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Dog grief

What does Animal Grief Look Like?

Let’s answer a question today! Question: I think my dog might be heavily depressed after the passing of his brother two months ago. Is this right? Answer: Animals grieve very differently from humans. As humans, when someone we love dies, most of us lose our connection to that person (or animal). We can’t sense them […]

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Psychics can’t predict the future

What’s one thing I don’t like about being psychic? I don’t like when people ask me about their future. Now, it’s not because I don’t think that, as a psychic I am not capable of looking at the future – because I CAN do it. The reason I don’t want to predict anyone’s future is […]

The Six Light Calls: Realign Your Energy

There is SO much going on in the news, in the government, in peoples emotions and feelings at this time – and for those of us that are sensitive, this can be very overwhelming. Want a great way to navigate the negativity in the world right now? Try the Six Light Calls from my Soul […]

Wonky Energy Update

Well, I bet you’re not really enjoying all of this wonky energy lately either, are you? Almost everyone out there is going through an unsettled period of rapid change right now. (Oh, the way I phrased that, it sounds so easy – it’s SO not!) As you’re probably already aware, mass consciousness is struggling right […]

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3 Keys to Intuitively Grow Your Business

The way I’ve run my business for the past, almost twenty years, is actually very different from the way I was taught as an MBA. The way I run my business, in fact, would probably make some of my fellow MBA students think I’m crazy! Here are my three tips to growing your business using […]

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A Brand New Intuitive Game (Ah-ha!)

One of the things that we do in my Costa Rica workshops is work with the energetic boundaries of the horse. Blindfolded, participants are asked to safely feel their way through the energetic signals that the horse is sending out. Most people assume they won’t be able to feel anything – and yet they’re all […]

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My dog’s transformation before and after

Saturday was “Be Open Day” for members of the Be Open community. In case you don’t know, Be Open the online place where my community gets together to open their intuition, share their experiences, take live webinar classes and more – all online. And while there are a ton of benefits to the community being […]

Top 5 Ways to Open Clairaudience

I’m in the middle of teaching my 5-Week Opening Your Psychic Senses course (you can still join here!) and the upcoming class is all about clairaudience. Now, as someone who’s been working with the psychic senses for almost two decades, I have a lot to say about Clairaudience! Clairaudience is psychic HEARING. This means you […]

A big ask for my dog

Last week I was talking to a friend and I mentioned how great my dog Tuukka is – and that she’s not like any other dog I’ve ever had in my life because she never gets into any trouble. The next day, I was chatting with my dog trainer, I mentioned the same thing. And […]

Psychic Jury Duty – Part 2: The Results

  Read part 1 here. I’ve got the update on my psychic Jury Duty experience and it’s not what you think. So, as I said last week, I had to report for Jury Duty this morning. I was wondering what would happen as I knew that “occupation” is one of the main questions in determining […]