For the past several years, my motto has been “Live Life Brilliantly!” And a lot of the time I do a really good job of it – but not all the time. Sometimes, I fall off that track, and when I do, it’s not a pretty sight. Recently, we welcomed a surprise new addition to […]

4 (Spiritual) Reasons Your Family Bugs You During the Holidays

We all have loved ones of some sort and we’re all more often annoyed by those we love around the holidays. Why is that? After all, aren’t we all supposed to be filled with unconditional love? Luckily, when you look past the obvious at what is really going on, you’ll find some very clear reasons […]

Forever Home Program

SO near and dear to her heart, each month, Danielle dedicates a section of her newsletter to animals from rescue organizations around the country who are looking for their forever home through her “Forever Home Rescue Program”. On this page, Danielle does a quick intuitive connection with the animals up for adoption so that you […]

Judging Theresa Caputo – The Long Island Medium

It’s time for me to come clean. I recently figured out that I’ve been doing something very unfair – something that I know a lot of others are doing as well. Now that I’ve noticed it, I’ve stopped – and it’s opened up a whole new world for me and I want to share that […]

What is a goodbye kiss?

As I write this, my husband, Kevin, is driving up to New Hampshire to go Skydiving. Now, I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought him that Groupon for Father’s Day – but the day has finally come. (Obviously, I did not join him on this trip. Skydiving is not my thing – […]

My Baby Has Crossed to the Other Side

[For an update on Kelso, since he passed, please scroll down.] I’ve been thinking a lot today about how I should share this news with everyone. The reality is that I want to keep this experience private in some ways, but I feel like I’ve created a family of wonderful, supportive people and therefore I […]

How to Transform Your Life: Soul-Level Change vs. Will-Power Change

In my work as an Intuitive and Coach, I frequently encounter people who have been working on their personal challenges for years with little success. As I’ve learned through my sessions with thousands of people, there is a very clear, very obvious reason for this: Soul-Level change trumps will power change every time! Imagine that […]

It’s Not Your Environment – It’s Your Negative Belief

In high school I was underweight, in modeling I had to work hard not to be overweight, as a pregnant woman I was underweight, as a mom I wanted to lose weight and as a Crossfitter I wanted to gain weight.  For most of my adult life, I’ve had the ability to change my weight, […]


Selfish is NOT a Four-Letter Word!

I don’t believe “Selfish” is a bad word. At least I thought I didn’t believe that anymore – but I recently found a new aspect of this old belief surfacing for release. Phew! As a child, I was brought up to believe that “good” people gave all of themselves in everything they did and to […]

Soul Contracts Book Release Party

7-9pm June 20th, 2014 Circles of Wisdom Andover, MA 01810 Be one of the very first people to hear about Danielle’s new book, Soul Contracts: Find Harmony and Unlock Your Brilliance! In this exciting two-hour talk Danielle will show you how our unhealthy Soul Systems are unknowingly effecting our lives every day! In the Soul […]