Breaking Through Barriers in Love & Relationships Workshop

Learn how hidden Soul Contracts prevent you
having the relationships you truly desire
Start creating change immediately! 


How many times have you asked yourself: “Why is it that I’m always there for everyone else but when I need someone, no one is there?” or “How come I always  feel alone and separate from the rest of the world?” or “Why do I always attract relationships where MY needs aren’t met?”  Maybe you’ve event wondered why you keep giving and doing everything for people and yet it never seems to be enough? Or maybe you’re tired of searching for that special person and never finding them?

Are you really getting everything you want from friends, family and loved ones?

If you have trouble putting yourself first or saying no, if you haven’t been able to meet the love of your life, if you continue to have imbalance in your friendships – then this class is for you.  Certain soul contracts act as hidden barriers preventing you from being able to have success in your relationships.  It’s possible, though, to discover and break these soul contracts, thereby giving yourself a huge push forward in your life.

Join Danielle as she helps you identify and break through those hidden barriers.  Learn what contracts have been blocking your path (of which many will be cleared in class), how to continue clearing blocks on your own and how to prevent yourself from creating additional contracts that don’t serve you. This is a deep and intensive class designed to help you create the life you WANT to live, so get ready to clear and move forward!

Upcoming Dates:

 January 12th, 2013 New York, New York
 January 26th, 2013  Providence, RI 

This workshop is often taught in conjunction with “Why is THAT Person in My Life?” Learn more.

**Although this event is past, you can find more events with Danielle Here!

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