Crutches: Wicked Cool Tool Wednesday #7

by Danielle MacKinnon

shutterstock_208964383The past several days we’ve been dealing with my son’s knee injury. As part of his fencing pre-season, he was doing sprints and came down weird on his leg.

Unfortunately, the Dr. just told us that he’ll be on crutches for six weeks to three months.


The hardest part is that, for a fifteen year old kid, something like this has the power to really throw a wrench in his sophomore year at high school.

Imagine how hard it is going to be for him to get from building to building at his school when there’s two feet of snow on the ground.

Imagine how sad he’s feeling about not being able to make varsity fencing this year.

Imagine how frustrating these next weeks are going to be…

Luckily, because Cole knows a lot about energy management, he has some great tools in his toolbox that he can choose to call upon to help him through this time.

It’s just a matter of will he actually call on them. This is a tall order for a teenage boy at an all boys school where energy management isn’t really a thing.

Especially when he doesn’t want to hear from mom one more time that he should manage his energy (oh, the joys of the teenage years!)

Surprisingly, Cole has been doing energy management – and it has nothing to do with me.

First, he’s looking on the bright side (and for a dramatic fifteen year old – this is pretty huge!) Because he’s on crutches, he gets to wear sweatpants and sneakers rather than follow dress code at his school, and he’s pretty darn excited for that.

Second, at his school the elevator is the end-all be-all. Being on crutches and taking the elevator means that kids are constantly offering to carry his schoolbag for him. He’s doing a lot of laughing about how they are all fighting over carrying his stuff so they can ride in the elevator with him.

Third, he has a meditation on his phone that he’s been doing every day. This is a new thing that he’s been resisting me on for months. I’ve been telling him it will make him feel calm (which he didn’t really care about), but now he feels that it helps him fall asleep despite his pain – so he’s chosen to start doing it! Either way, my kid is meditating every day which is pretty incredible.

Fourth, because he’s restricted in his movements, in what he can carry, and in how fast he can get places, he’s had to change his expectations of himself. And this is a biggie. I hadn’t been able to figure out how to get him to go easy on himself, but through this experience he’s decided to do that on his own. He’s actually changing how he places himself in the world.

Why am I telling you these things about my own son on Wicked Cool Tool Wednesday?

Because I want you to see that you already have, within you, the power to manage your energy. It doesn’t take fancy tools and techniques, it doesn’t take an expert like me to tell you what to do, it just takes the desire and commitment on your part.

I’ve been trying to get Cole to make energy management a regular part of his life for years – but what I want and what he wants have never matched up.

It doesn’t matter how much I know about this stuff or how much of a world-renowned expert I am at it. To him, I’m still Mom asking him to do something he doesn’t really want to do.

It was only when Cole decided to manage his energy on his own, that energy management really started working for him.

In other words, I had nothing to do with it. It was all his choice. And your success can be all your choice.

You can hear all the experts in the world touting energy management and feeling calm and peaceful within, but until you decide that this is what you’re going to do for you (and only for you!), it won’t matter.

So, today’s tool? Just make a commitment to yourself to start managing your energy.

Love and Light,


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  1. Christine Paiva
    Christine Paiva says:

    Hi Danielle,
    I had surgery on my foot 2 weeks ago and will be non-weight bearing for 4 more weeks and on crutches. First, as a control freak whose job it has been to save the world, I have had to ask for help because I can’t do this by myself. I am learning how to graciously accept my friends’ and family’s offers of help. I have also had to let some of my control freak tendencies go and just relax about stuff or else I would be a stress ball. I am using energy movement and visualization to help along the healing, but I feel some mental healing is happening through this too.

    I wish the best for your son!


  2. Ruth Haywood
    Ruth Haywood says:

    Hello Danielle,

    Just wanted to share this… Driving back to work just now.
    Noticing the same road kill that I’d seen for the past couple of days. Fox, Badger, Pheasant.
    Trying not to feel sad, but honoring them and thanking them for their time on earth.
    When a female Pheasant ran straight out in front of me!!! I didnt have a chance to stop.

    What do you think my lesson was?

    Thank you for your wonderful emails
    Much Love

  3. Kelly Lyn Marquis
    Kelly Lyn Marquis says:


    I just want to thank you for sharing this with us. It is heartfelt. Having knowlegedge and awareness and helpful tools to share, yet the acceptance to allow others to walk their path is truly inspirational. Reading how you surrender your sons choices and trust that he must walk his own path is truly an inspiration. I know that being a mom has really helped me grow and rethink everything I’ve thought to be true. Again, thank you so much for sharing. As a mom, I feel connected to you, When you share these intimate moments. I don’t even know Cole, yet feel so touched by his spirit and outlook. He is so young, yet already such an inspiration. How touching that a young person his age can have such a positive outlook.


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