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Well, today marks my first full day in the following situation:

  1. No dog. My dog is at my in-laws for the next 6-7 months
  2. No kid. Well, I mean no kid living at home. He left for college a few days ago.
  3. No home. Like really. We sold our home and were officially OUT of it yesterday. We’re currently stay with friends while we build our house (hence no dog).

Our dear friends generously offered for us to stay with them while we’re building our house and while it’s awesome,  it’s also VERY hard emotionally!

I’ve been trying all day to set up my office in our new, pretty wonderful temporary housing – but I just keep stalling. I find that I need a snack – or there’s I need to look out that window – or I need to run out to the drug store for some random thing…

It’s REALLY hard to leave my home of thirteen years (my TOWN of 20 years!), leave my dog, have my kid leave me and keep my head on straight. I feel grateful to have my husband, Kevin, in my life as this has been much more pleasant than I’m sure it could have been.

Nevertheless, I’ve got circles under my eyes, I haven’t been able to go to pilates, I can’t find ANYTHING – plus – my office is just not set up yet! I’m literally crouching in the corner to type this right now!

But my point is this: yes, this has been hard. We all go through these hard times – whether they are chosen (like moving), inevitable (like my son leaving for college), or a surprise (like realizing that we can’t take Tuukka with us during our transition!) and one of the things that is getting me through this is the realization that, no matter WHAT happens, I’m protected.

It’s hard to see the protection sometimes. For example, we’re dealing with the appraisal on the house we want to build and some discrepancies. We’ve also been dealing with storage company and how much storage do we really need for all the “stuff” in our house.

In the end, even though I didn’t want the bigger storage space – and in the end, even though I’m not liking this situation with the appraisal, I’m taking time to see the guidance and support in it.

Perhaps, we needed to have the bigger (more expensive) storage space because if we had continued trying to stuff everything into the smaller space, our stuff would have been damaged.

I just have to stop and remember that there is ALWAYS a bigger picture at play here – even when I can’t see it (or even when I don’t like it!)

It’s all about paying attention to the signs. I’ve had SO many signs along the way that told me that we’re making the right move…

For example, there is a Whole Foods opening by our new home. There is a pilates place opening right about the time we’re going to be moving in too! I’ll take these as signs!

When you’re in the throes of your STUFF what signs are you able to see? Can you grab on to those and trust too?

Love and Light,

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  1. Lori
    Lori says:

    I SO needed this today. I needed encouragement because things in my life are shifting (good thing) and I don’t have many clients at the moment … so thank you!


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