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She’s a Brick House

Hola everyone! I’m finally back from Costa Rica. When I arrived home on Wednesday night, Kevin and Cole had a big “Welcome Home” sign attached to the fireplace. Very cute! I’m feeling a bit like I’ve been sucked up into a whirlwind of excitement now that I’m back with my new book, Animal Lessons, finally out, […]

Who’s super sappy today?

It’s 5am Tuesday, about 24 hours before you’ll be reading this because tomorrow, when I should be writing this newsletter, I’ll be on the plane – leaving Costa Rica and heading back to Massachusetts. Yesterday was a huge emotional day for me. So big! My book, Animal Lessons, launched and I’m feeling both the weight and […]

Animal Lessons here today!

I feel like I should write “just a quick note” about this so that I appear to have it all together on this subject, but that doesn’t even begin to come close to describing how I’m feeling as I’m writing this, so in the interest of being completely transparent – here’s what I’m actually going […]

Physical Intuitive Energy Part 2

If you read my email from the other day, you know I’ve been talking about Intuitive Physical Energy (check it out here) – but I kind of left a cliff hanger there and didn’t tell you much about how I’ve been working with it down here in Costa Rica. Well, I want to tell you […]

Physical Intuitive Energy Part 1

Well, as you probably know by now, my trip to Costa Rica has been incredible so far. The first group has just left and now I have a couple days of break before the next group arrives. What an incredible experience this has been! One of the coolest things I’ve been working with on this […]

I used this energy to get ahead

Being in Costa Rica is has been stressing me out a bit. I mean, I love it and it’s going well and the group is very happy – but I haven’t been able to participate in the other parts of my work the way I normally do – and this has been weighing on me […]

Can you love domination?

It’s day 4 of my Costa Rica trip to work deeply with the horses to help people move through their challenges into more ease, acceptance, and love of themselves. LOL! That sounds so fancy! Because so far, what I could really say is that it’s Day 4 of the horses kicking my butt (and the […]

The one reason we don’t fit in

The reason we don’t fit in! After a very long day on the road, I’ve finally reached Costa Rica! I got a good night’s sleep and now it’s 4am Costa Rican time and I’m totally awake. In my travels, I ended up missing a couple days of connection with the Be Open Community – and […]

Animal Lessons book arrived!

My Animal Lessons book arrived in the mail! (Yes, I look like a goof in this pic!) Woo hoo! It’s a REAL LIVE COPY of my new book Animal Lessons! It’s only available for pre-order right now BUT if you get it now, you can enter to win 1 of 5 readings with me… Pre-order […]

Why your pet stares into space

Yesterday afternoon I taught my Energy Management Supercharge webinar and it was SO fun! I’m into really minimal, simple, but powerful tools and I had a great time watching everyone try these crazy easy tools out. (If you missed it and want to watch – you still can here for a few more days!) And […]