I don’t believe in “abundance”

It’s Thursday morning as I write this and the whole of New England is bracing for the big storm. I’m not so sure about that though. Maybe I’m just being optimistic but this storm has gone from a prediction of 9 inches to 5 inches to “~1 inch” which makes me think, I might be in the clear!

Just in case though, Kevin and I bought wood yesterday so we could make soup and hang out by the fire… This is especially important right now as we recover from all of this holiday hubub. We need to treat ourselves to some down time!

Before we do that though (the snow is not supposed to start until this afternoon) I wanted to talk about something that’s been on my mind the past few days.

It’s the idea of abundance.

Most people would equate abundance with money. They look at their day, they look at their problems and they say, “Well, if I had more money, this wouldn’t be a problem anymore…”

But I don’t really believe that to be true.

What is money really? It’s actually only a form of support. One of many forms of support.

Just like friends, a great network, job opportunities, and the ability to tap into your intuition as support.

Many people are kind of missing the boat here and are just concentrating on $$$. Money seems to be the easiest “fix” to many people’s problems but it is actually NOT.

I mean, how many people do you know who have lots and lots of money, and yet they are still unhappy, dissatisfied, depressed, or insecure?

THE fix, believe it or not, is to understand and shift positively your BELIEFS. (Come on… you had to know I was going to say this!)

Imagine that you were living your life fully supported. What could that look like?

It could look like, you start feeling un-inspired by your job and the universe brings you opportunities for other jobs.

It could look like, you wake up in the morning feeling sad and your husband grabs you and hugs you tight and says, “I appreciate you so much!”

If could look like, you’re driving on an icy highway and go into a spin. You hear in the back of your head, “Jerk the car right!” and as you follow those directions, your car immediately rights itself.

There is so much more support out in the world that is available to us every day. If we narrow our focus to just sales, commission, money, finances, the market, paying bills, moving up in the corporation, the size of our bank account etc. we’re actually missing all the other types of support life is offering to us!

And as we open to ALL these types of support, it helps us see and believe that we are truly supported – which in turn does what? It brings in more support.

And yes, of course some of that support will be financial – but it will also be in an incredible number of other ways too.

But you have to open your eyes

So, I don’t believe in “abundance” the way many people in the world right now do – but I certainly DO believe in Abundance!

How about you?

Love & Light,

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  1. JoAnn
    JoAnn says:

    I am more financially secure than I have ever been and its nice to not have to worry about things financially but I do still worry and Ive lost so many of the special people in my life but I am forever grateful for ever having them in my life and that includes all my past pets.I am grateful for each day that I get up and can be self sufficient for being self sufficient means so much to me for I do not want to be a burden on my son and his family. I also feel if one has money its good to help those less fortunate for that feeling of giving back feels good.Most of the time I remember to always thank God and the Angels for always being there for without them I know I would be lost. Thank you Danielle,for your daily mailings,I do enjoy them and they surely do make one stop and think.
    I wish you and yours and all who come here and the world a brighter and healthy and peaceful 2017

  2. Nina Gates
    Nina Gates says:

    I have recently shifted into being a person who has stopped complaining. I always thought complaining was my not-so-subtle way of encouraging someone to change. I’ve realized that it didn’t bring the change I wanted but added more to things I didn’t want.

    So I changed beliefs. I’ve learned to give it up, let go and start trusting. I love myself enough to make this changes.

    And the rewards are starting to flow in. That warm sense of Abundance is coming back to me. Like the childhood sense that everything is OK. It’s exciting to see what’s unfolding….

    Thank you, Danielle, for opening up this wonderful world we have with your daily writings.

    Happy New Year to everyone!!

  3. Linda Saraco
    Linda Saraco says:

    Although I do not usually comment, I do read your posts and they are always valuable to me.

    Today’s post is so spot-on for me that I have to comment. In fact, I was thinking about you this morning while I set the base and prepared an action plan for change. I’m a happy person, but I am financially challenged. I am not an overly-optimistic person who only sees the good, but it is easy for me to see and appreciate all the wonderful and fortune circumstances and people that come my way.

    Right now I would like to make a significant life change (in an area of my life that does not bring happiness), but the financial piece to put it in motion is not in place (or in place yet). I do see and appreciate all the universe has sent my way. I give thanks regularly, and throughout the year I formally, by way of ritual, thank the universe for all the experiences, challenges and lessons.

    After the nuts-and-bolts type planning of this morning I then sat down to ask Spirit (all my helper guides) what I can do for them. The thought that came to me was the value of exchange. From my view they are always supporting me. The conversations have always been about me, my goals and my needs. As if their entire purpose is to help and guide me. I listened to them now better understand how I have been giving back to them without realizing it and how I may do more of that on their behalf going forward. This exchange may be the significant change for me to make first and then the nuts-and-bolts financial plans may be more effective or expedited. Another lesson I’m sure to be grateful for.

  4. Natalie Hershey
    Natalie Hershey says:

    Danielle, you are so on the mark, once again. I have huge fears around money (one of many, many fears that I used to try to self-medicate away, or run from, neither of which was ultimately helpful in any way). This is even though I have plenty of money. You are correct–having lots of money is not correlated with happiness or contentment in any way. It just leads me to worry about losing it.
    So…lately I have been focusing on what I WANT in my life in 2017. And those things aren’t financial–they include a small apartment where I can focus on spiritual growth; a small group of friends and wider group of kind acquaintances; a 12-step program AND A Course in Miracles, so that I have plenty of fuel for my soul; and a dog’s love.
    Surprise! It turns out that I already have abundance in my life, and there is apparently much more coming.
    Happy New Year to you and all of your readers, fans, clients, etc.
    Thank you and bless you.

  5. Elaine Galloway
    Elaine Galloway says:

    Shifting from the thought of abundance = $$$ to Abundance = spiritual support and guidance is so timely. I had planned my date to retire around meeting certain financial goals, however, my aging mother’s needs are moving my retirement date up sooner than expected so I can care for her in my home. Leaving my job, my source of abundance, is scary. However, my husband and I have sold our home without it even going on the market (Abundance) which enabled us to purchase and pay cash for a home in another state that will be closer to another family member who can help with my mother (Abundance.) I so appreciate your spiritual insights! Thank you!

  6. Debbie UK
    Debbie UK says:

    Funnily enough and as always I seem to agree :o) I have been very ill for the last few weeks and even thought it was time to join my friends on the other side. The only thorn in that idea is that I have a 95 year old and my beloved Amber still here.

    I had decided to give to charity this year instead of “wasting money” on postage and unwanted gifts, so wasn’t really expecting anything back as a few people had said they would do the same.

    However….I had an outpouring of love and gifts and even won a raffle for groceries that were delivered, not realising I had even been entered. My cat and my friends along with a number of newly sober and grateful friends have kept me company and shared so many kind words about my input in this life I was quite taken aback. I really did think my level of usefulness here had finished.

    There has been abundance of love, support, gratitude wherever I look. And Amber appreciates me.


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