Dancing Queen?

On Sunday, my son was “out” all day. Now that he can drive, he frequently leaves and we don’t see him for hours. I’m pretty thankful for the Find iPhone app right now as he’s terrible at telling us where he’s going (as I’m sure all 16 and 17-year old boys are!). So, yesterday he […]

A message from your deceased pet?

I bet, like almost everyone, you want to receive a message from your pet on the Other Side.

As a professional animal communicator for almost twenty years, I’ve been in the unique position to experience animals at all stages of dying – from before the animal is even close to passing over right through to when it’s happening and often after the fact as well.

Goodbye logic, hello flippers?

I’m going to tell you a pretty personal story about learning animal communication – and opening intuition. This is a story about my husband, Kevin. Now, he doesn’t know I’m writing this, but I know he’ll be OK with it – after all, he married me! Kevin is a science guy. He’s a hydro-geologist, he’s […]

Wicked Cool (Superbowl) Tool

The Superbowl is just a week away and because I live in New England, everyone around here is pretty darn excited that the Patriots have made it to this big-deal event. Now, I’m not a football fan, but I know SO many people who couldn’t be more excited about this upcoming game so, I thought […]

Here’s what really matters

It’s the last day of 2017 and I have to say that I’m really, really glad to be through this year. 2017 has been the most challenging year I can remember experiencing as an adult. From some personal things going on with my family (that I haven’t yet totally talked about here but I do […]

Well, Let’s Hear It…

2018! One reason I LOVE the New Year is because so many of us finally take a moment to slow down, become aware, reflect, and move forward! (I wish everyone did this all year!) What do you want to start, stop, do or create in 2018?   Let’s hear it! (PS: I can’t wait to […]

I feel terrible…

Yesterday morning at about 5am, my dog Tuukka climbed on to the bed to greet Kevin and I good morning. This is her normal routine and she hates sleeping with us since we must take up room on the bed with our physical bodies. (She’s really said that to me before!) Anyway, as she was […]

About my husband…

I can’t remember if I mentioned this last week, but Kevin and I finally got away this past weekend. For, and this is not an exaggeration, the first time since 2007 we took a romantic getaway. And, after reading that, I’m sure you’re not surprised that it was a very needed, pretty incredible weekend for […]

Who’s making your decisions?

It’s a really interesting thing, this thing we call FEAR. Most people assume it’s an across the board thing – either you’re afraid or you aren’t. Either you go for it or you don’t. In my experience, fear is something else – something very big! Years ago, even though my intuition said it was time […]

What to say when a pet dies

It’s 4am and I’m awake. Again. I feel like I should be able to sleep until my alarm goes off. This whole 4am thing is a whole lot less useful than you’d think. I always set my alarm for 6:30am, but that’s not the timeline that my body is on. Alas, it’s very early and […]