Who’s making your decisions?

by Danielle MacKinnon

It’s a really interesting thing, this thing we call FEAR. Most people assume it’s an across the board thing – either you’re afraid or you aren’t. Either you go for it or you don’t.

In my experience, fear is something else – something very big!

Years ago, even though my intuition said it was time to make the leap into intuitive work full-time, my fear of not being able to support my family prevented me from making that jump for several years!

When fear shows up it usually runs the show, if we let it.

Fear tells you, you can only make so much money doing this job.
Fear tells you, you can’t get pregnant at this age because no one can.
Fear tells you, you can’t let people know about your REAL likes and dislikes because they’ll make fun of you.

Fear, although it’s not fun to experience, is actually a great protector. It keeps you in line, ensuring that you don’t make mistakes, or get hurt, or disappointed.

If you didn’t have the fear, you might try making more money or you may go for it with the pregnancy… but you are protected since your fear ensured that you never tried.

But what is fear?

Fear contains the directions that we follow when we run headlong into something else: a lack of belief in ourselves.

If I had believed in myself, there would have been no need for fear when I was considering doing intuitive work full-time. I would have just done it.

It took me a while to realize that the fears I have felt in my life were actually protectors – trying to stop me from having bad experiences within. And even sometimes today, I forget that that’s what fear really is – and I accidentally (but usually temporarily) allow fear to be my guide.

When you feel fear, stop for a moment and look at yourself. Is there some place where you’re not believing in your awesomeness, your beauty, your innate intelligence?

I bet there is! And once you find it, you’re now free to make any decision you want around it.

And that’s what we all want, isn’t it? Freedom to make our best choices.

Love and Light,


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  1. Nubia
    Nubia says:

    Wow! Interesting blog post. Fear is certainly not clear cut, I agree. For example, I moved way across the country on my own some years ago, where I knew no one, and I moved for no particular reason. Many would call that being courageous in the face of fear. Yet, I allowed fear to stifle me for a long time, from taking the first step in connecting with a potential contact with whom I could network. Fear caused me to be too tied to the outcome, thus, preventing me from taking action altogether. I eventually reached out and met up, and I didn’t die! 😉

  2. Melissa Dunstan
    Melissa Dunstan says:

    This is a big one for me, tied in oh so closely with my low self-esteem. The big question to myself is…how to increase self-esteem to not be fearful? Still working on all of this.

  3. Naomi
    Naomi says:

    Danielle, I have been limited by fear all my life. I just texted my therapists about several dreams of careers/endeavors I have that I don’t even allow to come to the surface of my awareness because fear prevents me from believing in myself. To Lara: I used to live in NY and had the same goal as you. I wanted to open a metaphysical store in Westchester County (or thereabouts) like the one I worked in on Long Island. I even went to a semester-long course for entrepreneurs. I’m really good at taking courses, going to school (I now have $75,000 in grad school loans), buying materials and then STOPPING IN MY TRACKS, because the fear of being powerful/successful limits me. LARA, FOLLOW THROUGH. I WILL BE YOUR CHEERLEADER. I BELIEVE IN YOU. YOU CAN DO IT. I WILL BE YOUR FIRST CUSTOMER.

  4. Lara Kris Watson
    Lara Kris Watson says:

    You have no idea how much I needed to read this right now. I was fired in August and my intuition told me that it’s time to stop working for someone else. The angels gave me the idea of a metaphysical store and the name Obstacles are Stepping Stones. I got help through the state of NY to work on my business while I collect unemployment. I got to work right way, watching webinars and learning everything I could. I bought a website even though I was afraid of the cost. Now I’m stuck in fear. It’s telling me I won’t succeed and I should give up. I don’t have the money to buy supplies for my online store and fear is telling me I can’t get it. The money I had saved is quickly disappearing and I’m scared. I’m going to keep pushing because I really want to do this but that voice in my head keeps telling me I am not good enough to own my own business. If you have any advice on how to quiet that voice and keep moving I’d love to hear it! Thank you Danielle!

  5. Heather
    Heather says:

    Amazing you hit the nail right on the head with this! For me i have been living in FEAR for many years now, I steped out of my fear for a breef moment back in 2013 to start a career driving a tractor trailor! FEAR got me right back to square one. I quit my job because of fear! I don’t have the self confidence , or courage to get unstuck! I hope i can break this FEAR cycle. Ty for your email .


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