A Pet Psychic’s Three Tips for Getting Your Dog Off the Sofa

It seems like there are a million different ways to train a dog to stay off the sofa – so how come your dog still jumps up there every time you aren’t looking? Well, as I am sure you would tell me if you were standing in front of me, it’s not for your lack […]


Update on Kelso

So many of you have been asking how my dog, Kelso is doing since his cancer diagnosis. I know I’ve been tight-lipped about this – but it was for no other reason than last week we were on vacation. My family and I have received your countless emails and phone calls – as well as […]

How to Call on Your Guides for Help

For a while now, I’ve been offering animal energy readings through Twitter and Facebook. From these readings, the question I’m most often asked is something to the effect of “ok-that’s great that I can work with ladybug today to bring in more money-but just HOW do I work with ladybug?” The way to work with […]

A New Pet for the Holidays?

We’ve all had that dream – a new puppy or kitten or turtle for the holidays. But when it comes right down to it, is that really the best way to bring a new companion into your home? It’s already traumatic enough for an animal to leave the comfort of his home or shelter and […]

Helping Your Child Handle the Death of a Pet

Everyday, I work with people and pets dealing with death. From grief to relief to sadness and even to freedom, the death of a pet is certainly a complicated experience for adults. When you add children into the mix however, moving through the process can feel like wading through wet cement.  Here, I offer a […]