Why NOT to give good advice

Yesterday I was hosting a webinar in Be Open and a certain topic came up that is a challenge for many people. We talked about it in the group (and don’t worry! I’ll re-open registration for Be Open in the fall), but it felt worthy of sharing here, too. One of the members of Be […]

Are you transparent enough?

One of the most simple, and yet challenging, things to do in this life is to be truly transparent. If you attended any of my classes or workshops in the past few years, you’ve surely heard me say this! But what does being transparent really mean, and how could it possibly help you in your […]

Be Open registration closes June 30th!

This past weekend felt like a dream. Cole is finally done with his sophomore year of high school and he’s off and running to play with friends (although, he would rather I say, “hang out” with friends). Kevin and I were able to relax for the first time in months. We gardened 😉 I’m just […]

The ONE thing to break your stuckness

This past weekend Kevin and I spent quite a bit of time on a high school field watching our son, Cole, try out for an ultimate Frisbee team. What we didn’t know going into this try out, was that the team is going to compete in the U-17 nationals in Minnesota in August. Oops. We […]

What chaos means – to YOU!

It’s Friday morning and I’m feeling pretty excited for this weekend even though it’s going to rain both days. All week, I’ve been sitting in this chaos energy with my days being much too packed with things that must get done, last minute emergencies popping up with my family, projects with work (like getting ready […]

Soul Level Animal Communication Weekend Workshop

OK, so I’ve been focused on other stuff lately (my book, going to the Afterlife Conference etc., but I’ve finally returned home and I can focus on the coolest thing that is coming up: working hands on with you guys! One of my favorite things is being able to actually watch someone work intuitively with […]

Book Talk with special guest John Holland

. I’m very excited to be doing a special book talk and signing at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Newington, NH. This event is free and not only will I be discussing my new book, Animal Lessons, Psychic Medium John Holland will be introducing me! Of course I’ll also be giving random audience animal intuitive […]

How a horse gets directions

With so much challenge going on in the world right now, I thought I would take this time to share Jenny’s incredible and uplifting #animallessons story with you. I first met Jenny when she came to me for private sessions. She and her husband had questions about their dogs. In the sessions, Jenny always had […]

Animal Lessons Instagram Contest

Boy am I loving having launched Animal Lessons! It’s giving me so many opportunities to play with people, give things away, and basically see how everyone REALLY thinks about the animals in their life. That’s why this Instagram contest is so exciting to me – I get to give more stuff away! That’s right! You […]

She’s a Brick House

Hola everyone! I’m finally back from Costa Rica. When I arrived home on Wednesday night, Kevin and Cole had a big “Welcome Home” sign attached to the fireplace. Very cute! I’m feeling a bit like I’ve been sucked up into a whirlwind of excitement now that I’m back with my new book, Animal Lessons, finally out, […]