25 Things Your Dog REALLY Can’t Eat!

Toxic for dogs?

Just because I’m an animal communicator doesn’t mean that I don’t run into the same problems with my pets as everyone else! Case in point:

As I was steamcleaning the cantaloupe juice out of the carpet the other morning (one of my dogs had snacked on the fruit that had been sitting on the kitchen counter top), I realized that I did not know whether cantaloupe was toxic for dogs. In fact, I wished I had an easily accessible catalog of toxic foods for cases such as this. I often have people calling me in a panic because their dog ate something and they don’t know what the potential consequences are.  I have put the following together based on experience and research–I was especially surprised to learn about the dangers of avocados!

First of all, there does exist a National Animal Poison Control. You can look them up on the web at Animal Poison Control or give them a call at 800-426-4435. The drawback is that the fee for the call is $60, however in times of need, this is no more than the typical co-pay for a human to go to the emergency room. My experience and that of my clients has all been very positive with this organization.

Please DO NOT post here that your dog has eaten something you are unsure of and ask if it is OK. We do not monitor this page on a daily basis. If you are questioning your dog’s behavior, CALL YOUR VET!

Foods That Are Toxic To or Just-Plain-Bad for Dogs

  • AlcoholCan cause intoxication, coma, and death
  • AvocadoThe fruit, pit and plant are all toxic. The toxic ingredient in avocado is called persin. They can cause difficulty breathing and fluid accumulation in the chest, abdomen and heart, vomiting, diarrhea, death, inflammation of mammary glands, cardiac failure, respiratory distress, generalized congestion, abdominal enlargement.
  • Apple, Almond, Apricot, Peach, Cherry, Plum, Pear, Prunes & similar fruitThe seeds of these fruits contain cyanide, which is poisonous to dogs as well as humans causing diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, (Stem, Seeds and Leaves).
  • Baby Food – Can contain onion power which can be toxic to dogs
  • Broccoli – Gastrointestinal irritant
  • Cat Food – Usually too high in protein and fats.
  • Chocolate – Chocolate can cause seizures, coma and death. Baker’s chocolate is the most dangerous. A dog can consume milk chocolate and appear to be fine because it is not as concentrated, but it is still dangerous.
  • Citrus Oil Extracts – Can cause vomiting
  • Coffee, Coffee grounds, tea and tea bags –Drinks/foods containing caffeine cause many of the same symptoms chocolate causes
  • Eggs (raw) Raw eggs can cause salmonella poisoning in dogs. Dogs have a shorter digestive tract than humans and are not as likely to suffer from food poisoning, but it is still possible. If your dog has a partial blockage in their intestines where food can be trapped, e coli or salmonella could breed more easily.
  • Egg white contains the protein ‘avidin’ which forms a stable and biologically inactive complex with biotin. The avidin in egg whites will tie up the biotin so it cannot be used by the dog.”**
  • Fat Trimmings – Fat trimmings can cause pancreatitis
  • Iron – Human vitamin supplements containing iron can damage the lining of the digestive system and be toxic to the other organs including the liver and kidneys.
  • Macadamia nuts – Macadamia nuts can cause weakness, muscle tremor and paralysis.
  • Marijuana – Can depress the nervous system, cause vomiting, and changes in the heart rate.
  • Milk and other dairy products – Some adult dogs do not have sufficient amounts of the enzyme lactase, which breaks down the lactose in milk. This can result in diarrhea. Lactose-free milk products are available for pets.
  • Mushrooms – Acute gastric effects, liver and kidney damage, abdominal pain, nausea, salivation, vomiting
  • Nutmeg – Tremors, seizures and death
  • Tobacco – Nausea, salivation, vomiting, tachycardia (rapid heartbeat)
  • Onion – Gastrointestinal upset, anemia, destroys red blood cells
  • Grapes, Raisins, Prunes – Kidney failure, as little as a single serving of grapes or raisins can kill a dog.
  • Persimmons Seeds – Can cause intestinal obstruction and enteritis
  • Salt – Excessive intake can cause kidney problems
  • Tomatoes – Tomatoes can cause tremors and heart arrhythmias. Tomato plants and the most toxic, but tomatoes themselves are also unsafe.
  • Yeast Dough – Can expand and produce gas in the digestive system, causing pain and possible rupture of the stomach or intestines


This in NOT an exhaustive list and it is certainly not meant to raise alarm – only to inform you about what to look out for. And notice… cantaloupe is not on the list! Hooray!

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  2. Lara
    Lara says:

    Baby Food: Baby food is very easy to swallow and digest and is a great way to give oral medications. Veterinarians recommend feeding Stage II meat-based baby foods like chicken, lamb, and turkey, as long as the baby food does not contain any garlic or onion powder.

  3. Lara
    Lara says:

    (Lara isn’t my real name… but I am not sharing it online) dogs can eat fruits..: like broccoli… also you should mean exactly. Obviously too much of anything can cause issues. Our big dog once nocked down a tray of broccoli onto the ground… it was either broccoli or something else that looked like it.., and our little dog ate it

    • Lara
      Lara says:

      Also. Btw. wth do you have iron on your website? Do you mean like iron iron? Animals need minerals to survive. Otherwise they will die

  4. Kaylee
    Kaylee says:

    My dog ate a half of bag of pork rinds. He seems fine but i just want to make sure it won’t kill him. He’s a very important part of my life . He’s a mini schnauzer

    • Lara
      Lara says:

      It won’t. It’s mostly bread and other stuff… dogs can eat pork rinds
      I’ve shared pork rinds with my two dogs

  5. Jassi
    Jassi says:

    Hi my dog eats a mix of eggs sweet potato mixed frozen veggies and chicken livers . Everything is well cooked I also supplement with 1 fish oil capsule twice a day he is 11.80 pounds and I feed him 2 1/2 cups a day. Does this sound like a good diet? This website suggests its not good. doggy talent

    • Lindsey Jones
      Lindsey Jones says:

      My dog weighs 105 lbs and she only gets 3 cups a day. 2.5 lbs of food for an 11 lb dog is probably way too much.

  6. Nick Christensen
    Nick Christensen says:

    What some dog owners may not know is that there are some plants and flowers that are dangerous to our furry family members. It is better to do some research about our garden and plants to prevent dogs from getting poisoned. Also, train your dogs not to eat anything else. In the worst case, call your vet once your dog got poisoned.

  7. Cory E.
    Cory E. says:

    Hi Danielle!

    Great article, and extensive list! Just have one question, you said that Apple, Almond, Apricot, etc., are bad for our pups because of the seeds. Do you think it’d be alright if we just make sure we pick the seeds out then feed them the fruit?

    Also, I’d like to add that acorns should be on your list because these are a complete no-no to feed to our dogs, too. Here’s an article: https://goldenretrieverlove.com/is-it-safe-for-my-dog-to-eat-acorns/

  8. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    So uneducated this list is so misleading I have a purebred Dalmatian and a lot on this list is low in purines and recommend for her

  9. Cody
    Cody says:

    We make our own dog food. With whole chickens, frozen vegetables, potatoes, ground beef, eggs, minced garlic, n brown rice. They love it.

  10. Sherry
    Sherry says:

    I do t agree with the mushroom comment because not all mushrooms are the same. Our dog had cancer when she was 13, and we gave her a supplement of mushrooms and she lived to almost 20 years old. She was an awesome dog. So not all mushrooms are the same.

  11. Kaat
    Kaat says:

    Mushrooms, Cooking, feeding and output! Never should anyone, dog or person, eat RAW mushrooms, even those nice little, white ones in the store. I found this out this summer on a mushroom walk with a mushroom society, and many long term mushroom experts and other biologists, in NJ. Everyone agreed. Look it up yourself. Cook the mushrooms. I boil or fry a bit. Do you really want to eat a RAW fungus? May affect your biome.
    And as far as giving to yr dog. Mix a little cooked mushroom in with their daily meals(s) … and observe. Always feed mixed meals into the dog, with some regular kibble then you will get homogeneous export later, out the other end! No constipation or diarrhea. Dogs digestive tract is shorter. I have 30+ yrs feeding dogs. Keep to a schedule more or less too. Helps regulate gut and emotions. My dog is calmer with a small meal before I must leave. Peace.

  12. Kaat
    Kaat says:

    Can dogs eat citrus fruits in small quantities? My mixed terrier, lab, chihuahua rescue from PR LOVES Orange wedge, and even sour grapefruits, and a bite of banana too. so I often give a small piece. Also, you said apples, pears etc no good, but I only give my dog a few slices, never the pits! I would never give her what I don’t eat. Too many people think dogs are garbage cans!

  13. Cheryl Ann
    Cheryl Ann says:

    Iam a Proud momma to a longhaired tiny Chi and shes the love of my life! So after a visit to her Vets I learned she was almost 10 lbs!! And now needs lose lose 3 to 5 lbs!(she should be between 5 and 7 lbs) Thanks to me for giving her “human” foods! She has to lose the weight,or her heart may givve out,just like an obese human!! I feel so guilty that this happpened and she is only 3 yrs old!! So now she gets the amount the Drs calculated out for her and NOTHING else! My poor baby snores worse than a 200 lb human! Its a disgrace!!
    THANK YOU Danielle Mackinnon for your site and the FANTASTIC info within it ❤❤❤❤❤

  14. Sarah Kempter
    Sarah Kempter says:

    My dog jumped up onto our counter and ate many bites of my lemon blueberry birthday cake with lemon cream cheese frosting. Will he be ok?

  15. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    My dog jumped up onto our counter and ate many bites of my lemon blueberry birthday cake with lemon cream cheese frosting. Will he be ok?

  16. lee
    lee says:

    a massive amount of this list has the same effect in humans just very rare for it to happen… if your dog sneaks most of this food they are usually fine especially a larger dog… i would watch out for cooked bones and dark dark chocolate in a moderate quantity. people freak out to easily especially about a pet that they love and that cont comminicate discomfort. if the dog at a burrito with some garlic an tomatoes hes gonna be fine!!

