Cecil the lion is dead. What does it mean for the human race?

Portrait of a roaring male lion.

Portrait of a roaring male lion.

I’m angry right now. I’ve been willing myself not to be so angry, but that has been hard. Part of me is ashamed that I’ve allowed myself to align with the negativity surrounding this incident – but another part of me understands that this is something that had to happen, if we’re ever going to evolve as humans.

Cecil the lion has been killed by a trophy hunter and the world is in a frenzy about it.

This has upset for me two reasons. First, I wish, from the bottom of my heart, that Cecil did not have to go through that experience. Actually, I wish that no animal ever had to go through that experience and it makes me so sad that this still goes on, and that it is sanctioned by many governments and people.

Second, I’m upset because Cecil’s death is the result of the evolution (or lack thereof) of the human race. For us to change our collective belief system, it takes discord, extreme upset, challenge, and negativity for humans, on the whole. And Cecil’s death is providing that.

After all, we humans don’t usually take action until we have to. We don’t usually change on a massive scale until we feel there is no other choice – that’s just the way most of us operate. No person wakes up in the morning and goes, “Wow! I love my life! I’m going to change it for the better now!” Instead, we keep trudging along until something truly challenging or horrific or scary or sad arrives in their path – and only then do most of us make the decision to change.

And that is the case with Cecil. Cecil’s death was appalling. And the way it came about was totally unfair (you can read about this on the web elsewhere – I won’t detail it here). And I certainly have feelings about the man who killed him blaming his hunting guides however, Cecil’s story is moving hundreds of thousands of people into action – in just one day – which is something our world has been in need of for quite some time now.

And we have Cecil to thank for this. His death has inspired what will be millions by the end of this week to take action, write, defend, and step up around the “sport” of trophy hunting and the global issue of animal abuse.

Cecil’s death will help us begin to end trophy hunting – and more than that – his death is assisting millions in open themselves to the enduring, unconditional love of animals.

And for that, while I am still sad and a bit angry, I am so grateful to Cecil.

Thank you Cecil, for making the ultimate, unconditionally loving sacrifice to help us discover the love within ourselves. In some it’s been long buried – but your power is bringing it forward and for this, I bow to you.


PS: Cecil was being studied by the Wildlife Conservation Unit. Read what they have to say about his death here. You may be surprised.

Along these same lines, I was also moved by Jimmy Kimmel’s talk about Cecil and by Ricky Gervais. You may want to check out their messages as well (but be warned – Jimmy gets choked up and Ricky Gervais isn’t afraid to say exactly how he feels!)

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  1. Claudette
    Claudette says:

    A very sad event but from Danielle teachings Cecil chose to die that way. I always have to think of this to stop me from becoming so angry. Cecil’s death has created greater good in this world. I’m hoping this will put a stop to trophy hunting, canning and any type of animal gaming. I know with human spirits if a soul has had a very difficult life or a disability or a painful death that this advances the soul. I hope this is the same for Ceil. RIP

  2. Evelyn Chuter
    Evelyn Chuter says:

    I have been feeling and thinking exactly as you have Danielle. This might the world wide awakening against trophy hunting and other animal atrocities. I thank you Cecil for the sacrifice you made to help awaken the ignorant.

  3. Robyn
    Robyn says:

    Cecils story made it onto mainstream TV3 in New Zealand, we had just called them the week before asking if they would be covering the Faroe Island whale and dolphin slaughter, plus Denmarks Navys participation, the lady seemed to sympathise but thought it may be to gory to show. Everyone I know was outraged and talking about Cecil, mainstream public are ready and want to know what is happening in the world in regards to animal welfare. I hope even the gory stories that should be told will start to be told as change cannot happen until the light is shone on these individuals that harm animals for ignorant, selfish reasons.

  4. Jacqui Glyde
    Jacqui Glyde says:

    I wonder if Glenn McGrath from McGrath Foundation has signed or commented on any of this.
    For any of you who don’t know who this sleaze is,he runs a breast cancer charity here in Australia & also gets his rocks off by slaughtering elephants in Africa!
    If you can,find him on Facebook & send him a message.

  5. Sue Minahan
    Sue Minahan says:

    Cecil’s death spells the epitome of your lessons teaching we mortals in the flesh that the animal kingdom lives here to guide us — meaning, beyond our infantile hidden selves, into our best higher beings…that part, the spirit of all, that inhabits our body, the house that our spirit resides. Cecil sure has led us to unify in communication. I ask myself too, how can we help nations to shed their income from the trophy killing, to a sustainable resource. Obviously, photographic tours would be the first to consider, but the fact remains that these trophy killers pay relatively big bucks, and new resourceful methods of income for nations must compete with that factor. We need to brainstorm as a community. I’d love to see education on every term, about the wild life animals, their environment, their relationship with people and other animals — be supported. Another idea would be artistic endeavors — international plein air painting groups. Another “wild idea”, is how about animal theater? People going to these nations, to learn about how the animal moves and lives, so that they themselves can “embody” their characteristics and release their own negativity. What I am suggesting, is akin to the Native American idea of finding one’s “totem spirit”. It could be thus, or it could be discovering about an animal, that would serve as a guide to release and discover about oneself, and heal. We need to heal. And the animals can help us. A small movement towards this effort may find a wide audience in the world, because as a whole people are separated from the wild, and yearn to connect. Tourism needs more boosts, beyond the idle passive purpose. A visceral method of a healing connection could be the path.

