Shortcuts for Developing Psychic Senses


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I’ve been a professional psychic and Animal Communicator for two decades and I’ve been teaching others to develop their psychic senses almost that long. Recently, I gave a demonstration to a group of about 150 people at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY and I learned something surprising…

Half of the people attending my talk had no idea that it was possible for ANYONE to open their psychic abilities. They didn’t know that we’re all born psychic but shut this down by the time we’re five years old.

Another big portion of the audience knew that it was possible to be psychic, but had tried developing their psychic senses and failed. These people thought you needed to have, “the gift” in order to use intuition. They didn’t know that developing psychic senses is not a gift, it’s accessible to everyone! They just have to find the pathway that really works for them.

Psychic Frustration

Often, by the time someone gets to me and my psychic and animal communication school, they’ve tried several different methods to open their psychic abilities and either it’s still not working at all for them, or they’ve had some success but it’s not consistent. Or perhaps they are getting some intuitive data, but they just aren’t trusting it.

This situation, even though it’s common, deters a lot of people from really being able to develop their psychic senses. It’s what I call Psychic Frustration and it is totally fixable!

How to Alleviate that Frustration & Start Developing Your Psychic Senses

I have several things you can do immediately to finally feel like you’re moving forward in developing your psychic senses. These are tried and true tips that I still teach to my students every day!

You may want to start by taking my Am I Psychic Quiz here!

Take The Risk

Whatever course you take, however you choose to go about it, you’re not going to learn if you don’t come out of your head and just say it. Most people want to connect psychically, gather all the data up in their head, figure out what it all means and how “right” it is and only THEN will they share it. The best way to find out if what you received makes sense is to simply SAY IT and see. Take the risk!

Be in Alignment

Make sure that you really like and enjoy whomever is teaching you. You don’t need to be intimidated, scared, or feel small in order to learn. The best psychic learning comes through a space of openness, sharing, playfulness, and support. If you don’t feel comfortable asking dumb questions of your teacher, find a different teacher!

Laugh. Yes Laugh.

No, this isn’t something I’m just throwing in at the end of the list. It’s probably the most important thing to really opening your psychic senses! When you want something really badly (like to be psychic) that attachment can get in the way of opening. It’s like, the more you hold on to NEEDING to do it, the smaller the space in which the psychic info can come through is. Laughing, however, acts as a psychic opener! Laughing at yourself, laughing at the information. Even laughing about how badly you want to develop your psychic senses.

Try a Backdoor Method!

I teach both psychic development courses (called Soul Level Psychic) and animal communication courses (called Soul Level Animal Communication). Many people, on their way to opening their psychic senses, have actually taken my animal courses to do it! This is because animals communicate psychically every day, so they are experts at it. In a connection, they actually evaluate you and your skills to figure out which psychic message you will most be able to receive. I always say – they act like the power pill in the old arcade game, Pac Man!

Is Developing Psychic Senses possible for everyone?

My answer is YES! Maybe for some people it’s a little easier than for others because they didn’t shut down their psychic abilities as much when they were young, but yes. Everyone can be consciously psychic and I believe everyone should!