Danielle on Best Psychic Mediums


Psychic Investigator Bob Olson has named Danielle to his esteemed list of Best Psychic Mediums. From the Best Psychic Mediums website:

Bob Olson has tested hundred of psychics and psychic mediums from around the globe. Some readings were terrible, some good, some great, and some were absolutely extraordinary. Over time, Bob has analyzed and compared these readings to determine what criteria differentiates the terrible from the good from the extraordinary. In fact, he is the only psychic medium expert who is not a psychic medium himself. Moreover, he began as a cynical skeptic, so he understands the important of evidence-based readings.

Today Bob Olson has revealed his list of the most gifted psychic mediums he has discovered along his journey! He calls it his “Genuine & Legitimate Psychic Mediums List.” These are the psychic mediums he personally recommends to his own friends and family members.

Read what Bob had to say about his Soul Contract and Animal Communication readings with Danielle here. (It’s good!)

Danielle MacKinnon has been named an expert TV psychic medium, intuitive, animal communicator, and foremost expert on soul contracts. She has appeared on numerous radio shows, tv and taught along side some of the world’s most renowned psychics, mediums, healers and TV experts.