  17. patsy
    patsy says:

    My apt. was treated with a bedbug spray that guaranteed it was safe around children and pets. We left for an hour while it was being applied, as they said it wasn’t harmful after it dried. Since we’ve been back, my dog has been vomiting white foam and not sleeping. If they said it was not toxic for pets, should I worry this is poison or just something he ate that he shouldn’ have?

  18. Gina
    Gina says:

    My two palm Maltese fur babies that I just love n I lost my shitzu Maltese my baby he died in my arms I dnt knw what he got into but he died he was 11 yrs old he then on the last day that he died thru up but it was all liquid Now I’m siiio very worried bout my two other ones I have one is our baby we’ve had for 13 yrs our new one we rescued he was abused by a woman but he has warmed up to me anyway I made beef stroganoff 2 days ago an I put sour cream in it cuz it called for milk which the date old by like 4 days I wasn’t gona use it so I put the bit of sour cream in it to make taste good An it was just like milk in was very good anyway they both ate it An they at the left overs the next day which was yesterday Today our oldest baby Toby is just laying by me not much movement at all heart rate was fast it has slowed down sum An our little one we just got Teddy Bear has diarrhea he’s now gone 4 times n he is just laying when he wld normally b playing right now I’m very worried can sumone plz reply back to me bout what wld help them plz I wld call that number but I dnt have a dollar to my babe to even take them to the vets I get pd the 1st of every month I’m soooo scared n worried especially after I just lost my love 😍 my Marty

  19. Sherry Richoz
    Sherry Richoz says:

    If anyone is still concerned about what your dog can or cannot have I recommend going the AKC website. Someone posted that they let their dog have some pizza and are afraid of it getting pancreatitis because of it… No A bite of pizza will NOT cause it. What every pet owner should be aware of is the fat content in the food and the treats you give your fur babies. That can be an issue down there road.

  20. Trent
    Trent says:

    I know some are using essential oil diffusers. Please stay away from diffusing tea tree oil if you have a dog. Can cause seizures and worse.

  21. Stacy
    Stacy says:

    I read on another site that white button mushrooms are actually a healthy treat for dogs.
    The shrooms have Vitamin D along with other beneficial properties.
    Is it because the dog might not chew it well enough and it might not digest properly?
    Watermelon is our dogs’ favorite cold, summertime treat. Cantaloupe is a close second. Of course, we make sure that not one seed is left on the fruit.
    I give them a little plain Greek yogurt, sometimes with a little bit of fresh baked pumpkin stirred in. They say yogurt has the good ‘bugs’ that help with the dog’s digestive system like a human’s.
    Plain boiled green beans and carrots are good, too.
    They love plain baked sweet potatoes. It’s a healthy treat I let them splurge on during the Holidays.
    And, I make them homemade peanut butter/pumpkin ‘cookies’. They love it more than the dog treats at the store. I know exactly what’s in my ‘cookies’ and humans can eat them, too. They taste like a cracker with hints of peanut butter and pumpkin.
    Besides, store bought dog treats inform us to wash our hands thoroughly after handling. So, what’s in those treats that we have to wash our hands? It doesn’t seem safe for dogs to eat.
    It gets difficult to know which foods are OK for dogs when the sites have conflicting information.
    But, for now, no mushrooms until we ask the Vet.

  22. Yvette
    Yvette says:

    I have an apple Chihuahua and I give him scrambled eggs every morning with his canned food and the eggs are fully cooked I do not give him raw egg

  23. Elizabeth Butterworth
    Elizabeth Butterworth says:

    My dog grabbed my blueberry bagel with sour cream and chives cream off my table, she didn’t eat it, but knocked it to the floor. She may of licked alittle. I know it dogs can’t have that. Will just a little be OK.

  24. Ava
    Ava says:

    Thank you for posting this list of dangerous people foods for dogs. Sadly, my dog has eaten all of the foods on this list multiple times, and she has survived like it hardly affected her. I swear she has the stomach of a steel bar; I am quite surprised she died or become sick from all the health issues that play a role. This is crazy but we have to put a child saftey lock on our garbage can cuboard to prevent her from eating the garbage. She somehow still gets it though???

  25. Matthew Gross
    Matthew Gross says:

    According to the AKC, dogs may eat small amounts of broccoli. My dog eats quite a bit with no gastrointestinal problems.

  26. Taylor Bishop
    Taylor Bishop says:

    Thanks for going over some food that is bad for dogs. I actually didn’t know that grapes could cause kidney failure in dogs. My sister has been thinking of getting a dog, so knowing these food items that the dog shouldn’t eat could be really good for her to know.

  27. jackie
    jackie says:

    my dog ate pizza and I read it could give her pancreatitis she did not eat a lot of it and I need an answer quick I am worried about her

  28. sam
    sam says:

    Hi Dani,

    Lifesaving list for my pup!! I have just adopted a pooch and she is really cute & awesome. This is the first time I am adopting a dog and so I am unaware of the meal plan. But, after seeing this post, I would make my pup stand out while eating these dangerous stuffs. But, still you have given a list of fruits which can be served without seeds!! I will go with apples as it is my most favorite healthy snack in the breakfast!! I can share apple slices with pooch!!

  29. Pat Riley
    Pat Riley says:

    Personally I think it depends on ur pup . My pups are 2 , chow and Sherpard loves eggs . They have been eating them for a while no issued
    They had apples 2 times of course no seeds they never ate them agsin weird . It’s funny ppls no dairy products like cheese. It ok to give cheese pizza . Our dogs we hardly give human food . We have a grt dog food won’t say who don’t get paid for that review anyway but we give them baked chicken and rice they love . I make home made ice cream for them they love ( 3 ingredients 1 cup peanut butter ,3 ripe bananas , 32 oz plain yogurt . Blend , place in wat ever mode u like and freeze for 1 hr.

  30. Cynthia Turner
    Cynthia Turner says:

    Yes I am astonished that they cannot have some fruits my puppy wants a bit of everything,cherries almonds peaches etc the only bit of upset was from some horrible expensive dog food I bought.I would not dream of giving him the seeds or stones from these fruits as I would not eat them myself.We have chives growing in abundance outside ,does that mean I have to get rid.?I know we have different digestive systems but honestly.I have also bought some puppy milk for a treat now and then which is goats milk which they can have but only as a little treat.

  31. Mia
    Mia says:

    My dog ate this nasty canned Italian meatball soup with carrots and little chunks of onion! But just a small spoonful is it safe she’s acting Normal and enjoyed it

  32. Matt
    Matt says:

    My dog loves tomatoes. Also you should be less cautious and inform people that the fruit from species containing cyanide in their seeds ar absolutely safe. My puppy LOVES cut-up apples and pitted cherries.

  33. Irene Zarate
    Irene Zarate says:

    You Didn’t Mention Watermelon Just The same I Don’t Give any of these things to my chihuahua and she is huge,

    • Tefiney
      Tefiney says:

      Awesome Patricia👍
      Thank you for posting! Everyone should write this number down and put on frig or screenshot it and save pic on your phone so you have it in case of doggie emergencies/concerns.
      1 888 426-4435

  34. Dana
    Dana says:

    The amount of people here asking if their dog is at risk is ridiculous! Ask a vet! You should know what a dog can and cannot eat before even getting one. Dogs can have unusual allergies as well, so you need to be very observant of any illness or strange behaviors. If you have any doubt at all, ask. A. Vet. Close this tab, look up your veterinary clinic, call them, and ASK. The internet is not a reliable source of information.

  35. Rita Bratcher
    Rita Bratcher says:

    I watch my English Bulldog diet closely… She has homemade foods an snacks… We even have a big list of No an Yes Foods… The kids have been informed of all… I check everything that goes in her mouth..My youngest son an myself have food allergies… So I’m use to it…

  36. Jenni
    Jenni says:

    Gosh….This is not a vet line…I am surprised at how many people ask for help, when it could be too late. We have a greedy 5 year old Dachshund who will eat anything that is not tied down..we have fenced off our veg’ and fruit tree block and we are extremely careful inside…we learned the hard way..did not lose him..but almost!..

  37. Nic
    Nic says:

    According to other dog experts eggs, cooked with or without shell, broccoli and apples are great for dogs as part of a balanced diet.

  38. cherryhill
    cherryhill says:

    I didn’t know avocado is poisonous for dogs!!! I have an avocado tree in my backyard and my dogs have always been gouging themselves on the fallen avo’s without getting ill, how is that possible???

  39. sarah
    sarah says:

    My dog ate 2, possibly 4, raw eggs yesterday. Although they are from our own chickens, I am still afraid they may harm him. He doesn’t seem to be eating today 🙁

  40. Kristen Perigo
    Kristen Perigo says:

    My 9 year old dachshund ate part of a dozen glazed donuts and also some expired bread. He has pooped but, I am not sure what it looked like because I wasn’t here to see it. He seemed fine when I got home and now he is sleeping, which is normal behavior for him. Should I be concerned about either of these for my dog?

  41. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    I follow guidelines from my vet. If they say he can’t have it , I don’t give it. Grade A dog food… Sweet potato if he’s acting funny or pooping strange . Period!! Why chance it!!!!

  42. Goldendoodle owner
    Goldendoodle owner says:

    Don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but it’s almost always too late to ask if what your dog ate is safe or not after the fact… If you’re a dog owner you should have done all this research before becoming a dog owner. Dogs aren’t meant for owners in question, dogs need good confident owners… Their life really is in our own hands…

    Couldn’t find a nicer way to say this.

