The Animal Communicator Dog Training Secret


Animals communicate intuitively with one another every day.

When you see two dogs forty yards apart in a field, crouched down, stalking one another, what do you think is happening? Obviously, they’re watching one another for visual cues, but there’s something more exciting going on as well. Those dogs are also using their intuition. This is the dog training secret that so many people discount! Animals psychically connect with one another all the time. In fact, they use that connection to survive (Read How do animals communicate? for more in depth info on this). They even say things to each other like, “I’m going to jump on you!” and “No, you’re not! I’m going to get you first and then run around that tree!”

Dogs apply their intuition to humans

Your dog (cat, horse, etc.) doesn’t just use her intuition to connect with others in her pack, she also uses it to connect with other species. And that includes humans. Animals intuitively read our energy, emotions, feelings, thoughts, and pretty much everything else. Doing this helps them to survive! They need to know our real intentions. They need to know if we’re safe or not. Have you ever met a dog with whom you immediately felt a connection? There’s a LOT more to this that you can read about in my Animal Lessons book, but one factor is that that animal connected psychically with you to know you’re safe.

The Human Dog Training Challenge

Human beings function differently. Our culture tells us to ignore the intuitive part of ourselves and instead rely on external data, and the five senses. This means so much of how we interact with each other zeroes in on the words  rather than emotions, intention, energy, and other not-so-obvious factors.

When a person is really struggling to train their dog, the problem is most often that they aren’t taking into account how their dog is reading them!

Transparency is a Key dog training secret

When I’m teaching my animal communication classes, transparency and alignment is one of the things I have my students work on. Really listening to someone rather than just taking their words at face value. Dogs, cats, horses, and all other animals, “listen” in this way.  Horses demonstrate this ability all the time. If the soothing words you’re using with horse are, “Hey, it’s OK. I’m not going to hurt you” but your intention is to get that horse into the paddock no matter what – that horse will know the real deal. This is because that horse is connecting to ALL the parts of you. 

Everything needs to line up for an animal to trust you because your dog is tapping in to your whole being, rather than just listening to your words. 

Work WITH Your Dog’s Intuition 

Working with your dog’s intuition is THE dog training secret! The challenge though is that this means you have to learn a new way to interact with your dog. However, when you take into account how your dog is really interacting with you, it starts to make a whole lot of sense. 

Your role now, in training your dog, is to ensure that ALL the parts of you that communicate what you want to communicate. Don’t send mixed messages. Don’t try to hide how you’re really feeling. All of that tells your dog you’re not someone to listen to – and it can be confusing what message you’re really trying to send.

It’s not OK to say, “Hey, I’m just going to hug you” when your intention is really to grab the dog and put a painful collar on him. Everything needs to match. 

When all the parts of you (your emotions, your intention, your words etc.) match, almost regardless of what you’re trying to do with your dog, your dog will be more amenable to what you’re asking. (Obviously, this doesn’t apply if your intention is harmful though.)

How to use the dog training secret 

Dogs (as well as all animals) work really well with their intuitive sight. It’s so strong that, not only can they send images to one another, but they can also see the pictures we hold in our head as we speak!

Luckily humans are also good at visualizing! It’s simply a matter of matching what you’re visualizing with what you’re saying. 

Imagine that your dog is on your sofa again and you want him to get off. Most people will say with frustration, “Get off the sofa!” But think about that phrase. When read that phrase, what do you imagine in your head? You imagine a dog on the sofa. So, the visual is your dog snuggled up on the sofa. The emotion is frustration. The words say get off the sofa. 

Humans will interpret this situation and get off the sofa. 

Dogs will interpret this situation as confusing. The messages you’re sending don’t line up!

Instead, if you were to say, “Hey go lay down in your bed!” what happens? The visual you have in your head is now of your dog laying on his bed. Now all the parts of you are lining up – and your dog will listen. THIS is the dog training secret! It all has to match!

Try it at home

Give this a try with your pet today. Send your horse an image of his new saddle or tell your turtle you love her by sending her a picture of a big heart. Yes, it’s that easy!

And no need to worry! Animals are always tapping in to their humans, so you can’t mis-send an image. Your pet will know, innately, exactly how to pick it up!

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*A earlier version of this article was originally featured on Beyond