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What is the role of depression?

Question: Can you discuss or explain the role depression plays in our lives? and how our animals are affected ~ Emily From Danielle: It has amazed me for years now, how prevalent depression is in both our animals and ourselves. In my work, I tend to encounter many who are suffering because of it-probably because […]

Do animals reincarnate? If so, what happens with their Soul Contracts?

Question: Do animals reincarnate? If so, would it be a continued soul contract or different? -Keri Wilson From Danielle: I love this question, as it is something that comes up all the time in my work with people and with animals.  Animals DO reincarnate. In fact, just like humans, animals reincarnate in our soul family […]

A Pet Psychic Answers “Can Different Species Understand Each Other?”

Question: Can animals of different species understand what each other are ‘saying’? My dog listens to other animals (cats, mice) and seems to know…  ~Linda Marquis From Danielle: This is a wonderful question and one that I am asked all of the time. Animals speak with each other using the universal language of all species: […]


Update on Kelso

So many of you have been asking how my dog, Kelso is doing since his cancer diagnosis. I know I’ve been tight-lipped about this – but it was for no other reason than last week we were on vacation. My family and I have received your countless emails and phone calls – as well as […]

A Pet Psychic’s View: Guilt & Your Pet’s Passing

Often animals will have an increase in energy just before it is time for them to pass. This can manifest as a sickness that suddenly seems to go into remission, a depression that temporarily lifts, a returning appetite, or oddly high spirits… Many people, in their desire to believe their pet is getting better end […]

Is Settling for OK Ever Really OK?

What is settling energy? Settling energy is an energy that all of us have had to deal with at some point in our lives. It is that sneaky little discordant energy that invades your head space with thoughts of “well, this may be as good as I can do” or “I’ll never be able to […]

How to Call on Your Guides for Help

For a while now, I’ve been offering animal energy readings through Twitter and Facebook. From these readings, the question I’m most often asked is something to the effect of “ok-that’s great that I can work with ladybug today to bring in more money-but just HOW do I work with ladybug?” The way to work with […]

How Do I Know When It’s Time to Put My Pet Down?

I am frequently asked by my clients how they will know when (and if) it is time to put their pet to sleep.  My answer is always the same “there are no rules on this-you have to go with your gut.” But, how do you go with your gut, when you are feeling scared, worried, […]

A New Pet for the Holidays?

We’ve all had that dream – a new puppy or kitten or turtle for the holidays. But when it comes right down to it, is that really the best way to bring a new companion into your home? It’s already traumatic enough for an animal to leave the comfort of his home or shelter and […]

Does your pet want to be human?

Does Your Pet Want to be Human?

Does your pet want to be human? Your pet lives with you in your human world. Because of that you, as a responsible guardian to your pet, are accountable for helping your pet adjust to your human world AND for integrating a portion of the animal-world into your life. It’s a mistake that many pet […]