Audio Programs

Psychic Awareness Test

Which psychic senses are you already using every day? Are you desperate to open your clairvoyance, but think it just may not be your thing? Do you think psychic hearing or sight is eluding you? Do you feel like others might be more intuitive than you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll […]

How To Handle Psychic Overload

A simple tool that makes a BIG difference! As you open your psychic senses do you find yourself struggling with these challenges?
-Sometimes if feels like there is JUST TOO MUCH negativity in the world.
-The grocery store seems chaotic and overwhelming.
-People are annoying and irritating.
-It feels like everyone is getting in your space.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re probably experiencing Psychic Overload. Danielle has run into this problem both personally and with thousands of her clients as they open their intuitive senses to the world.

Intuition Through The Soul Package

Have you been wondering if you just might be psychic? Have you always wanted to be able to trust your gut, but find it too scary? Would you love to use your intuition in your daily life? Would you like to expand your psychic senses in a way that not only opens you up intuitively but also helps you understand yourself better?

Unlike other programs, Intuition Through the Soul is not designed rush you out of your comfort zone into a brand new psychic world. Instead, this program is about helping you expand upon your already existing psychic senses (no matter how minute you think they are) while opening yourself even more to your intuition.

Mapping Your Soul System Package

Mapping Your Soul System enables you to go deeper than most techniques ever take you – to the actual root issues of your challenges and self-sabotaging behavioral patterns. And it’s here that you’ll learn how to make the shift from within. Most excitingly, the changes you create through this program will ripple out and affect all areas of your life, helping you to create the life you want to lead!

Breaking Through Barriers of Unhealthy Boundaries

Start Living Stronger Today! If you have trouble speaking up or have difficulty asking for what you want, then you have a boundary issue. And if any of this applies to you, then you are on the right page! Are you losing your sense of Self? Do you have trouble saying ‘no?’ Are you making your decisions […]

Breaking Through Barriers to Abundance & Support

Abundance isn’t just about dollars and cents. In fact, if you reduce it to that, you’ll find that it’s very hard to create the sense of happiness, security and protection you’re really looking for! In this audio, Danielle helps you discover the upgraded meaning of Abundance! Have you been feeling like the universe just isn’t […]

Get to Know Your Spiritual Guides – Finally!

It’s time to have some fun while getting to know all about your Spiritual Guides. In this one hour Mp3 program, Danielle helps you understand your Spiritual Guides and the roles they play in your life. She also gives you helpful and fun information about Deceased Loved Ones (sometimes called DLO’s), Guide Teams and how […]

Own Your Energy

Get confident, organized and happy by managing your energy.  That’s what you came into this life to learn to do. Manage your emotions, manage your body, manage your thoughts. I tell people this every day! This is your main responsibility in this life! After all, you aren’t any good to anyone else if you’re in […]

A Piece of Peace

Discover the Meditation That’s Right for You – At Last! In my many years as an Intuitive Coach, I have found one common denominator (no matter what issue was at hand) in my sessions: we ALL face challenges in our life that threaten to spoil our forward progress. In fact, many people allow their forward […]