Animals and Death

What to do When Your Pet Gets Lost

Losing a pet is a very difficult experience. The emotions, fears and imaginations of everyone involved can actually prohibit an effective search from taking place. As an Animal Intuitive, Danielle can often help locate a lost pet using her psychic connection. If you have lost your pet, please take a moment to calm yourself before […]


Soul Contracts: What’s the Secret Code?

I’ve been working with Soul Contracts for many years now – and I’m often asked why some Soul Contracts are desirable while others are not. There are really two types of major soul contracts. First, there are those that we took on before coming into a human lifetime (when our souls are in their highest […]

A Pet Psychic’s View: Guilt & Your Pet’s Passing

Often animals will have an increase in energy just before it is time for them to pass. This can manifest as a sickness that suddenly seems to go into remission, a depression that temporarily lifts, a returning appetite, or oddly high spirits… Many people, in their desire to believe their pet is getting better end […]

Helping Your Child Handle the Death of a Pet

Everyday, I work with people and pets dealing with death. From grief to relief to sadness and even to freedom, the death of a pet is certainly a complicated experience for adults. When you add children into the mix however, moving through the process can feel like wading through wet cement.  Here, I offer a […]