Thank you, Elevated Existence listeners!

Here’s your free gift, my Energy Work with Animals Masterclass!

It’s chock full of info but also of exercises for you to try RIGHT THERE as you watch! I’ll guide you through my personal process for working with the energy of animals. You’ll learn, step-by-step, my technique so that you can immediately begin using it with the animal in your life.

Love & Light,

Energy Work with Animals
Online Class

The Steps

  1. Do your own energy management (we did the 4-Breath)
  2. Prime the pump if needed (we built the Divine Energy ball and then received that through our heart)
  3. Clear the pipes if needed (using the open eyes/Divine Energy clearing technique)
  4. Ask the animal if he/she would like energy work from you (make sure you receive a yes!)
  5. Lay the animal out in front of you (note head and bum position)
  6. Set your intention that your main hand be your “Scanning” or “Detection” hand and get scanning!
  7. Change your hand tools to the desired tool – and remember to check your work afterwards in case you desire to do more in that area
  8. Disconnect at the end and send the animal on her way!

Also, you can always skip steps 2 and 3 (it just depends on what you need at the time)