Psychic Exercise

Free Psychic Exercises

We’ve created these free psychic exercises to give you an opportunity to play with, expand and grow your intuitive senses. Before launching into the exercises, be sure to ground and clear yourself so that you’ll be open to receiving the best information. Perhaps a meditation or a prayer to your Guides or even a jog […]

Free Psychic Exercise #9

Hi Everyone – here is this week’s psychic exercise. My suggestion is that you do NOT read any of the comments from the other participants until AFTER you connect to the image and get your impressions. That way you won’t be swayed by anything anyone else has said. Also, I’m going to tell you right […]

Free Psychic Exercise #8

So glad you are still enjoying the Free Psychic Exercises! The one we have today is #8. Have fun with this – I think you’re going to get a kick out of it! No hints, no help – just good old try it and see what you get! (By the way, it is not a penny […]

Free Psychic Exercise #7

For this week’s psychic exercise, I’ve chosen a special photo and I can’t wait to read what you guys get for this week’s psychic exercise. I expect quite varied answers – because there is a lot of energy in this picture. Remember to use your senses when describing the information you received (I saw, I […]

Free Psychic Exercise #6

Hi Everyone! I’m a bit late (ok it’s Friday) on getting this week’s psychic exercise out – but it’s been busy around here! For this week’s psychic exercise, use the comment form to write in your impressions. I’m still on the fence as to whether I want to give you the “actual” 3-D reality facts about […]

Free Psychic Exercise #5

Hello Everyone! For this week’s Free Psychic Exercise, please use the image below. As you are writing your impressions into the comment box below, remember to use phrases like “I saw” or “I felt.” It is the use of these phrases that allows you to be more accurate in what you receive. ALSO, the reality of […]

Free Psychic Exercise #4

For this week’s free psychic exercise, you’ll be focusing on the space on this page. I have set the intention behind this page to be linked to a particular image – so when you focus in your psychic ability will automatically be able to pick up the signals from the image! A few pointers: I […]

Free Psychic Exercise #3

For this week’s Free Psychic Exercise, you will be working with an animal. This is different from our past exercises – but also very fun. Think of the animals as someone on your side, helping you practice. Animals want to help humans evolve after all. Before you begin check out the tips below to help […]

Free Psychic Exercise #2

Hi Everyone, The intention in this exercise is to connect with the image below and to record your comments. The more people that do this – the more opportunities you’ll have to see if someone else connected to the same pieces that you did! This is meant to be fun – so don’t get all […]

Free Psychic Exercise #1

Welcome to the first official Psychic Exercise! This has grown out of the Opening & Managing Your Clairvoyance Tele-Call – in which we did an online exercise to expand psychic sight. The response was so wonderful that I’ve decided to offer these exercises FREE to everyone who wants to play. The intention in this exercise […]