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What are you looking for in the Animal Psychic world?

Are you an animal lover and you want to be able to share that love with friends and family? Are you looking to create some type of business through animal communication or work as an animal psychic? Perhaps you’d love to help spread the word about the unconditional love of animals by teaching others?
Whatever you’re looking for, the Danielle MacKinnon School has you covered with a wide breadth of animal psychic courses for you to work with!

Beginner Courses

The Beginner Courses module is where you start your animal psychic journey.

SLAC 101 gives a solid introduction to Danielle’s unique brand: Soul Level Animal Communication®.

SLAC 102 takes those developing skills further, branching into more in-depth readings with the animals while also fostering more confidence.

SLAC 103 hones confidence while also teaching you how to deliver powerful readings.

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Certification Courses

If you want to create a full-time or part-time business as an animal psychic, this module is your next step after completing the Beginner Module.

SLACC 201 is not only geared toward increasing your beliefs in your animal psychic skills, in it you also get direct feedback on those skills from Danielle MacKinnon and your Certified Teaching Assistants.

SLACC 202 is where Danielle MacKinnon will walk you through everything that is needed to get your animal communication business (part-time or full-time) going.

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Soul Level Educator® Courses

If you are a Certified Professional Soul Level Animal Communicator® and your goal is to teach Soul Level Animal Communication® to the world, you’ll be most interested in this module.

SLE 301 teaches you how to work intuitively with clients and students as they learn from you.

SLE 302 course shows you how to coach, mentor, and teach your work to your students.

SLE 303 teaches you how to teach Soul Level Animal Communication® using Danielle’s Soul Level teaching method, marketing materials and more.

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Workshops & Retreats

Danielle integrates workshops, experiential journeys, and retreats with her school that help you immerse yourself in unconditional love of animals. Danielle has taken clients to various parts of Costa Rica, Bimini, Bahamas and more.

Want to learn from Danielle in person? In addition to her retreats, Danielle also offers in-person workshops. Each fall, Danielle runs a 5-day beginner Soul Level Animal Communication® workshop through the Kripalu Center in Massachusetts and each summer she offers an introductory weekend workshop through the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York. Find out more here.

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Business Packages

The Danielle MacKinnon School offers various packages intended to assist people of all different animal communication intentions.

Learning to be an animal psychic for the pure fun of it? We’ve got a package for you. Want to get started toward an animal communication business? We’ve got a package for you too! Please note that not all packages are available at a given time.