Does My Cat Know I Love Her?

by Danielle MacKinnon

When I’m doing an animal communication reading (connecting psychically with an animal) for someone they often ask: “Does my cat know I love her?” or “Does my dog know how much I love her?”

The Video

I recently posted some informational videos to Facebook. One of the videos was titled, “Does Your Pet Know How Much You Love Her?” You can watch that right here on Facebook.)

I received a comment on the video that said this,

This is such a scam, our furbabys know we love them by the way we treat them seriously psychic” (sic)

While I was a little bummed that this person was kind of mean to me in her comments, it got me thinking about a BIG misnomer around animals and love.

Unconditional Love

Animals have mastered unconditional love. When I connect with ANY animal intuitively, everything they tell and show me comes from this place of ultimate acceptance. Now, yes it’s the animals themselves that are telling me they have mastered this, but I believe them! When you realize this, the question of, “Does my cat know I love her” actually becomes moot!

Look at animals in the wild. There is a natural balance there that we, as humans, certainly don’t have right now. Yes, animals hunt, kill, and eat each other – but there is an order to it.

Left to their own devices (meaning, no human intervention), animals feel good about themselves. They trust themselves. They love themselves. AND they share that love into the world.

This is so different from us, as humans! We have a lot we can still learn from animals about balance and natural order!

The Psychic Answer to, “Does My Cat Know I Love Her?”

Funnily enough, MY answer in that three-minute video is that our pets already know we love them. They are so deeply connected to us that they tap right in to the very heart of who we are.

We don’t have to DO anything to earn their love – they love us unconditionally.

Earning Love

We don’t have to EARN LOVE. We just have to be our best selves, mistakes and all. And animals understand that deeply. They operate from that place.

Because animals have mastered unconditional love and that really is what they give us. UNCONDITIONALLY!

I don’t take care of my dog in order to be worthy of her love. I take care of my dog because I love her. And she loves me back because she’s mastered the art of unconditional love. It’s that simple.

Love exists, no matter what we do. We do not earn it. Every single living being deserves love, just by being alive.

Live your love today!

10 replies
  1. Inga Brereton
    Inga Brereton says:

    Just tried to watch your video (three-minute) but wasn’t able to do so; got an error message. Being somewhat pathetic, I just wished to have a bit of re-assurance that my much-loved moggie knows that I really do love her. (it broke my heart to have to leave her for two months when I went back to the UK to have my first hip replacement).

    Some people thought I was stark, raving, bonkers.. 🙂

  2. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    Yes animals feel love towards us, they don’t know how to hate it does not exist in them,
    So if someone is horrible to them, they kind of humble their self wag tail and slowly go towards them.or sit and be sad.
    It so sad when people take advantage over animals,empower themselves.

  3. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Thank you for sharing your gifts with animals and us. Sometime ago I read a post that animals choose their passing. I have a 20 year old Siamese with kidney disease. She has chose her time and communicated it very plainly to us. She suddenly lost her sight and balance. Yesterday she jumped into my son’s arms and just looked at him (they have a very special bond). He said, “Mom call the vet, it’s her time”. Earlier that morning, my feed had been popping up animal sympathy quotes and cremation urns for pets. I made the appointment for today. She has stayed very close to my son’s side. He made the comment that it was strange that she had a great summer with him but suddenly went bad three weeks before school started. I know that she wanted to leave to give him some time to heal before school started. Although she know we love her, we tell her how much we love her all the time.

  4. Brenda
    Brenda says:

    I think people who post things like that are scared of their spirituality. She was at least curious, right? I mean she was reading it. Those things do hurt but remember the huge value you provide to the world, Danielle. Thanks for being you!


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