Danielle at Continuum in Toronto this March!

Continuum: The Soul’s Greatest Journey
(The Conference on Past, Present and Future)

March 4, 5, 6 and 7th 2011 Metro Toronto Convention Center, Toronto, Canada

The Continnum: Soul's Greatest JourneyContinuum is a powerful weekend event with some of North America’s foremost pioneering voices, leading edge authors and presenters (including Danielle MacKinnon, Dr. Raymond Moody, Psychic Medium Joseph Tittel, David Kessler, Dr. Bradley Nelson, and Carol Bowman) brought together for the first time to provide insights with first-hand experiences, real-life documentations and studies on:

  • Past lives of Children and Adults with a group regression
  • Life between Lives explores the soul’s process between incarnations
  • Near Death Experiences
  • The Soul Contracts we make with the people and animals in our lives
  • Communicating with our loves ones who have crossed over
  • Making peace with death and meeting the needs of the dying
  • A dynamic cutting-edge process to live your life fearlessly and with purpose

Most sessions will end in a question and answer period, when you can ask the speakers that one question you always  wondered about. Attend the full event, connect with others who are seeking answers, be informed and inspired! Know the bigger part of you and embrace it all!

In addition to her presentation, Danielle will also be offering an all-day Animal Intuitive Intensive course.

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