Does My Dog Know I Love Him, Her, or Them?


Animals Approach Life From A DIFFERENT PLACE

In all my psychic travels with animals, one thing has remained a constant in my readings: animals have mastered unconditional love and have incarnated into the world to assist humans in doing the same.

Unconditional love is not about being “loving” or “happy” all the time. Instead it is aligning with the natural balance of the world. It is learning from mistakes and moving on, rather than holding grudges. Unconditional love is moving forward and living in alignment with you own role in life. It is believing in yourself because it is your right.

When you look at wild animals, there’s a natural balance there that we, as humans, don’t experience yet. Yes, animals hunt, kill, and eat each other – but there is an order to it. It is part of that balance. Left to their own devices (meaning, no human intervention), animals feel good about themselves. They trust themselves. They love themselves. AND they share that love into the world.

Human beings, on the other hand, approach life from a very differ space. 99.9999999% of humans (including me) are nowhere near mastering unconditional love. We relentlessly question our own goodness, lovability, value, and worthiness.  Our lives are a constant struggle to align with or even trust the natural order of the universe. We push ourselves to be better, be more, do more… It’s a never ending cycle to which many of us fall prey, as we try to force ourselves achieve our own lovability.

Unconditional Love Does Not Include Questions

Animals, simply don’t question their existence. The know it, live it and believe it. At the deepest levels, they don’t worry that the might be loved less than their brother. They don’t wonder if they are attractive.  They don’t worry about their weight. Their right to be here, as part of the world is simply that: their right.  When you’ve aligned with unconditional love like animal souls have, there is no more us and them or you and me. It’s just balance. You’ll never catch an animal wondering their version of the “Does My Dog Know I Love Her” question.

Every single thing they do, feel, think, and experience goes through the filter of unconditional love. Your dog does not spend time wondering if you love them. Your dog doesn’t “hope” he’s being good enough for you and your cat doesn’t bring you his presents in order to endear you to him. They live with the knowledge that they love you and you love them, at the very deepest levels. 

Imagine that! Imagine having such security in the universe that you never question if you’re good enough or if you’re making the best choice or if you’re right for this position. Imagine that kind of trust in the greater balance of the world!

“Does My Dog Know I Love Him/Her” is Moot

If you’ve been wondering, “Does my dog know I love her?” you’ve probably also done things for her that you hope will strengthen that love.  You may feel compelled to do more for her in order to “get” her to love you. After all, this is how things work between many humans. We often agree to things we don’t want to do or give extra or keep our mouths shut in order to have a better relationship with someone . 

To earn your dog’s, maybe you tell her all the time how special she is. Or perhaps you give her lots of treats in hopes that that will promote more love. Maybe you spend all of your free time doing things for HER to show her your love, so she loves you back.

Love with a being that has mastered unconditional love has nothing to do with what you DO. You get to be loved by your dog (cat, horse, bunny) just by being you. That’s it!

And when you settle in to being your whole self (rather than wondering, “Does My Dog Know I Love Her?” again and again) with the animal in your life, something else happens. It’s something big – and it’s opens you to even more love for yourself. Your pet becomes able to tap in to you to figure out how you can experience even MORE love for yourself and of yourself. Your pet begins to nudge you and push you to evolve and grow in ways that you may not have realized you needed to grow.  

(I’ve written all about this in my Animal Lessons book here by the way.)

Love Begets Love

I don’t take care of my dog in order to be worthy of her love. I take care of my dog because I love her. And she loves me back simply because I’m me.  She’s going to do whatever she can to help me master it. It’s that simple.

Unconditional Love exists, no matter what we do. We do not discover it.  We do not make it happen. And we certainly don’t have to  earn it. Every single living being deserves love, just by being alive. And when we live love, we receive love back.  Without even trying. 

And this is what your dog is teaching YOU.