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Does your pet want to be human?

Does Your Pet Want to be Human?

Does your pet want to be human? Your pet lives with you in your human world. Because of that you, as a responsible guardian to your pet, are accountable for helping your pet adjust to your human world AND for integrating a portion of the animal-world into your life. It’s a mistake that many pet […]

Spiritual Preparation for a Visit to the Veterinarian

Spiritual preparation is important! Grabbing your dog and a leash, jumping in the car and rushing off to the vet’s office doesn’t always result in a calm, easy vet appointment. For many animals and their humans, a visit to the vet is fraught with nerves, anxiety—and extra poop and pee. Many people however, are starting […]

Helping Your Child Handle the Death of a Pet

Everyday, I work with people and pets dealing with death. From grief to relief to sadness and even to freedom, the death of a pet is certainly a complicated experience for adults. When you add children into the mix however, moving through the process can feel like wading through wet cement.  Here, I offer a […]

A Pet Psychic’s 10 Tips for Blissful Hiking with Your Dog

Dogs are pack animals—and when they get together in the wild they must synchronize with each other in order to hunt and survive. Without this synchronization, the dogs would not be able to function as the very core of their being drives them to seek connection out at all times. The domesticated dog has adapted […]

25 Things Your Dog REALLY Can’t Eat!

Just because I’m an animal communicator doesn’t mean that I don’t run into the same problems with my pets as everyone else! Case in point: As I was steamcleaning the cantaloupe juice out of the carpet the other morning (one of my dogs had snacked on the fruit that had been sitting on the kitchen counter […]

Cat, Rainstorm and a Big Problem!

I wanted to tell the story of what happened to me last weekend. I went to a friend’s house for some munchies. As we were sitting out on the back deck… we noticed a couple raindrops. Then we noticed that the cat was no longer lounging with us on the deck. Nor was he in […]