Three Unconventional Steps When Your Cat Keeps Sneezing


cat keeps sneezingWhen Your Cat Keeps Sneezing…

Today I’m going share with you  the three super-weird steps you can take to stop your poor cat from sneezing again and again.

Thousands of my clients and people who have read my Animal Lessons book have used these three spiritual steps to solve problems like this in the past. And now you can too, if you follow these steps below exactly!

Start with Your Vet (Always!)

There are many physical reasons why a cat might be sneezing (allergies, respiratory problems etc.). And you should always visit your vet to see if those things could be the cause of your challenges.

But if you’re stuck and no one can figure out why your cat keeps sneezing, you may need to look down a very different path: the spiritual path.

How Animals (and Cats) View Humans

At the physical, every day level, our cats are our greatest friends. Providing love and companionship and even entertainment. While at the spiritual level, cats (and all animals) enter our lives with intention: they want to help us  grow and evolve our souls.

As a professional animal communicator (pet psychic) for almost two decades, cats (and all animals) have repeatedly demonstrated that they have mastered unconditional love. In my psychic readings with animals and their humans, the animals are talk about how they want their human to feel happier or anxiety or leave their terrible job.  And the animals talk about how they are trying to help their human do just that.

Bad Attitudes

So, how does an animal draw the attention of their human to the very thing that human needs to work on? It occurs happens through behavior issues!

Think about it. When the animal in your life is behaving perfectly, life feels smooth. You’re able to go about your daily life, even perhaps in autopilot. Nothing is wrong, so there’s no reason to make any changes. Normal human beings do create big waves in their life or shake things up when everything is working well.

But when things go awry it’s a different story and the animals know that! Your beloved animal’s challenging behavior/problem actually ends up being the key. Because it’s that challenging behavior/problem that finally gets your attention.

I’ve written extensively about this in my Animal Lessons book, but here’s the cheatsheet to get you started understanding what the sneeze means to YOU, so you can do your work with your cat, evolve your soul, and stop that sneeze!

The Three Steps to Discovering the Lesson Behind Your Sneezing Cat

You’re reading this article because your cat keeps sneezing and you can’t figure out why.  Here are the steps to take so you can understand the spiritual meaning behind your cat sneezing:

  1. When your cat starts up, take note of what you were doing in that moment just before your cat began sneezing. Were you playing with your cat? Perhaps you were ignoring your cat? Were you acting in a healthy way? Maybe you were avoiding something? Also, take note of the emotions that arise around your cat. How were you feeling before, after, and during your cat’s sneezing episode? Do this for 2-3 sneezing episodes.
  2. Now sit back and think about what pattern you’ve just discovered about yourself and your cat. Perhaps you noticed that you’re always sacrificing yourself for someone else when your cat begins sneezing. Or maybe your have found that every time your cat sneezes, you feel guilty as if you’re not doing enough for him. Whatever it is that you have noticed, this is the area where your cat wants to help you evolve.
  3. This is a very simplified version (from my Animal Lessons book), but now, you can be on the lookout for when you are falling into that pattern you’ve just identified. The more aware of this pattern you become, the less need your cat will have to sneeze and point it out.

The Consequences

There are really wonderful results when you begin working with your cat in this way. As you find the balance within that your cat is looking for, you cat will stop the sneezing.

And yes, even if you know that your cat simply has an allergy – the animal lesson behind your cat’s sneezing can still apply!