  6. Sharon Smith
    Sharon Smith says:

    Danielle, Thank you for being willing to talk about this horrific thing. I too am certain that this was Cecil’s soul contract to sacrifice himself to bring about huge change. Since this was a contract which also involved the hunter (someone had to kill Cecil) I am also honoring the contract between these two beings–hunter and hunted. The man who agreed to kill Cecil also agreed to completely alter the course of his life. Right now he is arguably one of the most hated men on the planet. He agreed to this before he was ever born. If Cecil died to teach us unconditional love then lets honor him by NOT hating his killer. This is not an easy thing–I’ve been working with this ever since Cecil hit the news. Practicing compassion and forgiving the hunter is hard but necessary if we are to truly honor this soul contract.

  7. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    Thank you Danielle
    I too love animals and the news clip was done very well. This individual should not be allowed to hunt, ever again. He needs to be held accountable for his actions. My heart is so grateful to precious Cecil in giving to all humanity with his sacrifice…much much gratitude and love.

  8. Marla Johnson
    Marla Johnson says:

    Thank you for your insightful article about Cecil’s death. We lightworkers are so sensitive energetically and when a huge event happens, it’s challenging not to feel overwhelmed by it, especially those of us that are animal communicators. It helps to be reminded of the positive good that has come out of Cecil’s passing in that millions of people are reacting to this and wanting change now regarding trophy hunting (I personally wish all hunting and killing of animals for any reason would be banned). I feel that Cecil’s soul contract/life purpose was to generate this much needed evolutionary change in the hearts and minds of millions, so thank you Cecil.

  9. Lydia
    Lydia says:

    Like you, from the moment it happened and I noticed the incredible outpouring of outrage towards the hunter and affection towards Cecil, I just knew that Cecil had decided to end that way on a soul level. It happens all the time with people and animals. One event, for some reason, galvanizes the public opinion and creates so many ripples and brings about a lot of changes in our behavior that it cant be random! That was Cecil’s soul mission to sacrifice himself so that many other animals might be saved! It was just such a grand gesture on his part and we all love you and respect you it.

  10. Marina
    Marina says:

    I am very upset about this event and in the state of grief, however I know that it is fascilitating a global consciousness shift that will create change. At the moment I do not feel compassion for the man who committed this act, but I know that at some point I will comprehend the concept that he is contributing to this major change for LOVE on the spiritual level.
    Thank you for your comforting thoughts, Danielle.

  11. maryann
    maryann says:

    Cecil brought this darkness into the light that’s shining for all the world to see.He is a hero and a wake-up call.R I P you beautiful being.

  12. Raelene
    Raelene says:

    I do feel like this SAD event is opening the hearts of all of us. AND the Lion dies during this Leo astrological time. There is a shifting going on this planet, while there still are a lot of Un-Awakened People such as this hunter……There are a Lot more of us Light workers knowing that Cecil’s death is helping the planet. What an angel, I well up with tears of Love for this great being who no longer walks amongst us. “A Luminous Light remains where a beautiful soul has passed.” Thank you All for Rising up! The Feminine energy is rising up.

  13. JAS
    JAS says:

    Where is CNN when they should be interviewing these “big game” hunters (aka narcissistic little boys) explaining themselves — what kind of cheap thrill do they get killing? The male ego and it’s never-ending desire/lust for violence and killing is hiding somewhere in the genetics of maleness and testosterone…

  14. JAS
    JAS says:

    It’s time to put the “spotlight” on the male egos (narcissism) that run amok and the female egos that think narcissism is OK; hence the “Trophy wife” — “dead trophy animal carcass.” It’s time to “hunt the male ego” all the way down and smack it right into E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N/C-H-A-N-G-E”. I say: “EVOLUTION! NOT REVOLUTION!” Guaranteed this hunter is still clueless about his own narcissism; the need to dominate and control and say: “Look Ma!!! I killed a lion! Aren’t are strong, powerful, dominating… blah blah blah!!!???” It’s time to MTFU! Man the Funk Up!!!

