Have You Ever Thought You Were Broken?

I’ve noticed an interesting and inspiring trend this fall, through all of the live events, private sessions and teleseminars I’ve been doing:

Fewer and fewer people are looking to me to “fix” them!

I’m sure there are some people out there who would be very upset by this – but I see that it indicates an exciting trend in human consciousness – one that I am so excited to be a part of! This new trend stems from what “doing your work” really looks like today. In the past, we all wanted to be rescued. “Won’t someone come and fix this?” and “What is wrong with me?” were questions I received from my clients all of the time. As we enter into this new, empowered energy – people are starting to no longer approach their lives as if something is wrong with them – instead they’re approaching their lives in order to uncover the beauty, brilliance, intelligence, peace, support and happiness that is already there.

I used to hear:

“How fast can you get rid of this block, Danielle?”

I used to hear:

“Do you have the answer? I want it now!”

Today I hear:

“I never realized my thinking that was blocking me from feeling good about myself!”


Today I hear:

“I’m so excited to finding the parts within me that are so strong and powerful and happy!”

This shift is taking place at different levels within all of us. Some people may be a little behind this shift – meaning you’re not yet experiencing it (but don’t worry it’s coming!) and some of you may be saying, “Yes, I was there a couple of months ago!” The best part about it is that this shift is available to all of us when we start turning our attention from seeking something (an answer, a supplement, a healer etc.) outside of ourselves and turn within.

The best thing is that the answers are all within – and that’s what I love watching so many people discover!

Are you seeing this trend in your life yet?

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  1. Carol Kemp
    Carol Kemp says:

    Though I have not thought of myself as broken, I have suffered from not understanding my purpose. I have always had a deep connection to Source Energy or God if you will; I have understood deep TRUTHS but was unable to understand my need to be small or invisible while being totally compelled to be the huge being that I am. This sort of conflict lead to pernicious behavior that was not healthy for any of my bodies, physical,mental,emotional or spiritual. And though I have worked all of my life to better understand myself, my behavior and how I fit within the world with many teachers, it has been through working with Danielle and learning more about Soul
    Contracts that I have been making huge strides in claiming my KNOWING and stepping out into the world the way I have secretly imagined though not dared to admit or attempt. So has the energy of the times eased this breakthrough, I am sure it has, and I am grateful to have been given this tool. Thank you Danielle and all who support you.
    As for Fran, I agree with all the above comments and offer this one tool that has been by far the most versatile tool in my tool box for clearing and detoxing: Repeat 15x daily: “(person or situation to be resolved )is the Golden link in the chain of my greater good.” Say it out loud and with conviction!!! I cannot tell you how swiftly different situations with people, places and things have eased in my life using this simple affirmation!!!!

  2. Peta
    Peta says:

    Thank you Danielle for this blog and all the wonderful posts above – I am especially grateful to Denise for the lovely visualization/meditation for letting go and Maria for the link for ACE – will check that out. Thank you.

    After years of battle and struggle, trying so hard to ‘fix’ myself from a ‘broken’ childhood, I find myself in miraculously sustained Joy, the suffering/the resistance to who I Truly am, has fallen and continues to falls away, as the knowledge from all the different modalities that I have resonated with, all the books I have read and ALL of the teachers and guides I have listened to, has become my KNOWING through higher levels of energetic frequency…The Shift?…and through this I am fianlly able to let go of that which now longer serves my highest good (to coin a phrase!) And so too I , “I’m SO excited to finding the parts within me that are so strong and powerful and happy!”..and constantly evolving into more…Phew! Sorry guys that was a bit long, but Feel my JOY, you are welcome to share it ..isn’t it amazing!!! Love to all. Beautiful You.

  3. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    I think that the beginning of this trend for me was that I found your name and your message on the internet a few days ago. Thank you!

  4. Maria
    Maria says:

    For those who experienced pain and trauma in childhood, please help yourself undial what was dialed in back then by going to http://www.acestudy.org. This study is the result of a 10-year research project that made the connection between childhood trauma and adult health. An ACE is an Adverse Childhood Experience that can be scored on a scale to get a tool or a key that will help unlock a pathway to healing. The study was conducted by two medical doctors and I believe it represents a tremendous gift. There are many healing modalities–find one that resonates with you and use it. What a wonderful trend–people understanding their own power to heal! Thank you very much, Ms. MacKinnon, for celebrating this good news.

    • Chantal
      Chantal says:

      I didn’t know my ACE score was six. It explains a lot about the why behind my life. However, as Abraham would say, now what?

  5. Daniela
    Daniela says:

    Yes, I am seeing this trend and it is giving me such deep understanding when I am connected to the Self, Light within me. I’m so deeply grateful for what’s happened over the last few months as my thinking shifts like you wrote about Danielle. Yes, for many years I believed I was broken. My childhood was incredibly hostile and difficult and for years I felt broken and disheveled. Now I see and know that what we go through in life has been created from a very high place within us for this experience down here in life. I feel grateful to know this now.
    Yes, Fran, I can understand that you’re brain keeps going back to your ex-husband. It was a very long marriage indeed. You may need some time before parts of you ‘get’ that you can move on safely now and still care for him. Sending you my best, Daniela

  6. Fran
    Fran says:

    There is not a moment that I don’t continually thing about my former husband. We were married for 36 years and have now been divorced for a year. For some reason, my brain cannot let any of this go. It drives me crazy.

    • Birgitte
      Birgitte says:

      Dear Fran, this little exercise might help you letting go of your former husband: When thinking of him, try to see him, then let white light shine from above and down between you, let the light be so strong that it turns in to a wall making it impossible for you to see him. You can do this as often, you need to. Best wishes Birgitte

      • Chantal
        Chantal says:

        I am having the same problem. Not with a person but with a couple of thoughts. I cannot seem to just forget about them. The thoughts make me insane. As soon as I get up in the morning I start to think of these couple of situations that are making me very unhappy.
        I try to just “be in the now” and not think of these things. I would love to know the mantra of getting obsessive thoughts out of the mind.

    • Denise
      Denise says:

      For Fran: I heard from someone, that a lot of times in situations like yours, there is a part of you that energetically is still with your partner. It’s like those many years ago that little girl part of you allowed yourself to be taken care of by your husband and vice versa (the little boy part of your husband in your care). If this resonates with you, then here is a suggestion: Find a quiet place to sit where you won’t be disturbed for 20mins (and set that intention). Settle into a calm place within you and close your eyes. Then imagine your ex husband before you and see the little girl you are come back to you (walking away from your ex husband to you) and also see his little boy leaving you and going back to him – and allow this to happen). Wait for a while until it feels right and then open your eyes and see how you feel. If you want to you can imagine your little girl standing under a shower of magic light (imagine light instead of water) that cleanses everything away before she comes back completely to you).
      Love and best wishes to you and everyone else.


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