    • Tefiney
      Tefiney says:

      I agree, although sometimes unexpected things do happen. That’s exactly why I like to read through forums like this all the time so I already know what to do when the unexpected does happen. 😊 Much love! 🤗

  43. Dr. M
    Dr. M says:

    There is no evidence that tomatoes are unsafe for dogs. Tomato PLANT leaves and stems are unsafe. The tomato fruit itself is fine.. (Even the pet poison hotline confirms this). When in doubt, contact the hotline or your vet.

  44. Dr. M
    Dr. M says:

    Many dogs (esp small breeds) do very well on a fruit & veg diet. Apple slices (with NO Seeds & pref skinless) are very good for dogs! Core the apple and cut away portion nearest the seeds and dispose all seeds. I shave small pieces with a cheese shaver to make them more digestible. Pieces should be small, no chunks that could cause choking, etc.

    • Kirstin
      Kirstin says:

      Hi I give my dog (4lbs multease chuaua) chips all the time and they all have onion powder in them but she doesnt seem sick or anything. will my baby dog be ok?

      • Danielle MacKinnon
        Danielle MacKinnon says:

        If you’re worried about ANYTHING that your dog has eaten, you should be taking him to the vet (or at least call and check in with your vet) immediately! Do not search the web – go straight to a qualified veterinarian who can give you advice! Please contact your vet for more information about those chips OK?

  45. Ria
    Ria says:

    My staffie, Bruce loves Prunes. He’ll sit and watch me and sometimes even pat me to remind me to give him one too. Is it okay if I take the stones out?

  46. Wayne
    Wayne says:

    Hi Danielle, I have been making chicken bone broth and feed this to my 3 dogs every night with meals that I cook for them. I use onion and garlic in the broth and filter these out when straining the broth. Will the liquid broth hurt my dogs? I can tell you they absolutely love it but maybe I need to stop using garlic n onions!

  47. aaron
    aaron says:

    Do you have a list of things a dog can eat?????? I don’t just want to feed him the same food over and over and over etc. again. He might die of depression or insanity!!

  48. aallegre
    aallegre says:

    I’ve seen so many different angles on avocado being bad for dogs…In particular, Avoderm, one of the kibble diets (even though kibble is less than ideal to start with) promotes avocado as one of their main ingredients in the form of oil and meal produced by processing the fruit. Any thoughts on why this seems to be okay as a main staple in a commercial food and yet seems to be unacceptable in general recommendations?

  49. maggie
    maggie says:

    I give my 1 year old cross chow/jackrussell pork scracthings he loves them will it do him any harm.plus he loves raw carrot are they ok for him. but sometimes he is sick and brings up yellowy foamy stuff what could cause this. He only eats fresh chicken which i cook for him. he wont eat tin food.Is it ok to give him chicken all the time. Sorry iv never had a dog befor. first time.

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      Hi Maggie,

      Having a dog is such a big responsibility! A lot of people don’t realize this – I’m sure your dog is very happy that you have adopted him into your life! With the throwing up, your best bet is to talk to your vet about his diet. You don’t want to take any chances! ~Danielle

  50. Catherine
    Catherine says:

    I’ve read all the dire needs of many dog owners and wonder if they realize that your dog has a mental capability of a 2 year old child. Just as a 2 year old unable to eat seeds, they might choke themselves and always finding things around your home, picking everything they see and putting them in their mouths, just as you are being careful that your 2 year old should be safe from any harm you should do the same with your dog. A young child should not own and be responsible with a dog. That’s like telling a young child to care for a 2 year old toddler.

  51. Elizabeth Alfonso
    Elizabeth Alfonso says:

    My dog ate couple of mushrooms that they fell in the floor that I bought in the supermarket that comes in a foam box and sliced they are to use for salads. Can you tell me if they are not good for him? Thanks.

  52. Libby
    Libby says:

    Just came home and found my Border Collie had eaten all but the one piece of pineapple pie I ate earlier. Her stomach is really full Will she be okay. I even had chairs in and up the door frame. Didn’t look like they had been moved.

  53. gayle
    gayle says:

    My dog has been throwing up for a day. Water is thrown up also. Went vet and exray showed nothing, blood work showed low white cells and low platelets. Stopped throwing up & brought her home. 3 hours later she is throwing up again

  54. Monica
    Monica says:

    My miniature dachshund dog (8) ate cherry shoes candy. She’s laying on the carpet which she never does. She’s been stretching and she’s been sleeping a lot. Should I take her to the vet?

  55. Robin
    Robin says:

    My 6 yr old mini schnauzer ate a couple of small pieces of pork chop on Friday night seasoned with onion and garlic powder. She has been sick since with vomiting and diarrhea. Can’t even hold down white rice. Any suggestions?

    • tara lawton
      tara lawton says:

      My dog ate a pack of cheese and onion chedders n has not be able to keep anythin down since sud i wait or take him to the vets for further tests xx

  56. Mae
    Mae says:

    The more I read the comments, the more my dog’s diet seems odd. I have a mini pinscher (born and raised in the Philippines) who’s fed mostly rice and ground pork, he used to have that sautéed with green beans, garlic and onions but the vet advised not to give him green beans anymore because it’s causing him some sort of arthritis. He can not tolerate poultry nor eggs, he once suffered from an edema eating pastry. Read here that eggs & turkey are good and that pork & onions are big no-nos but my dog is almost 11 years old and so far only has poor vision.

      • V
        V says:

        FYI not all pills Bc a lot of pills given to animals are the exact same as humans just in the right amount for the animal

    • Gracemccdog
      Gracemccdog says:

      My dog it’s everything wrappers pieces of plastic lots of things like cookies muffins I’ll sorts of things she never got sick and she’s only two she’s a Jack Russell beagle mix .

      • Rich
        Rich says:

        Certain plastics and such can’t be passed by a dog and can lead to cancer. Stop letting your dog eat whatever it wants. Have some responsibility for your pet

  57. Lora
    Lora says:

    THANKS THIS IS SO HELPFUL!!! My mom almost gave my toy poodle avocados. However, you can feed your dog apples, just make sure to peel it, take the stem out, and take the seeds out! Also #firstcomment #of #2015!!!!!

  58. Nick
    Nick says:

    my dog just ate a small camera tape and somehow got to it. I dont know if he swallowed anything but if he did what could happen?

  59. DenalisMum
    DenalisMum says:

    My 1 year old Alaskan Mal is about 100 pounds or so and just ate about a pound of cooked ham fat. I am just watching her now. I gave her bread to try and soak up some of the fat. Any ideas?

    • Lisa Doyle
      Lisa Doyle says:

      You can’t give dogs any source of wheat. Like bread you gave her. Call your vet immediately. She is bound to get really sick.
      Meat is okay, as long as it is sliced up or they can choke, or don’t give them it If it is too hot. It burns their throat.
      I have a 13 week old bulldog. Trust me, I know what happens.

  60. Ruth Perez
    Ruth Perez says:

    My beautiful babies have been sick since October. I am exhausted seeking help for them.$7000.00 later my dogs are still sick…doctors all they give is medicine with no answers…trying to safe my babies…they get easily dehydrated. .what could I be doing wrong…

  61. pollo
    pollo says:

    Oh man!!!! This is crazy and frustrating every single time i end up in this kind of website……Damn! Yes they can eat this then No they can not eat that….i have three 4 year old Yorkies…they get just crazy when we are chopping veggies and fruits.they love to eat and do eat grapes tomatoes broccoli celery cabbage kale carrots watermelon walnuts peanuts almonds etc… specially tomatoes, they always get jumpy like that, to the point i started giving tomato to them very often since they were little, almost every day.and they have been doing great all of these happy years with them…..so i don’t know…….some publications just worry people.but what really makes sense and what doesn’t….common sense? Balance? may be that’s the key in this ocean of different opinions….but then here says tomatoes are poison for them so i dont know what to think.q

  62. treanna
    treanna says:

    My dog runs to me Everytime I’m smoking weed ? So I always blow a couple of puffs in his face ..and he just lays next to me is that bad

  63. j. joseph
    j. joseph says:

    My coton de tulear loves baked sweet potatoes , Brussels sprouts broccoli , string beans and cottage cheese . Since she eats sweet potatoes every day , she no longer has tear stained eyes. I had heard that this breed was once vegetarian . Think it depends on the breed as to tolerance . My mother had a pug that ate grapefruit everday.

  64. Linda L.
    Linda L. says:

    I left a tray of grape tomatoes (3+dozen), on a chair on the deck.
    When I went to retrieve it, it was gone. Less than 24 hours later,
    my dog was dead. I had killed her, because she loved them. I had taught her to.
    No tomatoes for dogs. 🙁

  65. Gina D.
    Gina D. says:

    My Maltese is a very picky eater, today I found out that she likes vegetarian meat patties, cooked chicken meat and bones, bread. Are these ok for him to eat? I just adopted him, he doesn’t like dog food. I am not an expert at this. can anyone help?

  66. jo
    jo says:

    I have a poodle that came from the pound. that means that she was fixed. So therefore, I am told she is going to be overweight, no matter what is that true? she is kind of big, what can I do? should I accept it has a unavoidable fact Or can I fight it?

    • Dorene
      Dorene says:

      I have a 4lb poodle (teacup) now 13 years.
      I had her fixed when she became the right age. My little Vali Girl is the right weight for her size. I use to think that if they got fixed male or female they would get fat. Anyway I was told that. But I’m here to tell you it’s not true ! Both of my dogs never got fat .)

