Beyond the Ordinary Show with John Burgos – Interview

FB-banner-51.5 Hour Interview with John Burgos and Danielle MacKinnon
September 17th, 8-9:30pm ET
Phone or Web

We are SO excited to let you know that Danielle will be a featured speaker on the Beyond the Ordinary Show hosted by the adorable, John Burgos. John is known for his warmth and depth, and his ability to create a space during his interviews that raises the bar to a whole new level. IHe’s a very special interviewer and when Danielle and John get together – it’s always so fun! You’re going to be amazed at what is revealed during this call! Danielle and John will be talking about what blocks in life REALLY represent and how blocks never have to be permanent. Plus, Danielle will talk about her technique for actually breaking those blocks…

Mark your calendars and sign up for this FREE, interactive and experiential series which begins August 26th at 5pm Pacific! Get all of the details here! Plus, when you sign up you will also get access to exclusive bonuses. Click here get access now!

PS: There are a lot of truly wonderful live interviews to listen to but my interview with John is September 17th – so be sure to sign up before then so you can listen in!

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