porcupine and dog

Dog and Porcupine: What’s the point?

porcupine and dogIf you follow me on Instagram at all, you probably already know that my dog, Tuukka, had quite the experience the other night with a porcupine – before I continue that saga (yes, there’s a LOT more to it unfortunately), go here to read the first part.

Now, I’m going to tell the REST of the story.

While Tuukka was sedated so that the vet could remove the porcupine quills (yes, read about that here on Instagram), something pretty big happened:

Tuukka had a seizure.

Luckily, the seizure stopped on it’s own, but it was still very disconcerting. They thought it was the ketamine they gave her that created the seizure…

The whole seizure thing actually got me very worried. Tuukka is slated to go to my in-laws house this weekend to stay, while we build our house for the next 6-7 months. (I’ve been crying for the past several days about this).

So, when I left for Pilates on Friday morning, I was pretty upset. I keep thinking to myself, “How could I leave her with them if she’s going to start having seizures?”

It didn’t seem fair or nice or kind or loving…

Needless to say, when I left the house to go to Pilates, Tuukka KNEW what an upset state I was in.

Cut to 75 minutes later, I walk in the door, tired from Pilates but ready to get to my day and what do I see?

TRASH all over the floor. Corn cobs, foil, random other bits of food…

So, five hours and $500 later, she’s OK. She’s not quite herself, but the vet has given her the A-OK.

In the end, she’s doing fine BUT there is a huge lesson in this for me (one that I didn’t really want to learn!)

My son leaves for college on Tuesday. Our house is in disarray because we are packing to move… my whole life has been turned upsidedown

And TUUKKA knows it. She feels it. She hears it. And guess what? She reacts to it – to draw my attention to my complete and utter discombobulation the past few days!

THIS is how animals work. They use whatever tools they can to focus us in on the thing we need to notice. I MOST needed to notice that I was not functioning like my normal self. I had let self-care fly out the window.

So, what did I do Friday afternoon when I realized that this was what was happening? I stopped. I literally just stopped. It was 4pm (yep, it took me that long to get the message) and I sat in a chair in my office for 20 minutes. I just lounged. I didn’t plan. I didn’t worry. I certainly didn’t pack…

And afterwards, when I went downstairs to see Tuukka, she simply wagged her tail and behaved as it all of this craziness never happened…

There is a lesson in EVERY experience you have with the animal in your life. Can you find it?

Love and Light,

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  1. maria pop
    maria pop says:

    On Mon.ep.23 we(my husband and I)were told my dog Ben who’s 9, is dying of cronick kidney failure. I have 2 more dogs, Ben is my first dog, have a husband I’ve been with since 1981, was 21, am 59 now, have a daughter 36 who lives/works 2- 3 hours away.
    Never in all this time I;ve mentioned have I felt pain and despaire like now, guess people could say I was lucky, don’t know, I’ve had other things happen, parents whom seldom/never saw or cared for dye, a young man I knew commiting suicide, nothing ever killed my insides like now, I’ve had at least 2 ndes, 1 that I remember, Know there is afterlife, not affraied to dye.
    My question, such as it is, is:
    – he’ll dye/pass soon, I accept that, don’t want him to not go if it means he’d be in pain, how can I keep in touch with him though, for me?

    – have to mention, I’m not/ never been normal, in my way of thinking, so having mentioned all these tiny bits, how and what can I feel in the place of my urge, of following him?


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