  15. Holly
    Holly says:

    Now Cecil’s brother Jericho has died by a hunter, I believe the hunter did not have his “permit” or license. It is especially upsetting because Jericho had stepped up, after Cecil’s death, to protect Cecil’s cub’s and pride from predators. I pray that his pride will survive somehow, in honor of the two beautiful lion brothers, Cecil and Jericho. Thank you Danielle. I did see Cecil in a dream the other night. He is fine, and walking on a path of love, and filled with love for us and our tears. He is so beautiful and much stronger now.

  16. DAVID
    DAVID says:

    I am a great animal lover and respect for all life (worth existence)…obviously, the greed expressed by the poachers and organizers of these “Hunts” indicates their lack of recognition or respect for wild life or the Laws/Rules governing the explicit protection of wild life….once caught, these low-life creatures should be charged and convicted of manslaughter…they should be given the same grave pain and suffering they placed on unprotected, vulnerable animals: however these animals were murdered should be the same punishment for the poachers/organizers….I didn’t respect Dentists before the news of Cecil (the sought after Dentist that killed Cecil apparently has no respect for life)….most Dentist’s are very greedy people…..without having “controls” to their end of the medical profession…as well as, the inability or refusal to recognize their profession as vital to human health….their greed is recognized by making sure Dentists are not part of general medical insurance coverages….thereby, allowing them to have their own rules regarding pricing/paying for dental work: Dentist’s concern themselves only when it comes to affordability….bottom line: if they can’t practice compassion and fair pricing for their patients, how could they possibly allow anything for the protected welfare of the animal kingdom? Clearly, this Dentist not only exists for his own monetary success – by way of abusing their privileges and using their patients for personal monetary gain….how could we possibly expect him/them to respect the laws of nature: killing of wildlife (at one time in our history) was by need only in order to survive…when many Dentists clearly abuse the privilege of their profession by lack of financial ability by most of their patients…..I’ve known many Dentists (in the need to care for my teeth) who see patients as $$$ vision only…if they refuse to recognize that many patients can not afford the outrageous prices charged by Dentist’s, how can we possibly respect and trust them in other areas of their lives. This Dentist; and, many others with the same distorted mentality he carries should be convicted as felons, be jailed (or whatever) for an extended period of time and lose their licensing to Dentistry…..if wildlife can not be respected and protected, one can only wonder the personal abuse that exists in their everyday life…..send the Dentist back to the place of the slaughter and convict him accordingly……this man doesn’t deserve a happy, free, prosperous life….he didn’t even have the decently to truly “Hunt” for food; rather, his ego IS LARGER THAN LIFE!! Destroy his life as he destroyed the life on an animal more important and necessary for the ECO then he could ever think of being….throw the book at him, give him no mercy in order that he be used as an example of his conviction….if poachers are caught, they should be shot on sight!!!
    Mind you, normally I’m a very sensitive person to the rights and freedoms of all nature’s creatures; including human kind – until you violate the principles of Mother Nature!!!

  17. Lori Muzika
    Lori Muzika says:

    Thank you. I had been thinking of donating to the Wild CRU but hadn’t yet. I read this, clicked their link and made a donation.

  18. Melanie
    Melanie says:

    So well said, Danielle. I cried tears of anger and frustration when I learned the details of Cecil’s passing. Through those tears, I thought of all we have learned during our classes with you about animal soul contracts and the sacrifices an animal will make to help human awareness and evolution. I believe Cecil had a huge soul contract with many humans (whether they release it or not at this point) and this is the start of a significant shift in human consciousness.

  19. Tali
    Tali says:

    I bow to Cecil also. I want to throw up over the hunter and I feel the anger and outrage, powerlessness and frustration over this death. Dear God PLEASE ban all hunting. Makes me sick.

  20. Ginger Burr
    Ginger Burr says:

    Thank you, Danielle, for sharing your heartfelt and beautifully written thoughts on Cecil’s murder. Yes, it is hard to believe that such a beautiful creature was taken so brutally. Let us not forget, however, that many, many, many more animals lives unimaginably miserable and horrific lives and then are brutally killed every day for food and leather, etc. Their existence and slaughter, however, are not broadcast like Cecil’s and they die in anonymity for equally senseless reasons. I can only hope that Cecil’s death will bring a holistic awareness of the value of the lives of all animals and bring more people to stop using their bodies for any reason.

  21. Leanne
    Leanne says:

    Danielle – Thank you for helping us in the healing process. I still cry when I read the stories or see Cecil’s picture. What a beautiful animal! I hope that this tragedy will bring positive change in helping to save these beautiful creatures ?

  22. Laura Zappia
    Laura Zappia says:

    Thank you, Danielle. We are certainly evolving recently at an amazing pace and on so many levels. Cecil was murdered by a healer who used his monetary gain from the afflicted to carry out his vacation “pleasure” to unwind from “healing”. So many ironies that need shining light.

