Animals and the Other Side: Live Two-Part Webinar Series



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Do you have a beloved pet on the Other Side? Have you been wondering what your pet experiences over there? What he is capable of? Are you having a difficult time feeling at peace with your pet’s passing?

As an animal communicator, Danielle MacKinnon frequently works with animals and the Other Side. Through her private sessions with grieving pet owners, she’s had the opportunity to learn about the Other Side from the perspective of the animals residing there. In this two-part series, she’ll let you in on a few of the little-known secrets about “the other side” according to what the animals have told her. From – “what does it look like?” to “can she hear me when I talk to her?” this series will offer each participant an opportunity for potential release and relief from the extreme grief that comes with the passing of a beloved animal. In this series you:

-Learn the common ways our pets communicate with us from the other side

-Have the potential to receive a live mini- animal reading during the call

-Receive a group Grief Clearing intended to provide some relief as you grieve for your pet on the Other Side

-Learn a technique for calling on/connecting with your animals on the Other Side

-Learn a tool to help alleviate some of your extreme grief, while becoming closer to your pet on the Other Side

and more! Danielle will also answer live listener questions both general – and personal.

This two-part webinar series piggy packs Danielle’s March 2014 webinar, “Do Animals Go To Heaven?” Danielle’s intention in holding this series is to help people look more deeply at our pets and what transitioning to the other side can mean for them – as well as for the humans attached to them. If you participated in the, “Do Animals Go To Heaven” webinar, you’ll find that this series take a deeper look at the subject and provides you with tools and ideas for healing and moving through your own grief. Many people will feel at least some relief by the end of the first call.


  • This series will be recorded and you will have access to each recording within two days of each call, so there is no need to worry if you can’t be on the live call.
  • Depending on the number of participants, Danielle will take several live callers on each call.
  • You will have opportunity to ask questions via email that Danielle may answer during the calls. We cannot guarantee that all questions will be answered, but Danielle will do her best to ensure that the most common questions are addressed.
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  1. Carol Zanetti
    Carol Zanetti says:

    Sounds wonderful, can’t afford but will look forward to comments. Lost my best friend & companion dog a month ago (I’m disabled) & I’m crushed. He was my only friend. Hope what u say is true, he deserves peace.

  2. yvonne blender
    yvonne blender says:


    I just found out about Bella I am so sorry for your loss
    I’m hoping I can join you and I can register soon.


  3. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Wonderful… I’m hoping to attend… We are facing having to send our beloved 12 yr old black Lab into the light soon… as he had laryngeal Paralysis and we did the tie back surgery last Nov… It barely bought him quality of life… he still gags and wretches .. can’t go swimming … none of us here are getting much sleep… But his tail still works (LAUGH) and he’s eating.. I’m waiting for that moment… That look where he says “Mom, It’s time… I’ll be right back back as your next puppy child…” And it’s still never easy.. but so worth the joy of raising a puppy into an old wonderful dog…

    Blessings to you all….

    OH… The Emotion Code work I did on him honestly helped him and me…

  4. Angie Behan
    Angie Behan says:

    I need help. I have been grieving and having terrible anxiety over my dog named Princess. She was supposed to be fostered by a woman who gave me a fake name. I just found out who she is over one year later but she won’t answer calls or texts. I found her address but not sure what to do. She was a rescue. She was fostered as a trial as I moved in with fiance’ and he was allergic. Adoption contract and microchip in my name. I need to know if she is safe as she is special needs.

    ANGIE BEHAN says:

    I read your need for help I really felt bad trying to understand. If you feel that terrible then don’t give up
    on Princess. There are allergy medicines your friend can take. This loving Princess has gone through a lot and to be honest I would get another fiance if you really can’t keep her or your friend does not want to try If you live in California and can travel. There are rescue friends who would love to have her. They find homes and most of the time they love them so much and keep them and have a loving home with them.



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