  67. jake
    jake says:

    I feed my dog Mars bars, steak and milkshake daily…. He seems to enjoy it but recently he’s been sleeping for over 15 hours and difficult to wake for his morning chocolate bar, please advise

    • admin
      admin says:

      It would be a very good idea to talk with your vet about what constitutes a healthy diet for a dog. In the long run, your dog will thank you! -Danielle

  68. Kristi-Lee Boladeras
    Kristi-Lee Boladeras says:

    So are they allowed to eat those stone fruit if we remove the seeds? I always give them loads of fruit but I always take out the core and seeds. Hope im not slowly killing them?!! :-/

  69. lisa arthur
    lisa arthur says:

    I just gave one of my dogs a few (3) bites of canteloupe about an hour ago. Well was downstairs for 3-4 min. came upstairs to vomit all over my dining room floor. How did I know it was the dog that ate canteloupe? Yeah, you can probably guess! eww

  70. Smbat
    Smbat says:

    Of course we have an avocado tree and a grape tree in the yard. Not to mention onions that my mom grows. And some mushrooms that naturally grow out. So I try to keep avocados away from my dog. I’ve seen them vomit that out and they seem to steer clear from it now. But so,entires when I’m not home squirrels will feed on avocados and the half eaten avocado will fall from the tree and my pups will feed on them. They don’t yet have their rabis shots. Will they get rabies from eating foods left over from squirrels or rats? And are those mushrooms that grow naturally dangerous?

  71. cheri
    cheri says:

    My doberman ate wild mushrooms in backyard and became lethargic and foaming at the mouth so we gave him 2 tablespoon of peroxide and started the vomiting immediately. He was fine after a couple hours. I feed him bread to soak anything up in his stomach. It was scary, we thought we were losing him. We check the yard everyday for mushrooms now. He eats watermelon, apples, raw potatoes, peas, corn, cantelope and is a healtjy 80 pounds

  72. sue
    sue says:

    My vet told me that processed ham can cause pancreatitis in large amounts. Ripe cherry tomatoes are fine & a great way to hide a pill. Green tomatoes and the plant itself can be toxic however.

  73. Jordan
    Jordan says:

    My grandparents dog is gonna become obese and hes only a italian greyhound. He eats all the meats on here. Eats off the table. Its ridiculous.

  74. Ollie
    Ollie says:

    I give my dichon cesar canine cuisine mixed with all meats except pork as long as they r well done however i saw blood in her stool this morning and she refuses eat. I have made an appt. She can’t be seen until wednesday should i try and make her eat, ??

  75. Jessi
    Jessi says:

    I live on 13acres that are wooded and my dogs eat everything from acorns to walnuts they even catch small wild animals at times and our veggie patch is never safe from them. The only things I try to keep from them are citrus fruits and chocolate all of them except two are in the double digits now so I believe they know what they can and can not eat out doors . Some vet think anything that does not come from them is bad for dogs so it really is up to you to know your pup .

  76. Kim Anderson
    Kim Anderson says:

    Our docs are also grain free but eat all vegis and fruits they want….2 lived to 18 yrs old! Current golden retriever loves 90% all vegis and fruit! I think, just like humans, each dog is different. Ours gets sick from cooked meat! Great Vegan she is, O
    ops she loves her seafood as we’ll:-)

  77. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    You forgot macadamia nuts! they are bad for your dog. You shouldn’t give your dog macadamia nuts or foods containing macadamia nuts because they can be fatal as few as six raw or roasted macadamia nuts can make a dog ill. Symptoms of poisoning include muscle tremors, weakness or paralysis of the hindquarters, vomiting, elevated body temperature, and rapid heartbeat. Eating chocolate with macadamia nuts will make symptoms worse, possibly leading to death.

  78. Donovan
    Donovan says:

    my dog is eating apple but she only eat the fruit not the middle part, i think she know seeds are bad for her, raisins my dog love so much.. my dog is very healty the problem is he dont like rice.. only meat, fruits, liver and vagetables…

    • Lorraine
      Lorraine says:

      Some baby food contain onion,it’s on the ‘bad’ list for dogs, perhaps your vet is unaware that it has onion in it,but then again,if it’s only occasionally,probably not a biggy 😉

  79. Elizabeth Scott
    Elizabeth Scott says:

    We almost lost our small dog from cooked turkey.she was throwing up, lethargic, not eating and blood from both ends.she was sick for a week.We had x-rays done and the blood test was perfect.She had a lot of gas in her intestines.A lot of prayers food ground up and force fed her with an eye dropper and lots of pedialite.A thousand tears later and shes back on her feet.

  80. Betty
    Betty says:

    I feed my dogs only grain free dog foods and meat scrapes . No. Sweets and no bread.
    I do give them cream cheese for giving pills.
    The three that our now gone lived to 15 years old.
    If they go to mcdonalds they get a hamburger minus the roll .

  81. Spencer
    Spencer says:

    My dog ate something that i don’t know of and now she is acting very lethargic and is vomiting. I have no idea what she could’ve gotten into.

    • Rachel
      Rachel says:

      It’s not the fruit that is bad for dogs, just the seeds. So just make sure the seed is in tact and not in the fruit when you give it to him. You don’t want to accidentally slip him any fragments that may harm him. Also everything in moderation is always safer than in large doses, so just give him a couple of pieces a day, not an entire fruit.

  82. nas
    nas says:

    My dog has tried different foods at times that other ppl say that you shouldn’t give your dog that it could cause wateva.. yes some foods are toxic but so are foods us humans eat..there’s to many opinions that think they know it cause they are sheep or there animal has eaten something it shouldn’t have.. they were fine hunting and eating things for survival before even known as pets to mankind.. this post isn’t to upset anyone just having a say like everyone else

    • Renee
      Renee says:

      Domestic and wild animals do not have the same digestive system. House pets have adapted to dog food and mild foods over years because that’s what humans have done to them where as a feral animal is used to eating what it catches because they haven’t been “mutated” for lack of a better word. In the evolution of house pets, we have in turn made domestic animals less evolved and more pampered.

  83. Angel Horrigan
    Angel Horrigan says:

    My dog loves eating raw tomatoes, and has never gotten sick from it. Should I stop her from eating them?I kinda ddon’t want to stop her eating them if it’s not serious. She loves them. Also, she only eats the small yellow tomato variety.

  84. Freddy
    Freddy says:

    I was surprised when I read that tomatoes were not good for dogs. My dog will be angry as she just loves spaghetti sauce or anything that is made with spaghetti sauces or pizza sauce! We have let her have a small saucer of spaghetti when we eat during spaghetti night suppers and she hasn’t dropped a morcele of sauce or anything. Please advise me if I really am ok or do we really have to curtain the spaghetti thing?

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer says:

      You should NEVER give dogs raw or even cooked Turkey or Ham. Both cause extreme conditions of vomiting and diarrhea.

      • Tanner
        Tanner says:

        Raw turkey and ham are fine for dogs as long as it’s not processed. If your dog is experiencing diarrhea and vomits it is probably because your dog isn’t used to it. My 9 month old puppy is on a raw diet and eats basically any type of meat and has never had a bad reaction to Turkey or ham.

      • Lynne Miller
        Lynne Miller says:

        You wrote that you can not give a dog cooked turkey, that is not true. My Vet has told me on many occasions, when my dog has an upset stomach to cook ground turkey, and rice. Because it is very easy for them to digest, so I’m not sure where you got your information on that one, but you may want to do a little more checking.

        • patsy
          patsy says:

          My dog has been eating cooked ground turkey for a long time with no sign of ill health. Many brands of commercial dog food contain cooked turkey. Ham is not a healthy food for dogs because of the high salt content, and it isn’t that healthy for humans, either.

    • mascie
      mascie says:

      if u haven’t noticed there is no pet dog foods on the market with pork…. this is for a good reason … pork is very bad for any animal i only found this out by talking to 3 different vets and they all agreed it is the worst meat product u can give a animal

      • mascie
        mascie says:

        also one thing i forgot to add my friend had 3 large breed dogs they where on a homemade raw food diet as she wanted to make sure nothing she didn’t want wasn’t going to be in her dogs food after she went through all her beef and chicken premade food she desided to make one with pork well all 3 of her dogs died with in 48 hours of eating it

        • Lorraine
          Lorraine says:

          Although ham is from a pig too, pork is an entirely different way in preparation, I know myself & my 2 sisters & my 2 daughters,pork causes a bad stomach pain,yet my hubby & others have never had a problem….pork is one cut of meat,that is not for everyone,so I can understand why pork is not good for dogs.

  85. Anne
    Anne says:

    Hi I’ve been feeding my dog a mix of eggs sweet potato mixed frozen veggies (( corn Lima beans green peas carrots green beans) and chicken livers . Everything is well cooked I also supplement with 1 fish oil capsule twice a day he is 11.80 pounds and I feed him 2 1/2 cups a day. Does this sound like a good diet?

    • Lynne Miller
      Lynne Miller says:

      Anne, dogs need protein, why are you not feeding your dog, dog food? It has all the vitamins, and minerals that your dog needs in it. If you have to feed him something you make, I would put some ground turkey in it, also watch his/her weight, if the dog starts putting on weight, cut back on some of the carbs, and use green beans as a filler. But if your in doubt double check with your Vet.

      • lily
        lily says:

        dog food is not a good diet unless it is organic(if you now what it is) they sometimes use mice killing chemicals a lot of people even use it in human food but even if it is organic you should still look at the ingredients.

      • lisa
        lisa says:

        Are you not aware that eggs and chicken livers are very high grade sources of protein? I ssuggest you do some research on commercial prepared “dog food” and educate yourself on how bad they really are.

        • patsy
          patsy says:

          Raw eggs for dogs pose the same danger as raw eggs for humans. In today’s market, salmonella is much more of a risk because of the overcrowding conditions used by factory farms. Studies have shown that most chicken and eggs on the market have signs of salmonella. If you feed our dog eggs, they should be cooked – and that goes for humans too.

        • patsy
          patsy says:

          Commercially prepared dog food is usually cooked and does not contain raw eggs. If you are getting some somewhere that contains raw eggs, it is definitely not safe.

