Do you ever wonder why you feel so much LOVE and connection with your pets? Do you wonder if animals have a soul or if they go to heaven? As humans, we spend countless hours with our furry friends walking, feeding, cuddling, and loving them, but how often do we consider what they have to teach us spiritually? But did you know that animals were put on this earth as incredible and extraordinary beings to help us learn, grow , heal and remind us of the nature of source? Join Danielle, along with Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher, James Van Praagh for an extra-ordinary 4-part masterclass journey. If you want to explore ways to psychically connect and enhance our relationships with our animal friends, take this first step now!

Dates: November 7, 9, 14 & 16, 2023 – 3-5pm PST (6-8pm ET)