{ Animal Communication Certification }

Once you’ve completed the beginner level classes (SLAC 101 and SLAC 102), you have an exciting choice to make. Do you continue into SLAC 103, to further your animal communication studies for fun or do you move into CERT 201, to begin working toward your Soul Level Animal Communication® Certification so you can create your business?

If you’re considering starting your own animal communication practice and you’re interested in the world of the Pet Psychic, you can learn about the benefits to getting Certified and starting your own animal communication business here!

Soul Level Animal Communication® 103/201

This class was created for those who want to continue their animal communication journey. The class focuses on learning to manage sessions, handle any challenge presented by the person or the animal in a reading, and continuing to grow confidence. Learn more about your options in this class for the Beginner and Certification levels.

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Soul Level Animal Communication® Certification 202

During this program, you and a select group of animal intuitives, will learn the foundational pieces needed to create your successful intuitive business.  Get you ready to come out to the world as the exceptional professional animal communicator you are!

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