    • Rachel
      Rachel says:

      Hi Anne (and anyone else this can help)! A dog that size does not need that much food. 2.5 cups of food is for a 50-pound dog, not 12 pounds. I’d cut him back to 1/2 cup 3 times a day, then 1/2 cup twice a day. I have an 8 lb Pomeranian and, per my vet’s instruction, I feed her 1/4-1/3 cup 2 times per day depending on how active she’s been (less for lazy days, more for active days). Also, if you’re going to cook for your dog, you might as well give him good stuff. Stick with 1 lb lean ground meat, 1 cup brown rice or sweet potato (not both), 1 cup carrots and/or green beans, and 1 bunch of parsley, chopped. Cook, mix, and put in baggies or containers in serving sizes (I do 1/4 cup for my dog, but you should do 1/3-1/2 cup), and freeze them. Pop them in the microwave to thaw for meal time! You can add the fish oil after cooking or to each cup. But never feed him corn. It’s a filler that his body was not made to process. That recipe I got from my vet as well. Hope that helps!

  86. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Raw eggs are good for dogs as long as they aren’t the main meal, my dog eats all raw and he loves when he gets raw eggs, it’s a great source of good nutrition!

  87. Laurie
    Laurie says:

    XYLITOL!!! Absolutely deadly for dogs… According to our vet, worse than anything on the original list. It is an alternative sweetener, touted as “natural” and in gums, candies, and now I noticed in Spies yogurts. After sei, uses, coma, and days in the hospital, my 110 pound sheepdog is still alive. My Vet says the only one he’s had that survived! Please pass this on and Insist that your supermarket or natural foods store posts many warning signs.

  88. Sher Lynn
    Sher Lynn says:

    I was just told feeding my dogs canned pears in pear juice was dangerous due to how they process it,, the ‘pit’ is also ground into the juice?.. Is this true?..
    .. been feeding my dogs this in their brunch (I cook for mine) and now I’m worried ..
    .. answers greatly appreciated..
    Thank you

  89. Trudi
    Trudi says:

    My 2 year old American bull ate an apple and has thrown up 6 times and refuses to eat or drink since. Every hour I give him a cooking siyringe full of water. I’m not forcing food on him right now. He hasn’t vomited in a while. Is he going to be alright?

  90. Samantha
    Samantha says:

    I have 3 year old Boxer Akita cross named Delfina. Since the day I brought her home she had eaten green seedless grapes as a treat. I have now found out is is bad for her but she has never gotten sick. Why are they bad and is it that her body grew used to having whatever could be hurting her?

    • calamityjane
      calamityjane says:

      Fish oils are ok for dogs, though you should run by your vet first.
      My dog had some joint issues, and the vet said that they would be fine for the dog to take, but that results would take longer for a dog than human… he *did* say that his coat would get shiny though. And it has.

  91. brenda brazell
    brenda brazell says:

    my Yorkie is 3year old and she ate some macadamia nuts now she is not eating at all what should i do I simply can not afford to take her to the vet please help

  92. Dani
    Dani says:

    My dog will eat anything, even eats the seeds of the palm tree, although I see she poops out the seed. Im most concerned at her eating Candel Nuts, green, mature and raw. I know they are dangerous to humans in this state, when NOT cooked, but the nust fall off the tree in high winds, so even if I do a clean up, there is still the wind issue. What can I do without chopping out the tree?

  93. Concetta L. Patriarca
    Concetta L. Patriarca says:

    I have a Schnoodle (mutt) who is nine years old. He loves salmon from a can (I pull out the bones and mush up the rest). He also begs for baked potatoes (I share) and sweet potatoes (Share). Some of the expensive (Blue) dog foods have potato, rice, salmon in them and I don’t see that they do a better job of cooking than I do. I also feed him the Blue kibble, but it is mixed with the salmon so he will eat it. He is not a kibble kind of guy. And also I feed him the canned Blue. Is it wrong to give him a little variety? I would die given the same old, same old each and every day. What’s wrong with letting your best friend be a “gourmet”?

  94. jody
    jody says:

    We had a dog who moved with us to Hawaii, ate avocados, got a little fat, had the most amazing coat. Soft, shiny, deep color. wow. Didn’t make her sick at all.

  95. Arlene Parga
    Arlene Parga says:

    Omg theres a Couple things I read on here that scared me a bit ! I have a 9 month old germam shepherd that I give here & there raw egg mixed in with her puppy food and she lovess it (all her brothers and sisters eat it also) I started feeding her eggs after my boyfriend’s uncles told me it makes there coat shiny? I mean it works she has a beautiful light tan coat! But am I harming her? Help!

  96. katherine
    katherine says:

    Hi i have 2 dogs that have eaten some of these things and they do poop out diarrhea . I was worried but nothing happened to them its been over a month and my dog has pooped like this for like alot of times , but nothing seems to happen is this bad ? should i take my 2 dog to the vet right awAY ?

  97. kristen
    kristen says:

    Please add GARLIC to your list… in the onion family, it is TEN TIMES stronger than onion varieties, and I lost a litter of pups due to accidental ingestion by the mom. :’-{

  98. ella
    ella says:

    the occasional raw egg is fine for both dogs and cats. Their stomach ph is close to 1 which is incredibly acidic and kills salmonella bacteria easily. To be on the safe side always ask yourself “if my dog were a wild wolf, what would he eat?”
    whole prey, eggs, occasional grasses, vegetables in small quantities inside the digestive tract of the prey.

    However I’ve never seen a nature film showing a wild dog/cat whip out a frying pan to braise his chicken, or cut open a bag of kibble.(or chomp into pounds of grains which are the main ingredients in most kibble)

    A well balanced BARF diet and your dog (or cat) will stay fit and healthy and live a long happy life

    • Heather
      Heather says:

      I agree 100%. I think what everyone is talking about is so much better than kibble but why cook everything!!!!!As soon as you cook food it looses some of its natural minerals etc.
      I have 2 boxers and a Munslander and about 2months ago I changed them to a raw diet 80 % muscle meat, 10% raw veg and 10% starchy veg ie sweet potatoes. They have raw fish [NOT salmon]. Once a week and a raw bone once a week and you MUST include so organ meat ie heart ,kidney about three times a week but just a small amount
      My boxers are 9 years old and act like their puppies again,iAll of them have beautiful shiny coats and just love life.Another trick is to stuff their meat in to Kongs and let them lick it out as this also makes it intresting and mimics them having to forage for food after all when was the last time you saw a wild dog whip out a food bowl to have dinner out of.
      Don’t get me wrong it takes a lot of courage to feed your dogs raw but as humans we have to stop giving our four legged friends human thoughts and values.My dogs are my life and I love them with all my heart so I had to put my fears about raw chicken etc aside and give them the best diet possible.
      As mentioned before dogs have different digestive system than humans and none of my three have been sick or thrown up anything raw they have been given.
      One point to remember is do not mix raw and kibble ,if you want to go down this road you must go straight on raw and stick to it as dogs digest the raw and kibble differently and at different rates which can upset their stomachs.
      Another bonus is so little dog scooping as they don’t have a lot of waste product and if you miss a poop in the garden within a couple do days it will turn white and crumple away in the wind- joy lol
      You may have a few days of not so good poop as they are like us in they way they detox there body’s so stick with it it will pass and I promise you ,you won’t look back
      Ps there is loads of information on the net I just wanted to try and give people the confidence to change xx

  99. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    My very large Labrador retriever is constantly under our plum tree eating the plums! I haven’t noticed any health issues with him. He acts perfectly fine but I just recently noticed a different odor to his breath. Could this be a danger sign from the plums?

    • admin
      admin says:

      The toxins build up – so you probably wouldn’t notice a problem right away. I’d suggest taking him to your vet (or at least calling your vet) to see what they say. You can never be too careful!

  100. Devona
    Devona says:

    My yorkie consumed vitamin E oil (chewed open a small bottle while we were gone) and has had runny stool. Should we take him to the vet or just administer anti diarrhea med to see if it helps him?

  101. Dianne Wallace
    Dianne Wallace says:

    My Yorkie turned 17 last week. He was on a raw food diet which he loved but now doesn’t seem to want it anymore. I tried cooking chicken strips (boiled in water) with green beans and zucchini. Liked it, ate it, now he won’t. I think he has chewing issues…he acts like he wants to eat….will try…then will stop. My niece suggested baby food….easy to swallow. I bought turkey, chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans. The jar says that it just contains turkey and broth. I gave him some and he licked the plate clean. I don’t know how much time my boy has but do you think this is safe for him?????

    • Gidget
      Gidget says:

      @dianne Wallace. I have an 11yo 3.5lb yorkie who refuses to eat anything, commercial or homemade. I resorted to force feeding her baby food after she was effectively starving herself to death. The vet told me to just wait her out she would eat when hungry enough. Needless to say I didn’t wait for her to die. Today’s date is aug 19, 2013. Google searches present varied conflicting results & not always up to date. How is the baby food diet working – any tweaking you had to do? I also supplement with a quality liquid dog vitamin. I have read conflicting advice about feeding turkey baby food, do you know anything about that? I do know about no onions or onion powder. Also interesting to note that gerbers adds cornstarch to their meats while beech but is strictly meat & water.

  102. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Oh also, to help condition him to eating smaller amounts at a time I would stand with him both when he drank (when possible) and ate and after a few gulps of water or mouthfuls of kibble would make him stop by getting him to sit and try to encourage him to keep his nose up(throat open) by petting his head/talking to him as holding his chin up would never work. Now he eats only one or two kibble at a time until he is full chewing every kibble before swallowing lol and when drinking he often stops himself and sits for a few minutes. I do still remind him occasionally with the water drinking if he’s really thirsty after coming in from outside as he used to throw up just water on occasion and he might cough a few times but he’s a good dog who after me taking good care of him over the years has always thought of me as his alpha and I feed him whenever his dish is empty whether he is hungry or not. He waits for me to go out the door first and enter the house first as well as a fairly good listener(he has his days and moments) my bullmastiff on the other hand is a bit of a different story as he can be very stubborn but is still a great dog- for those people who believe that feeding their dog last ensures alpha. Not saying though that it is cruel because I don’t believe that either if you have taught your dog that way unless you wave food in their face or something, because they are getting fed and not being starved plus it is one way to become alpha, just saying its not the only way. Oh and ps.ashley, change food gradually by mixing not only to prevent diarrhea but also unnecessary vomiting from the change(I feed my dog the great Canadian dog food brand in the orange label. It is locally made where I live and is smaller kibble in size compared to the chunkier kibble brands. Hope it helps and again good luck:)

  103. Karylan
    Karylan says:

    My dogs love fresh cherries. The vet said that its fine to let them have a few a day as a treat. You however forgot pig ears and rawhide and cooked chicken bones.

