Soul Contracts

Balance in Relationships [Video]

In this video blog I share some insights on balance in relationships and how achieving that balance can assist you in every area of your life! Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos just like this one in the weeks to come! Danielle MacKinnon has been named an expert TV psychic […]

Discover the Soul Contracts Influencing Your Life – Video

Listen in as Bob Olson of AfterLife interviews Danielle on Soul Contracts NEW! “Ever wonder why a certain person is in your life? Ever feel like something’s blocking you from finding love, making money or having lasting relationships? Ever consider that your pet might be here to help YOU learn and grow? Soul Contract […]

Five Soul Contracts You Want to Release and How to Start Doing It!

Soul Contracts can be wonderful, loving connections between people that help create growth, transformation, and even access to unconditional love. They can also be annoying blocks stopping you from finding love, making money, having lasting relationships and more. Once you know the Soul Contract you’re

Danielle on Best Psychic Mediums

Psychic Investigator Bob Olson has named Danielle to his esteemed list of Best Psychic Mediums. From the Best Psychic Mediums website: Bob Olson has tested hundred of psychics and psychic mediums from around the globe. Some readings were terrible, some good, some great, and some were absolutely extraordinary.

Soul Contracts That Bit Me…

I’m naïve. I am. It’s hard for me to believe bad things that people say – even when I hear them from various sources. If someone is nice to my face, complimenting me, having a positive conversation with me about my kid or their new car, I assume that they’re really nice and that whatever the negative things I’ve “heard” they’ve said behind my back are all made up, or exaggerated. I guess this is because of how I am. I’ve worked hard to bring myself to an emotional place where my inside matches my outside. What I feel is what I show. It means

“Getting” Your Soul Contracts

Whenever I give a lecture or teach a class, the most common question I’m asked is “How do I know what my Soul Contracts are?” I love this as Soul Contracts are my favorite thing to talk about, look at, examine… In my world, they yield as much information as a Numerology or Astrological reading except that they also provide information on how to move forward. Soul Contracts are a little sneaky

Why is THAT Person in My Life?

Discover the hidden Soul Contracts influencing your life – and then start mastering them!

Does the Law of Attraction Support Soul Contracts?

OK, first a Soul Contract is a commitment that two souls make to assist each other in learning some lesson while they are here on Earth. Imagine two souls out there, before embodiment having a little conversation. “Hey Soul A, in this upcoming lifetime, I have to work on speaking up, will you help me […]

Why Has This Animal Recently Come Into My Life?

Kathi asks: I have an animal who has come into my life recently. Has someone from beyond sent them to me? Thanks, Kathi From Danielle: There are a couple general reasons that a person could feel a strong connection with a pet. Perhaps this pet was directed to you by a deceased loved one. While […]


Soul Contracts: What’s the Secret Code?

I’ve been working with Soul Contracts for many years now – and I’m often asked why some Soul Contracts are desirable while others are not. There are really two types of major soul contracts. First, there are those that we took on before coming into a human lifetime (when our souls are in their highest […]