Welcome The Doggy Diva Show Listeners

Since you’re here, you must have heard my interview on The Doggy Diva Show.

I hope you had as much fun listening to us, as I did talking with Susan Marie. She is a wonderful podcast host and I feel like we were able to really hone in on the incredible messages animals have for us.

Soul Level Animal Communication is all about connecting the deepest, wisest part of you with the deepest, wisest part of animals. Many of us either don’t realize the true wisdom of the animals around us or we doubt that we have the ability to connect with it.

However, the fact that you are here shows that you may believe differently.

It IS possible for all of us to connect intuitively with animals, whether they are alive or not and it is that very connection that can help us let go of past baggage, heal old wounds, and yes… alleviate a little grief.

Below are the resources I mentioned on the podcast. They are a gift for you! If I can be of any more service to you or if you have questions about any of my programs, please reach out. I’m here!

One thing has become very clear to me in my 20+ years working with animals: they are here teaching us unconditional love and they are desperately hoping we’ll begin listening soon!

Animal Communication Tips

5 EASY Ways to Psychically Communicate with Animals without Being Psychic. Start Talking to Animals Right Now!

The Incredible Animal Afterlife

In this uplifting and insightful book, you’ll learn – straight from the animals themselves – about the dying process, the animal afterlife, and what they want you to know about their death.

Be Open Community

Be Open is the world’s best resource for anyone who wants to develop and expand their intuition, practice animal communication. No experience required!

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