Change Your Mood Immediately with These Three Tips


change your mood

Are you having a tough day?

People typically find themselves frustrated when when things aren’t smooth or easy. There are MANY people going through really challenging times right now – things just aren’t lining up the way many of us thought they would.

Luckily, as an intuitive and animal communicator, I’ve been able to get some “inside” tips from my Spirit Guides and from animals that I’ve connected to on what you can do RIGHT NOW to change your mood.



Three Tips to Change Your Mood Immediately

Energy Management.

What helps you calm down? For me, it’s sitting on my back porch each morning with a cup of coffee, listening to the early morning birds. For others, it’s slow deep breaths (watch my tried and true Energy Management video ). Whatever it is that always makes you feel good is actually a form of energy management.

Find the Big Picture

When you cal yourself down a little bit, you’ll find it much easier to do this step. There is ALWAYS something to learn when things aren’t going your way. When we couldn’t find a place to live while my husband and I were waiting for our new home to be built, I was frustrated. Now, I understand that I was actually being protected (we went to live rent-free with friends). The Universe always has a plan although, it’s not often the plan you thought.

Here’s a quickie exercise: Create two columns on a piece of paper. On the left hand side of the column, write out the thing that isn’t working.  On the right side, write out the potential lessons from this clunky thing. Sometimes just writing it out can be what spurs your greater understanding.

Find Your Support Person or Animal

Finding your support person/animal isn’t because misery loves company. In fact, it’s the opposite. Spend time with a beloved that makes you feel good, clear, and happy. Often just being around someone you enjoy shifts your mood – without trying.

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