Column of Strength – Personal Energy Management Tool

by Danielle MacKinnon

shutterstock_303815918The Column of Strength.

A lot of people miss hanging out with family and friends because of the quarantine. Funny enough, we all so starved for human interaction, a lot of us are forgetting what is really can be like to hang out wit big groups of relatives. 

As we move toward more normalcy in this, it’s time to begin preparing ourselves for the reunions! Remember, just because you haven’t been able to hang out with Aunt Betty for the past 5 months doesn’t mean she magically became a nicer, more tolerant person!

Energetic Preparation for Family Gatherings 

Let’s start preparing ourselves for our eventual re-entry into holiday gatherings and family messes! Because, after all, when you finally do get to be back together with everyone, your grandparents are still going to be crazy, your brother-in-law is still going to be partying too hard, and your ex-boyfriend will probably still be mean!


A lot of people say that preparing yourself energetically means protection. Protection like setting up energy boundaries, carrying crystals that ward off negativity, protection prayers, and more. But I disagree. I don’t believe that protection at family gatherings is needed.

It’s not about protection. It’s about power within

When you view yourself as needing protection, you’re sending the message out to the world that you need protection. If you think you need it, you need it.

What if, instead of assuming that you need to “ward off” your drunk uncle’s loud ramblings,  or that you wont’ be able handle one more crazy political statement from your sister…  what if you approached the gathering from a different energetic state?

Unflappable Energy

If you can shift your energetic state into one where you are who you are, you feel what you feel, and what you feel is good, clear, and powerful – it’s a whole different ballgame! Now, when your mother starts talking about her escapades with her boyfriend of fifty years ago, it doesn’t affect you. When you carry with you the belief in your own strength, it shows up in your energy. You experience your own power and anything icky just can’t touch that. 

Find Your Column of Strength

So, how do you get into that space so that you can really enjoy your experience? It’s all about the Column of Strength

Take these steps to create YOUR Column of Strength!

1. Close your eyes and take a few belly breaths.

2. Now, imagine that there is a beautiful column of light surrounding your body, about 2 inches out from your body. It stretches a little bit above your body and a little bit below too. (It might be easiest to do this standing up the first few times.)

3. As you imagine this column of silvery, sparkly light surrounding you, take a deep breath in through your nose. As you exhale through your nose, allow the exhale to gently expand that column 2-3 inches outward, so the column is growing larger around you.

4. Using your breath, continue this process, expanding on each exhale until the column extends several feet out from your body. Try going out to ten feet in all directions, and notice how you feel. If it’s too much, allow the column to come back toward your body. Most people will end up with their column most comfortable and strong somewhere around 2-3 feet from their body.

5. Once you’ve found the best size for your column (whatever makes you happy – but remember bigger is not necessarily better – do what feels most strong), keep your eyes closed and feel.

Check Yourself!

Notice what feels different about you between now and when you started. How does the air around your body feel?  Notice how your breathing has changed. As you walk forward, feel the power in your body too! It is from THIS place that you can handle anything. You don’t need protection because you’re just full of inner power!

2 replies
  1. LM
    LM says:

    I think I’m becoming addicted to the daily emails. Love me some WCWT and the little life lessons you’ve obviously written just for me, thank you for that generousity by the way, are aha moments I am very grateful to receive.

    With smiling Gratitude,


  2. Ann
    Ann says:


    This fabulously right on. I just realized this not to long ago. Because I have been caught up in that thinking for a long time.

    You said it very poetically.

    I am now just realizing it is important to be strong from within.

    Makes me more grounded and centered.

    By the way all of your daily emails have been spot on.



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