  23. Katrina
    Katrina says:

    Words can never express the sadness I feel that a human being has the need to kill for pleasure. Thank you for posting something that has allowed me some degree of hope that Cecil’s death won’t be entirely in vain.

  24. Mila Lanfranco
    Mila Lanfranco says:

    Danielle, I am so upset but Cecil sacrificed his life for justice and awakening, may the killings of animals for fun end !Cecil you will always be loved!

  25. Sylvia A (aka "Chill")
    Sylvia A (aka "Chill") says:

    Thank you, Danielle. Your eloquent piece mirrors the emotions that I have been struggling with over the past few days. Finally, I woke up this morning and remembered what I have learned from you and what I learned from the passing of my beloved Zoe. I was able to see the sacrifice that Cecil made so that eyes could be openned. The world owes this magnificent creature our gratitude.

  26. Jacklyn Flynn
    Jacklyn Flynn says:

    I really appreciate your perspective. Hopefully, ALL painfully bad acts are serving as an impetus for our evolution. As a species, we humans can and should be doing much better than this.

  27. Vicki Pogatshnik
    Vicki Pogatshnik says:

    Thank you, Danielle, for a well-written piece. You have expressed what most people are thinking. I hope that the fellow who was responsible for killing Cecil will rethink his “hobby”. HE is now suffering: public shame, loss of income, possibly losing his dental practice.. I believe in karma.

  28. Jen
    Jen says:

    Thank you, Danielle, for bringing forward the only positive message that I’ve seen out of this ugly and upsetting situation. It is truly horrifying to know that there are people out there who would use their money and influence to support these canned hunts (for that’s what big game trophy hunting really is) for whatever their reasoning; thrill seeking, adventure, conservation(!!), or just a government catering to a sickening industry for the cash it brings in.
    Still related, but slightly off-topic as it relates to illegal poaching by non-big game hunters, I wonder if you’ve heard of VetPaw? They are military veterans who are training rangers and farmers in Africa how to protect and conserve their land while living in harmony with, and protecting, the wildlife. You can find them here: http://vetpaw.org/about/

  29. A Hunter
    A Hunter says:

    What does it mean? It means a hunter, using lawful methods…..killed a lion. Now, it may be that the land owner did not have a lion permit to allow that…and shame on all involved if that is true. (that gives even me heart burn if all rules and laws are not followed.) But….it is not the end of civilization….and if laws were broken people will pay the price. I don’t mind people being upset about a lion being killed. But….if everyone would be half as upset about all the human babies that are killed….maybe your “anguish” would be more believable.

    • Robin
      Robin says:

      To the hunter who responded and anyone else who is bothered by the extreme response to Cecil’s death –
      The storm of emotion and reaction to Cecil’s death does not minimize or even replace the justified outrage of dying children and people – there is enough compassion and energy to galvanize the world to end all the suffering and unnecessary cruelty towards anyone and anything. The world’s “anguish” is thoroughly justified.

      • Sylvia A
        Sylvia A says:

        Thank you, Robin — well said. Compassion in one area of suffering, especially unnecessary killing and cruelty, does not negate or diminish it for other areas.

  30. Denise Portelance
    Denise Portelance says:

    I too have tried to find some positive in this. It is near impossible at times, knowing he was only wounded at first by the bow and arrow. He suffered for 40 hours when one of the guides finally put him out of his misery by shooting him with a gun. I am sick about this fact

  31. Candi Steudtel
    Candi Steudtel says:

    Thank you Danielle for putting this into some kind of perspective for me beside hate and rage. I have been trying not to feel anything today about this because it was all BAD.
    I can see that there is indeed a wave of compassion welling up amongst the peoples of the world and maybe it will have an effect on everyone to stop the travesty of trophy hunting. As you say, it it so sad that he had to pass to bring this about.

  32. Jackie
    Jackie says:

    It’s funny… My first thoughts were of anger and sadness, but then I thought of you and your teachings. I knew what was happening around the world was needed and that it, unfortunately, required something like this to to catalyze such a change worldwide. I am hoping we never forget and that this beautiful creature’s death will not be in vain. We need to do better, be better as the guardians of all creatures.

  33. Katherine Kean
    Katherine Kean says:

    Thank you for this post and for articulating so well the maelstrom of upsets the incident has caused and providing a higher perspective to frame it.

    I don’t feel especially aligned with the Wildlife Conservation Unit however. It’s wonderful that they have been studying lions, but they seem only to be concerned with “illegal” sport hunting and not concerned with the idea that all beings want to live and deserve a life.

    There are many organizations working to abolish sport hunting, many can be found here:

  34. Tammy
    Tammy says:

    thanks so much for giving me a positive place to put my thoughts about this story. it hurts my heart and i can’t seem to get away from it on twitter & facebook. so i’m glad now at least we can try and put some positive energy into this rather than dwelling on the way it makes us all feel terrible. that isn’t what cecil the lion would want for us.


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