP experts in Transformation & Healing gathered together to provide you with the BEST of all of their tools and teachings?
  • What if the NOW is the best time for you to make massive changes in your life due to the transformational energy newly available to each of us this month?
  • What if all of this exciting information is not going to cost you a dime?

Are you ready? Do you feel that this is your time to grab hold of the shifting change and catapult into the next level?

If yes, then consider this as your personal invitation to be a part of this exciting and transformational online event!

Register here to get these tools today PLUS, get over $2,597 of training at NO COST immediately at sign-up! After all, there is no better time than right NOW to create a powerful energy shift in your life!

This event is like no other because we know that we are going through a critical time and the time for change really is NOW. Top experts in the fields of healing, abundance, healthy relationships, soul contracts and more have been invited to guide you to create massive change… offering practical and pragmatic tools to help YOU today!

REGISTER NOW for this amazing opportunity to harness the MASSIVE transformational energy in the last quarter of 2012 and CATAPULT into the life of your dreams!

See you on the call,

Intuitive Consultant Danielle MacKinnon




PS: I’ll be interviewed by Eram on Friday December 20th, 2012 at 1pm Eastern. Be sure to join us as I’ll also be doing a few live readings for you all on Soul Contracts! (Plus I have a special offer for those who take part – which I’m excited about as well!)

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