  104. Tony Marinelli
    Tony Marinelli says:

    My list looks like this (and believe it or not it’s cheaper then even the garbage dog food – and the most expensive) :

    – Cleaned chicken (or roasted)
    –  beef (ground or inexpensive, cleaned cuts )
    –   lamb meat    $$$$
    –  Ground
    – turkey or chicken    
    –  Eggs (cooked and mixed in)
    –  Cheddar or American cheese  (small amount)
    –  Carrots       
    –  Celery    
    –  Green beans   
    –  Sweet Potatoes      
    –  apples 
    –  Broccoli – few stalks
    –  Peanut Butter
    –  Quinoa              X
    –  Fish oil or small amount of Sardines in water (infrequently)
    –  Dog Vitamin Supplement (Pet smart)she e

    I have female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – she weighs 15.0 lbs. I cooked everything to a ‘mush stew’ and she wouldn’t eat much of it. I started cooking the meat separately and the chucks of both meat and veggies about 1/4″ in size. No she won’t eat much other than what I make. She likes chicken best, pork & lamb least, which is fine. If you have a larger size dog, make the chunks larger.

    • Jen
      Jen says:

      For tony marinelli’s fresh food list post.
      Okay, try feeding that daily to a full-grown adult German shep.
      As I read this, I thought good for you for not feeding kibble, until I found out the kind of dog.
      This is inexpensive for you because your dog does not require much food, if it weighs 15 lbs.
      But still good for you.

  105. Patty
    Patty says:

    I often feed my dogs cooked steamed (NOT buttered) broccoli that is cool or cold. They LOVE it, and no gastro-intestinal upset. It’s a great filler as is cooked and cooled sweet potato.

  106. Brian Hammond
    Brian Hammond says:

    I have two 11 month old shih/tzu maltese terrier cross puppies and from 6 months of age I have fed them for their main meals a mix of Rump steak, lambs kidneys.and seven different vegetables which consist of Potatoes pumpkin peas beans brussel sprouts carrots and broccoli also with brown rice and a pinch of salt, this is all cooked together {even I can eat it which I do so on toast] now and then, the two boys absolutely love it and my vet has told me “do not change it] it has everything they need. As well I cook chickens for them to give them a change and also raw chicken necks or chicken legs and believe me these boys are thriving and as I have said to them on several occasions “I wish I had half their energy. When I 1st bought them they weighed 900 grams each, they now weigh 7 klgs each and are just a ball on health and I would not change a thing in their diet at this stage, I think common sense must prevail. Yes the cost to feed my two puppies is reasonably high but what the heck I love them and I give them the best.

    Regards Brian

    • ella
      ella says:

      Brian, maybe the cost of good home prepared food seems high at first, but the cost is a lot lower than a trip to the vet because of dehydration or obesity from eating kibble.

  107. Benjamin
    Benjamin says:

    I have a dog 5 months He eats ALOT and he eats tons of treats, Meat, Bones, And Healthy stuff. His name is barak (Barak obama) And he is a german shepard. Just telling stuff about my dog 🙂

  108. diana
    diana says:

    i was told from vets dont feed dogs o-roy dog food there is not good for your dog every hoilday i make a plate for my dogs any food i give my dogs i make sure it is ok my dogs are my babys they are spoiled when i got them you could see there ribs they were very abuse but now the vet is happy to say there healthy and happy

  109. Chocolate's Mom
    Chocolate's Mom says:

    yes, you are right – kibble is best for them – the kind with only meats – I feed my dog a kibble with only game foods, like venison and rabbit – he loves it

  110. Chocolate's Mom
    Chocolate's Mom says:

    someone gave my dog sardines in the oil in the can… gross! I told him to never feed my dog. He had very bad diarreaha and now I’m really upset – this is the 2nd time I told him “do not feed my dog!” and he’s a little 5 pound chihuahua! I love him and I want nothing to happen to him! “(

  111. Noemi
    Noemi says:

    Shelby,you are blessed with your pet, you to took your pets diet into your own hands and you were lucky to have your pet for as long as you did.I truly admire your courage. I now cook my pets there food also. But I must admit I pay close attention that I come across , such as the list on Danielle’s website, I have shown it to my vet and she agrees with everything on the list as a not to feed your dog. I guess maybe I being to cautious, but anything will keep them healthy is good enough.

  112. Noemi
    Noemi says:

    I just want to say that your pets nutrition should always be one of the uppermost thoughts. I lost a beautiful calico cat. I blame myself because, I feel and now know it was her diet. It was that simple. I wouldn’t want anyone to ever experience this. So keep asking questions and looking for answers, even if they sour ridiculous. Good Luck! !

  113. Sam
    Sam says:

    Dogs are omnivores, not full carnivores.

    Cats, on the other hand, are carnivores. That’s why they require so much more fats and proteins.

  114. Randy
    Randy says:

    I have been feeding my dog homemade food for a few months now and the results have been great so far. There are mixed reviews on what is good or bad for a dog. There are some definite things that are bad. But everything else should be individual to your own dog and breed. They all have different medical conditions whether they be obvious or latent or if they are healthy. So my recommendation is to create a mix that works for your dog/breed and to test new ingredients added to the diet in small amounts at first. As we see in some posts, some dogs are fine with the banned ingredients and others may have issues.

    My standard has been baked chicken breast, sweet potatoes, brown rice or white rice, peas, carrots, spinach, kale, fresh turmeric, no salt chicken stock, and ice cubes to cool down the stew before serving. I reheat per meal and keep all pre-cooked ingredients in separate containers. This stew based meal has cleared my dogs skin allergies, she lost over 10 lbs, and the vet gave her a perfect health review on the last checkup. I actually give her way more fresh food than when I used to give just kibble. (2cups per meal vs. 3/4 cup. of kibble..and she kept gaining weight with the kibble). I mix in other seasonal ingredients as I also like to eat food seasonally. Overall, it is the best thing I could have done and is about the same cost as the expensive organic kibble on a monthly basis. I just wish I did this with my older lab before he passed as I believe some of his health issues could have been alleviated by providing a fresh meal.

    Good luck to everyone and I am just glad to read so many people thinking about their pets and what could be done to make their lives healthier as well as happier.

  115. admin
    admin says:

    Katarina – the best thing for you to do would be to take her to the vet. Not eating food is something that a vet should deal with. In an animal communication reading, it’s also something we can look at – but your first visit should be to your vet. Then, you can give my office a call at 866-883-2280 to schedule a session as well.

    Love & Light,

    • sonia
      sonia says:

      I have a 5 pound Yorkie, what I have noticed our dark spots on her tummy, I have also notice its been 2 days she has been constipated, what can I give her for the constipation? thank you for your time…

      • Anna
        Anna says:

        Try giving a teaspoon of canned pumpkin (NOT pie filling!)to your dog’s food. This is a great source of fiber, and will help with constipation, and also help with the opposite problem, too!

  116. Tom
    Tom says:

    Milk products are as safe for dogs as it is for humans. Yes, some may be lactose intolerant, however many benefit from it. I feed my German shepherd a tablespoon of 1% yoghurt with every meal. The Lactobacillus helps her with digestion (pure bred shepherds often have sensitive stomachs) and in fact keeps her bowel movements healthy and solid.

    I suggest you test your dog with a small amount at first, preferably at a young age and if they have no problems with it, start incorporating it into their meals. The benefits are amazing.

  117. Mel
    Mel says:

    We have a cherry tree out in our back yard and last summer my American Pitbull terrier Snoopy ate cherries everyday. They were on the list. But he’s fine..should I not let him eat them again this summer??? I noticed the seeds came out in his poop too or he’d spit the seeds out.. Please answer!

  118. Emily
    Emily says:

    Sorry but there are so many things on that list that is in small amounts. Tomatoes should only be eaten after they are RIPE. Unripened tomatoes have a good amount of toxins, which decrease almost entirely after ripening. Apples and other like fruit are safe as long as the SEEDS are not ingested. The seeds contain cyanide, but not the fruit itself. Apples are a great source of treats for dogs. ALSO, as noted above, someone mentioned that dogs are purely carnivorous. This is absolutely untrue, as dogs are omnivorous animals with a carnivorous bias. Your dog is optimized for meat, but also has the ability to digest and get nutrients from plants. Owners should utilize this great opportunity to create diversity in nutrients from the dog’s diet.

  119. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    Great article! Thank you so much! May I post this article on Linked In? More responsible dog owners need to see this valuable information as well! My American Bull Dog has eaten over the years, eleven doughnuts, to a whole loaf of bread? At five years old, she is still very playful! Tonight, she ate a whole package of uncooked dry oatmeal. Every time, these things happen, I call her vet, and he gives me “good” guidance, and “yes” I keep the poison control number handy!

    Loving owner of Roxy

  120. Megan
    Megan says:

    I have tried to feed my dog probably a third of the things on this list and she will not eat them (except mushrooms). Interesting how my dog knows what is better for her than I do. Thanks for the list!

  121. Danielle
    Danielle says:

    Your dog should be fine – just don’t do it again. However, it you are very worried don’t trust a web post. Instead take your dog to the vet. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing.

