Are you ready to experience Universal Divine Energy and learn how to share it with your pet? If so, this event experience is just for you!

Join us for a transformative Energy Share event, where two of our talented Soul Level Animal Communicators and energy healers will guide you through an enlightening meditation. Parul Chaudri, a skilled Pranic healer with years of experience in healing both humans and animals, will lead the session. She will help you manage your energy and open your heart chakra, allowing you to receive and transmit universal divine healing energy to your beloved pet.

Kate Foggo, an expert in intuitive healing and energy work and a Soul Level Intuitive Coach®, will assist Parul in holding the space and sharing healing energy with everyone on the call, including their animals.

This event is a wonderful introduction to the benefits of being part of our Be Open community. By joining, you’ll gain access to this meditation as a resource you can return to any time you wish to connect with divine universal energy, either for yourself or to share with your pets.

Enjoy the blissful state of divine connection, knowing that you’re sending loving, healing energy to your pet and strengthening your bond. Join the community now for a heart-opening, energy-boosting session you and your pet will cherish!

Join Be Open now to take part in this incredible hour together. Become a member of the Be Open Community here for just $30.