Do Animals Talk? Will They Psychically Share Your Secrets?

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Can animals talk with psychics?

We already know that animals  can communicate with others of their species, but because of their innate intuition, they can also talk to humans who know how to pick up their messages through animal communication in an animal communication reading.

I’ve been a professional animal communicator for two decades now and I frequently “talk” with animals psychically. I can hear the words they want me to hear as well as the sounds.  (Animals send messages in other ways as well: learn more about what psychic animal communication is and how it really works here.)

What do animals talk about in an animal communication reading?

I love giving psychic animal communication readings because every animal truly is their own being. No two animals will connect psychically the same way or connect about the same things.

Our pets are interested in talking about two levels of information.

First, our pets are happy to tell us how to feed and care for them to make their lives the most comfortable. A dog might tell me that he really hates his food or a cat may share that she wants a playmate. Animals will often give solutions to their problems in a psychic reading too! When the lines of psychic communication are open, animals will take advantage of this to help themselves to having a wonderful life!

Second, our pets also happy to tell us how they are helping us be the best people we can be. I’ve written a whole book on this called, Animal Lessons that you can read here for more information. For now, know that animals are deeply aware of the things that make us upset, the places where we’re repeating the same negative patterns, even our deepest desires.

Will an animal share my secrets in an animal communication reading?

Because pets are so clued in to US, their humans, they are also clued in to our secrets. This can feel scary for someone considering an animal communication reading. You may worry that your dog will tell your animal communicator that you’re unhappy in your marriage or that you wake up in the middle of the night to eat a pint of ice cream…

Your pet, however, will only share the information needed for the reading to be the best it can be. If your rocky marriage doesn’t have anything to do with the reading, your pet won’t bring it up. HOWEVER, if your rocky marriage is contributing to your pet’s behavior problem, you can bet your pet will talk about it.

If you can trust that in a pet psychic reading the animal is ALWAYS looking out for their human’s best interest though, you won’t need to fear anything. Your pet and the person giving you your animal communication reading will be there, just for you.

Want to talk to your pet psychically now that you know it’s safe?

Visit my list of Certified Animal Communicators here to get your own reading!

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  1. Safena
    Safena says:

    Danielle!!! Thank you for being you!! I’m in a situation with my dog Molly. She’s been peeing on the kitchen floor middle of the night for over a year. No medical reason. Now pooping on another part of the floor during the day. Not medical. What is going on. She doesn’t do either at her doggie sitters home when we are on vacation for two weeks!! Pls let me know how best to get an answer. I’ve tried meditation and to ask her myself!! I feel really bad because I know she’s trying to tell me something!! Any advice would be so appreciated!! Thank you ❤


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