      • Vish
        Vish says:

        It is processed. It is not real food . Giving your dog real food will do him good . Or even giving him something like _ the Honest kitchen . COOKING EVERYDAY GOT tiresome so i put them on the honest kitchen instead. Also if its not human grade who knows what goes into it. Your dog will lead a longer healthier life with natural and balanced food.

    • ella
      ella says:

      yup! you’re right! Kibble is the best way to malnourish your dog or cat. If you just think about it – kibble is the equivalent of dried TV dinners. Would you feed your loved ones that every day, for every meal for their whole life????

  122. R A Turner
    R A Turner says:

    I have a red nose American Pit Bull Terrier named drake, he eats puppy kibble in his bowl 24/7 and a home cooked dog food each evening around dinner time (The only puppy kibble in our price range doesn’t have the 20% fat, 30% protein a pit pup needs so we did our research)

    His food is chicken quarters boiled until the meat cooks from the bone. We remove all bone and cartilage then chop the meat into fingernail sized pieces. Then we cook with sweet corn, chopped carrot, broccoli, cauliflaur, and rolled oats.

    he only recieves a little under a cup of the home food each evening before we eat dinner (we always feed our animals before we feed ourselves) is any of this potentially bad? Everything is cut super small and cooked until it is mush.

    I would really like to know so we don’t risk Drake getting sick. He poops regularly and while it was loose the first two nights, it is back to normal consistancy.

    (Please note that the dog food described above aka “Drake’s Jackpot” belongs to Nuts 4 Squirrels Wildlife Rehab)

    • Jamie
      Jamie says:

      R A Turner,

      Your homemade food sounds fine except for the corn. Dogs shouldn’t have corn, as it can cause gastrointestinal issues and skin allergies. And make sure the oats are cooked fully before your dog eats them.

    • Vish
      Vish says:

      Your doing great except for the corn and maybe the broccoli . But since you cook home food for him everyday why not just take him off those processed pellets (kibble) . A more natural diet ( vary the veggies ) is good for dogs.

  123. pam drake
    pam drake says:

    What if you only accidently gave a 14 lbs miniature dacshund(?) a few bites of pecan pie, not realsizing it would make her sick & she got diarrhea & threw up 1x. Is she gonna die and will she get over it on her own?

  124. cathy
    cathy says:

    hi i have shih tsu 3months old, is ok to give him canned cornbeef? also he take baby food supplement vit.is ot ok for him to.have baby vit.?

  125. Alb
    Alb says:

    My nine mnth staffy broke back leg, since then shes lost 2 kilos in 7 days. She wont take water, ” I have to coax her with syringe to drink“, food is not a prob but cat food only!. I supose my question is how much water should I be forcing her to drink??

  126. Natalie
    Natalie says:

    My 15 week old chiauwawa puppy ate a tiny bit if raw mushroom today and vomited within 2 minutes of eating it. This was about 5 hours ago and he hasn’t vomited again since. Am I ok to assume he will be fine?

  127. Diane Goe
    Diane Goe says:

    Oh my gosh! I sometimes give my dog cheese to give him his special skin medicine I didn’t know it was bad for dogs!

    Please reply,


  128. Joe J
    Joe J says:

    I have a 6 1/2 yr old Lab, I have fed him Purina Dog Chow his entire life and I feed him everything I eat, with the exception of grapes and Chocolate. I season my food ALOT with pepper, salt, garlic salt.. etc. I have not seen any vomit or diarrhea yet except when he eats Ramen Noodles, he throws up almost immediately after eating that so I stopped giving it to him obviously. My dog also LOVES milk and Almonds. My dog appears to be in great shape but I have noticed lumps forming on different parts of his body…back leg, stomach…etc could the food I have given him cause him to form fatty tumors or worse???
    My dog once dug up a cat that had died from poisoning and ate it!! He did not get sick at all so I find it wierd that these seemingly healthy foods are mire toxic to him than a poisoned cat carcass.

  129. JKoch
    JKoch says:

    I would take your dog to the vet or try to get him to stop, watch him when you let him outside or walk him in the woods. Most barks (including oak) is poisonous to dogs.

  130. JKoch
    JKoch says:

    Dogs can eat wheat if they are not allergic to it and cheese isn’t bad for them but don’t give it to your dog all the time, most dogs like it so I wouldn’t worry about that.
    Your dog can also drink/eat dairy products but the main thing to worry about that is if your dog is allergic to the lactose in dairy products so if you have not seen anything weird in your dogs health, like vomiting or diarrhea.

  131. pittylove
    pittylove says:

    I have given my dogs pretty much everything on this list!! Mine love veggies and fruit, yes even the grapes. I have one that will open the fridge door and help herself when your not looking. We just moved to a new house and have acorns everywhere and yes they are poisonous to dogs along with the oak bark and leaves. Well my one thinks the acorns falling are treats just for her, so far she hasnt been sick but i have the vet on speed dail for when she does eventually get sick!!

  132. Ammes
    Ammes says:

    I learned this in science night at my school, they left out ALOT of things, also can dogs eat cheese puffs? i fed my friend’s dog some and he immediately threw up on my shoe(gross) and my friend’s dad said it was okay??

  133. Dallas Sims
    Dallas Sims says:

    I have a Maltesse, he is 12 pounds, can he eat sardines or macural fish.
    after he eats sardines, he smells like fish for days and does not eat or go to the bathroom, Is can fish bad for them?????
    He has diareahha and his butt area is all yellow and he constantly licks at it and looks back at it like he has gas maybe?????

    • admin
      admin says:

      Yes, you should certainly stop the canned fish – and your dog is clearly sick based on the symptoms you’ve mentioned here. Please do not rely on web research in a case like this and take your dog to the vet. It’s the safest option.

  134. tajia
    tajia says:

    Really dogs can have iron??????????? Arent dogs suppose to have iron in their bodies just like humans do???????? One more thing grapes, grapes are healthy and they can do what to a dog? Omg im gald I saw this page now I know now what not to give me yorkie!!!!!!!!! Thanks a bunch!!!!!!!!

  135. josefina
    josefina says:

    can dogs eat cucumber? Is honey dew melon and cantelopes okay? Ive given them melons before even watermelon they seems to digest fine but ive never tried cucumber.

  136. Aaron
    Aaron says:

    I have a miniature schnauzer and hes been eating grape tomatoes for a few years now, and I’ve noticed a increase in the shinny ness and softness in his coat. My vet told me that they can only have rip tomatoes. So I was wondering why my vet said its ok but you say it’s deadly?

    PUPPY LOVE says:

    I think it is time to take her to the vet. Because if it gets worse than you are in trouble. I think you should of gone a bit earlyer. (but doesn’t matter now). I hope your dog feels better soon. (h)

  138. Clare
    Clare says:

    also I was told by my vet that avacado is good for keeping dog’s fur, but it says its dangerous for them. Did he mean to rub it into their fur? ‘Cause that would be weird…

  139. Audrey
    Audrey says:

    I am so surprise with these facts. I just googled homemade dog recipes and it says we can add crush tomatoes and broccoli. I am making his homemade food and I’m confused now. Why would recipes call for those dangerous vegetables?

    • admin
      admin says:

      Many people don’t know what the best foods for dogs are. A lot of recipes come from a place of love, but not necessarily education.

  140. Ani
    Ani says:

    I’ve been giving my dog grapes every time I eat it. He likes it and it has been 3 months he has never shown any disturbing sign.

    I give my the other dog raw eggs. She likes it and I saw some people on Yahoo Answer say it helps dogs fur and their dogs have been having it for years yet sound and well.

    I really want to find out.

    • admin
      admin says:

      The grape situation is cumulative. Over time, the toxins build up. It’s possible you won’t see the effects for years – but they will be there.

  141. Chety3
    Chety3 says:

    My dog eats a lot of cat food because she steals it from the cat and I mean a lot….lately she has been panting and rubbing her bum on the floor, jumping up now and then and can,t seem to find a comfortable spot for long…does this have anything to do with the cat food she is eating…

    • kimmy
      kimmy says:

      This may be a sign of swollen anal glands. Often times a vet will milk them for ya. Mine did it for approximately two weeks before I read up on it and realized that what it is, is that the anal glands have become inflamed inside. If you don’t have them milked, they can continue to back your dog up and can create much bigger problems such as them to explode and cost a great deal of money and time. But, after seeing this date, I’m sure you have already gotten your answer 🙂

  142. susan
    susan says:

    Xylitol is toxic to dogs. It is a natural sweetener made from plant fibers. Often found in Natural chewing gum. It is great for human teeth, so chew away!

  143. Jeffrey
    Jeffrey says:

    My St. Bernard and Cocker Spaniel ate about 4 prunes each that fell on the floor, Should I be worried? This happened about 3 hours ago and other than them having stinky gas they are acting normal!!!

  144. james
    james says:

    we live in the country so to speak, have a garden yearly, over the years we have at the end of the growing season pulled up the broccoli and brussel sprouts root and stems to clean out the garden, our 3 golden labs love them and play with them and actually comsume the remains, less the roots. so far to this day It would seem not to affect them..

  145. james
    james says:

    I use to give our yellow lab apples, she developed these nodules between her toes, when I took her to the vet they surgically removed them at a cost around 1k, my wife suggested that this might have been from the apples so i stopped giving them to her, has been 8 years or so and no new nodules,,,, maybe the apples were the culprit./

  146. Roxi
    Roxi says:

    use canned pumpkin instead Make sure it’s not pumpkin pie filling just plain pumpkin. Start with a small spoonful at each meal, they will love it and it’s a geat source of fiber!

  147. Roxi
    Roxi says:

    Hi, one sunflower seed covered in chocolate won’t hurt. It is based on the dogs weight and amount of chocolate. Xylitol and grapes/raisins are far more dangerous. These can be fatal in very small doses.

