Soul Contracts

The Insider’s Guide to Living Brilliantly: Wicked Cool Tool Wednesday #9

A daily personal growth micro-practice with mind-blowing results! Beliefs are the driving factors behind your decisions, your behavior, and behind what you attract into your life. Many people are unaware that their negative beliefs even exist! The Insider’s Guide to Living Brilliantly app will assist you in focusing on the positive side of beliefs held at the soul level so that you can begin to experience a life in which you BELIEVE (and therefore experience) that you are worthy, deserving, lovable, safe, supported, protected, and awesome. And when you go through life with beliefs like that, your life will naturally re-align with those beliefs!

Breaking Through Barriers of Unhealthy Boundaries

Start Living Stronger Today! If you have trouble speaking up or have difficulty asking for what you want, then you have a boundary issue. And if any of this applies to you, then you are on the right page! Are you losing your sense of Self? Do you have trouble saying ‘no?’ Are you making your decisions […]

Breaking Through Barriers to Abundance & Support

Abundance isn’t just about dollars and cents. In fact, if you reduce it to that, you’ll find that it’s very hard to create the sense of happiness, security and protection you’re really looking for! In this audio, Danielle helps you discover the upgraded meaning of Abundance! Have you been feeling like the universe just isn’t […]