My audience problem

From my Kripalu Soul Level Animal Communication®®® 101 workshop – it was a little problem! I had decided to give a talk to the whole campus the night before the workshop was ending and I was SOoooooooo tired. This was one of those moments where I was asking myself why I ever committed to this! […]

Why I’m Crying

You’re probably wonder why I’m crying in this picture. This is the final pic taken as I was leaving Costa Rica and the Horse and Soul Trip a few days ago. That’s Sally Nillsson that I am hugging (and crying with). She’s one of the co-facilitators on the trip and a pretty incredible person overall. […]

Horse Wisdom In Action

It’s the last day of my Horse and Soul workshop and I can feel it! I’ve held this workshop before and it’s always an incredible experience for me as one of the facilitators. Each time I learn new things about myself, about the horses, about patterns, energy, the soul, healing, animals, and more. This particular […]

[Personal Note]

I woke up at 3am this morning feeing particularly sensitive – which, to me, is a sign that something is going on with me. Growing up, I developed my sensitivity as a way to protect myself from the bad that was in my life – but at the same time, I pushed my sensitivity away […]

Kripalu – Psychic FUN with animals!

Soul Level Animal Communication®® 101 at Kripalu November 4-8, 2019  (Don’t miss this!) So, as I’m getting all revved up for my 5-day Kripalu retreat where I’ll be teaching Soul Level Animal Communication®® 101 (Yes, the whole class in just 5 days), I started looking through pics and videos from past classes and I realized […]

Gratitude tool

Well, today marks my first full day in the following situation: No dog. My dog is at my in-laws for the next 6-7 months No kid. Well, I mean no kid living at home. He left for college a few days ago. No home. Like really. We sold our home and were officially OUT of […]

porcupine and dog

Dog and Porcupine: What’s the point?

If you follow me on Instagram at all, you probably already know that my dog, Tuukka, had quite the experience the other night with a porcupine – before I continue that saga (yes, there’s a LOT more to it unfortunately), go here to read the first part. Now, I’m going to tell the REST of […]

#1 Tip to Open Your Psychic Senses

Psychic Senses and those animals!! Oh yes! Saturday night, I had the honor of doing an animal communication demonstration to the Omega campus during my workshop. And while, you’re here reading this because you know what animal communication is, there were a lot of people at the talk that didn’t know! It was totally new […]

I don’t normally talk about this… (Stop Hiding!)

I’ve alluded to this in the past, but I’ve never really come right out and given the specifics around it – and when I woke up this morning, I realized that it was a form of hiding. It’s time for me to stop hiding. Growing up, I had severe anxiety. As a young girl, I […]

Universe Clues

Universe clues. They do exist! If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that my husband and I are building a house in Maine. Perhaps you’re wondering why we decided to build our new home rather than buy one that already exists. Perhaps you’re wondering why we decided to do this […]