    Remember dogs are scavengers-therefore they should be able to eat most anything. veggies, grains, meats, etc… some things are of course not good for them just like candy isn’t good for us.

    If you really want some good information on dog food, read “The Foods Dogs Die For” very eye opening!

  148. amber
    amber says:

    Dogs aren’t carnivores, cats are. Dogs need 20 percent vegetables, 20 percent grains and 60 percent protein in their diets. If they have the proper supplementation (which by the way vitamins are in virutally every dog food anyway) they can exist quite fine on a vegetarian diet if not thrive.

    • Mike
      Mike says:

      Amber- Your numbers are incorrect. Dogs cannot break down the cellulose in most vegetables. Also, a grain-free diet is actually much healthier for a dog’s digestive system. Please do some research. Dogs cannot live on a vegetarian diet.

    • Lynne Parker
      Lynne Parker says:

      The jury is still out on garlic. Some give supplements to their dogs that includes garlic (to combat fleas). I haven’t seen any definitive studies that say one way or the other.

      Regarding mashed potatoes—why would you want to? Dogs really don’t have the ability to digest vegetables in the first place. They are carnivores and lack the enzymes needed to break down cellulose.

    • Jessy
      Jessy says:

      No it’s not I have used small doses on all of my dogs for years it keeps fleas ticks off of them and it is an organic way to rid of worms of any kind instead of putting that poisonous deworming medication in your dogs system bit it can also depend on the dog as well small doses not too close together in timing should help observe how the dog reacts to it

  149. Flora
    Flora says:

    Different dogs can or can not eat different things that is why some dogs can eat some foods and be fine and others can not.

  150. Michelle McGuckin
    Michelle McGuckin says:

    Cat food should most definitely be included on this list Anneke. If they eat it on a regular basis they can develop Pancreatitis which can sometimes be fatal!

    • Brooke :)
      Brooke :) says:

      Hi! We recently got a pitbull lab mix puppy. She is the sweetest thing on earth! She is super calm and content, and she has only relieved herself inside once. Last night I was eating some trail mix that contained raisins, cashews, almonds, and m&ms. I feel asleep before putting the container away and when I woke up she was eating some nuts. Thank God no m&ms but she consumed a single rais tain. Should I be worried?

  151. alicia
    alicia says:

    Last night my dog got some grapes and hes been throwing up all morning. should i be worried? because my moms dogs get grapes and veggies alll the time and have no problems..

    • admin
      admin says:

      You should DEFINITELY take your dog to the vet or at least call poison control. The throwing up is a sign that there is a problem.

  152. James
    James says:

    Sugar Free gum should be on the list. It is real toxic to dogs.
    Anything with and artificial sweeteners should probably be on the list.

    • Lynne Parker
      Lynne Parker says:

      James is right about the sugar free gum. It is actually xylitol that is deadly and can be found in so many products. You have to read labels and really watch out. One of the dogs at the Rolling Dog Farm animal sanctuary in New Hampshire got into some gum. Fortunately Alayne remembered reading something about xylitol and took the dog to the vet. That knowledge and quick action saved the dog’s life.

    • Tavia
      Tavia says:

      Yes it’s actually the xylitol that is extremely toxic to them. My lab/pit puppy ate two packs of gum by the time I got home from work. Went online to see if it was going to be okay and was told to bring her to the ER immediately. She had to stay for a full 24 hours which is routine in cases of xylitol poisioning, in worse cases up to 48 hours. Long story short don’t leave out gum anywhere, or it will be about a $700 pack of gum. Depending on the size of the dog one piece could be harmful.

  153. Peter
    Peter says:

    Ikeep on being told i should`nt give my dog chocolate (especially by non dog owners).
    Well, my labrador has a packet of Maltesers or Aero Mint Bubbles every morning as a treat, and it has`nt done him any harm.
    Still, at nearly 18, yes eighteen years old, i think he deserves a treat.

    • Dot
      Dot says:

      I am a dog owner of 1 but my mom has 8 and we live in the same house so 9 in all lol they are wonderful eat what we have straps from breakfast lunch and dinner with a few treats

  154. roxykn21
    roxykn21 says:

    About the fat trimmings, my boyfriend gave my dog bacon and steak anytime we had it for dinner which after about 2-3 weeks of bacon almost every morning and steak about 2 times, my dog got diarrhea. it was EVERYWHERE every 5 minutes he was going i took time off from work just so i could keep an eye on him and know he wouldn’t go to the bathroom all over the place. it lasted for 4 days before i had enough, took him to the vet and 400 bucks later, he has pancreatitis, he had a fever and was very lethargic. they wanted to commit him into they’re ER but i told the doctor i didnt have the money for that. she gave me meds, and gave him IV fluids along with three shots to help him with his diarrhea, then she wanted to run blood work, well next time i’ll just ask for the meds and see if it helps, if it doesn’t than ill have the blood work done, the blood work along was 150 bucks. SO don’t feed your dog fat trimmings!!!

      • Dawne
        Dawne says:

        Please to anyone reading this, as a dog lover I dont want to have happen to your dog what happened to mine. I fed my dog the odd treat like milk, chesse, ect. My dog started getting allergies and BAD allergies. I was told by his dermotolagist that I have to home cook his meals, so I did. He said turkey, potatoes and veggies are good. My dog got severe pancreatitis. It was horrible and I felt like it was my fault , and it kinda was even tough I didn’t do it on purpose. So please take it from me dont feed your dog any people food and make sure they cant get at it. Even a little is bad. Even if your vet says its ok, DON’T do it. Your dog cant talk so if you see the signs its for a reason, they are trying to tell us something.

        • Heather
          Heather says:

          I’ve been feeding my dog whole milk that was vat pasteurized at 145 degrees (the lowest pasteurization possible. Most states passed laws that inhibit the sale of raw milk which is totally ridiculous as beings are missing out on a wholly nutritous & real product). Even as shown in humans, pasteurizaton kills the good bacteria which is needed in the digestive track. You are drinking a dead product and will cause allergies & lactose intolerance. Dogs have been eating raw eggs on the farm for centuries. I’ve also been giving him raw eggs. No problems for either. The problem is how these natural products are processed. Whole & raw foods should not be touched with “scientific” solutions. They should be free range, no antibiotics, grass fed & not processed or pasteurized. That is why we are having so many problems, animals & humans alike. After suffering a bacteria infection & sensitivites to processed dog food, I started giving him a breakfast cereal made with ancient grains like oats, cooked quinoa & chia, peas, carrots, parsley (very good for sensitive stomachs), apples, cinnamon, honey & molasses soaked in whole milk topped with non-frozen green beans (frozen foods contribute to internal ulcers, so run the frozen foods under hot water first). For dinner we will give him a blanched peice of raw liver, chicken or kidneys. Blanching helps soften the meat after rigamortus. He stopped throwing up & having accidents in the house, and his mood improved greatly! He loves to eat now. As dogs are carnivores, the cereal mimics the contents of an animals stomach. In the wild, wolves and dogs naturally go for the stomach first since it provides a bounty of partially digested food they would not be able to wholly process themselves. They are able to get the nutrients there that they are lacking in just a meat diet.

      • Dawne
        Dawne says:

        If you dog is vomiting and has diarrhea and you’ve been feeding him steak he could have pancreatitis. You need to take your dog to the vet and have a pancreas level test done. Its not that expensive if you just ask for just that specific test done, its around $60 and it could save your dogs life. The same happened to my dog and I was told it was ok to feed meat by a vet and it happened again. And pancreatitis is one of the most painful things your dog can have, even tough he may not show it. And he will have to be on a low fat diet for life and can also become diabetic, So I would get it checked out immediately after he vomits and diarrhea.

    • admin
      admin says:

      Dogs self-regulate. They will eat grass by their own choosing in order to settle their stomach by vomiting up the grass. It wold be very hard to entice a dog into eating grass, who didn’t already want to eat the grass for that reason!

    • Katherine Bond
      Katherine Bond says:

      Please “NO”!
      That is for cows last I knew!!
      Dogs may nibble with grass if they have an upset tummy! It will cause them to vomit and you will see the grass in their vomit! Hopefully they will then feel better. However it should never be intentionally given to them.

      • R Milyard
        R Milyard says:

        My brother’s dog ate avocados from two trees for years, with no problems other than getting fat. These people keep pushing this false information.
        Have you ever heard of Avoderm dog food?

        • Scott B.
          Scott B. says:

          My dog is a great one and I think it’s the experience she’s had living on the street and backwoods with me never has she had any problems with all the above she’s in the top ten of her breed.Shes a jack ci , I think I spelt that right, anyhoo just be warned that a 🐕 is pretty good about not eating what it shouldn’t.but thanks again

    • Ingrid
      Ingrid says:

      Hello, i have a miniature pinscher and can i feed him mashed potatoes and mashed carrots? He likes mashed potatoes but are going to do any harm for him?

      • Tayler
        Tayler says:

        Im not sure about mashed potatoes BUT carrots are wonderful for dogs. Most people use carrots as a healthy treat for dogs, esp ones needing to lose weight

        • AJ
          AJ says:

          My dog just ate 12 mini lemon cakes that are made for humans and have frosting on them, what do I do!?!? I’m really worried and will he die!?!!

  155. Robyn Scott
    Robyn Scott says:

    High, I am baby sitting my granddaughters little miniature poodle x King Charles Cavalier x Maltese puppy. She is approx 6 weeks or so old….could be a little older…I forgot to ask her.

    I just gave her some beef strips & a couple of smoked chicken necks. I used to give these to my Schitzu/Maltese little girl & she lived to 17 1/2 yrs of age, so they didn’t do her ant harm…although she did get a build up of tare on her teeth, which I had to get cleaned.

    I need to know as my granddaughter said she is only feeding her dry puppy food.


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