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Personal News: Finding My Path

Lately, there’s been something going on in my life that I haven’t shared. And as I teach in all of my classes, the road to success includes being completely and utterly yourself – warts and all so that people fall see the REAL you. So, this is what I feel like I need to share. […]

3 Things You Can Do When Life Doesn’t Go Your Way

Lately, I feel like things haven’t been smooth or easy. In fact, I would definitely say that it feels like things aren’t lining up the way I would like! From delays in building our house to dealing with my son and his first semester of college to being pain-free in my body, everything is a […]

Intuitive Experiment with Animals!

Want to join me in a cool intuitive experiment? Here’s the deal. If you’re reading my this here, I’m sure you already believe that psychic communication with animals is possible. Maybe you’re not 100% sure YOU can do it (you can, by the way), but you’re open to the idea that it is real. But […]

Treat Yourself

I like to fall asleep watching old episodes of Parks and Recreation. Kevin and I always talk about how funny that show it and how we wished we watched it more when it was still running. In the episode I drifted away to the other night, three of the characters were embarking on a “Treat Yourself” […]

My audience problem

From my Kripalu Soul Level Animal Communication®®® 101 workshop – it was a little problem! I had decided to give a talk to the whole campus the night before the workshop was ending and I was SOoooooooo tired. This was one of those moments where I was asking myself why I ever committed to this! […]

Why I’m Crying

You’re probably wonder why I’m crying in this picture. This is the final pic taken as I was leaving Costa Rica and the Horse and Soul Trip a few days ago. That’s Sally Nillsson that I am hugging (and crying with). She’s one of the co-facilitators on the trip and a pretty incredible person overall. […]

Horse Wisdom In Action

It’s the last day of my Horse and Soul workshop and I can feel it! I’ve held this workshop before and it’s always an incredible experience for me as one of the facilitators. Each time I learn new things about myself, about the horses, about patterns, energy, the soul, healing, animals, and more. This particular […]

[Personal Note]

I woke up at 3am this morning feeing particularly sensitive – which, to me, is a sign that something is going on with me. Growing up, I developed my sensitivity as a way to protect myself from the bad that was in my life – but at the same time, I pushed my sensitivity away […]

Kripalu – Psychic FUN with animals!

Soul Level Animal Communication®® 101 at Kripalu November 4-8, 2019  (Don’t miss this!) So, as I’m getting all revved up for my 5-day Kripalu retreat where I’ll be teaching Soul Level Animal Communication®® 101 (Yes, the whole class in just 5 days), I started looking through pics and videos from past classes and I realized […]

Gratitude tool

Well, today marks my first full day in the following situation: No dog. My dog is at my in-laws for the next 6-7 months No kid. Well, I mean no kid living at home. He left for college a few days ago. No home. Like really. We sold our home and were officially OUT of […]