Get ready to explore a topic close to our hearts this month in the Be Open community: relationships with our beloved pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge AKA Beloved Deceased Pet (BDP).  It’s easy to feel lost in grief, as if we’ll never get to experience the love from our crossed over pet again. However, our furry friends continue to guide and connect with us from the other side. Yup, they’re still with us, wagging tails and purring away – and they WANT us to engage with them! 🐾 This month, we dive into what this BDP connection looks and feels like for each of us (or doesn’t look like as well). From gentle nudges to paw-print signs, our pets never actually leave us. If you’ve been questioning if “that’s” a sign, join us for this webinar and find out! Become a member of the Be Open community here.