Animal Energy Healing For You and Your Pet

Learn How to Help Your Pet Heal

Watch this video for a quickie trick you can use with your pet RIGHT NOW before you even start class!

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Animal Energy Healing – No Psychic Experience Necessary

Animal Energy healing isn’t about a visit to the vet

So many people take the animal in their life to the vet, only to find out, “There’s nothing wrong” or “We don’t know what is wrong” or “There’s nothing we can do.” This can be very frustrating! The reality is, though that when your pet is sick, it’s very often about more than the physical body. There is usually a root cause that you can address by delving into the animal energy as well! 

Unlock hidden potential for animal energy healing

There is more to any animal than many vets, doctors, and specialists realize – and if you’re not addressing that “more” then you’re probably feeling pretty helpless about helping your animal.

What works well for both you and your animals is accessing another “level” of assistance – one that feels good, and that doesn’t rely you on knowing everything (or doing tons of research) to use.

My approach to animal energy healing works

It feels better when you can take action, yourself, to help your animal move through a physical, emotional, or energetic challenge. The amazing thing about this animal energy work is that it doesn’t just help your animal – it helps you too.

Learn How to Help Your Pet Through Flow Not Fear

In this instant access video masterclass you will:

  • Learn how to position yourself for the greatest outcome for your pet
  • Get immediate personal benefits as you practice the technique
  • Find out how to clear unwanted and unnecessary energies
  • Discover how to move your emotions out of the healing, so the energy can be used solely for your pet’s healing
  • Have the additional benefit of listening the the Q&A from the live class!

What You Learn

Master My Simple Animal Energy Healing Technique

Learn about the “other” help your animal needs

It’s not just vets and doctors and special leashes and other “fixes.” Animals are sentient beings that, just like us, THRIVE when we address all of their needs. I’ll help you understand those other needs so you can embrace them.

Clear and move energy for the greatest outcome for your pet

I’ll guide you through my personal process for working with animal energy. You’ll learn, step-by-step, my technique so that you can immediately begin using it with the animal in your life.

Q&A and mini-readings

Along with a Q&A, I also intuitively tap in to those who were in the class live, to give the best answer. I help them to understand any challenges they’re having with the technique as well as how to best apply it.

Note: this is a recording of a live class

I’m Ready to Start Using Animal Energy to Help My Pet!


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Ganesh Chant
Powerful MP3 download!

The Ganesh chant is a simple yet powerful energy chant that will assist you in removing obstacles and bringing in an abundance of healing. Many people love this chant so much they do it every day for themselves and their pet!

Want More?

You can also help your pet by learning to communicate psychically with animals. Check out the Danielle MacKinnon School of Animal Communication! No intuitive experience needed.

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About Danielle

Hi! I‘m Danielle MacKinnon and I’m an intuitive, animal communicator, and coach and creator of Soul Level Animal Communication® style of intuitive connection. I’m also the author of Animal Lessons where I help you through the steps to learn what your pet is teaching you.

I believe animals are here to help humans evolve and that we (the humans) need to understand that in order to have the best relationships with our pets.  Everything that happens between us and our animals are opportunities for us to grow and transform into the best people we can be. And helping the animals in our lives feel good (on all levels) is a big part of that!