How do I Become a Cat Communicator


Hi there, fellow feline fanatics! I’m Danielle MacKinnon, your go-to animal communicator for all things ‘meow’. You’ve probably stumbled upon this page because, like me, you believe there’s more to those purrs and meows than meets the ear. You’re right! As a seasoned cat communicator (with more than two decades of experience!), I’m here to share the whisker-whispering wisdom that has simply endeared me to everything-cat via animal communication. So, let’s dive into the world of feline telepathy and discover how you too can become a cat communicator!

How Do I Communicate With My Cat? The Rise of Animal Communication

Remember the days when talking to your cat seemed like a one-sided conversation? Well, those days are over! There’s a growing curiosity about animal communication, and cats, with their mysterious attitude, are at the forefront of this trend. Just type “cat” into your favorite social media platform and you’ll witness the incredible connection and obsession the world has with cats these days!

As a cat communicator, I’ve seen firsthand the joy and deeper bond that comes from understanding our feline friends. Animal communication with your cat is not about decoding meows and tail flicks; it’s about tapping into a deeper, more psychic connection – what I call the Soul Level connection. Think of it as learning a new language, but instead of words, it’s all about feelings, images, and yes, even telepathic whispers!

A Closer Look at Cat Communication

Let’s look a little more deeply at cat communication (psychic connection with your cat!). It isn’t a novelty – it’s about forming a profound connection with our feline companions – one that informs not just your relationship with them, but also with yourself. Cats are complex creatures with emotions and thoughts just like us – and in some cases, even more profound than us! As a cat communicator, I’ve learned to listen not just with my ears, but with my intuition. When you realize that your cat is connected to the divine and that your cat has information to share with you, it becomes even easier to understand what your cat really wants you to know. 

Developing Your Intuition to Understand Feline Communication

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. How do cats actually communicate with you?

First, just like people, each cat has its way of communicating. Some are chatty, while others are more reserved. 

Next, know that your cat can send you psychic visuals and images, sounds, feelings, thoughts and more. There is really no limit to the methods that your cat can use to intuitively communicate with you, but in the beginning, these methods may be the most popular and also the easiest to receive. 

Last, to receive this intuitive data from your cat is more about tuning into the intuitive data that they are sending than watching any type of body language they are sharing in the physical world. Don’t get sucked into watching them – you want to use your innate intuition here (and yes, you are innately psychic whether you know it or not!).

Do Cats Like it When You Talk to Them? Responsibilities of a Cat Communicator

So, do cats like it when we talk to them? Do they enjoy psychic communication with us? Absolutely! Think of the relief a cat feels when you can finally understand ALL of what they want you to know. 

But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. As cat communicators, it’s not just about decoding messages; it’s also about respecting our feline friends. It’s an ethical journey, ensuring that we’re communicating for the right reasons and always with our cat’s best interest at heart. It’s not about forcing communication; it’s about creating a space where your cat feels safe and understood and can share intuitively with you when THEY choose to share. Sometimes, they’re just not in the mood!.

Honing Your Cat Communication Skills

Through my almost twenty-five-year journey as a professional animal communicator, I’ve had the privilege of connecting with thousands of cats, each with their own story, each with their own intention with their human, each with their incredible connection to the spiritual world.. Like the time I helped a family understand their cat’s anxiety after a big move and how their cat was really just dialing into the unaddressed anxiety in the family. Or when I communicated with a rescue cat to understand what she needed (exactly) in her new home and humans for a successful adoption. These experiences have not only honed my skills but have also shown me the incredible impact effective animal communication can have on our relationship with our feline companions.

How do I Become a Cat Communicator?

Now, the million-dollar question: How do you become a cat communicator? Well, it’s a journey, not a destination. And guess what? Not only is the journey FUN, but I’ve designed specific courses for aspiring cat communicators like you!

My beginner course is a blend of theory, practice, and a whole lot of fun (because, let’s face it, we’re talking about cats here!). You’ll learn everything from my trademarked method for connecting to YOUR cat to how to connect and receive intuitive information from your cat on the Other Side. It’s a paw-some journey that will deepen your connection with your feline friend in ways you never thought possible.

Becoming a cat communicator is about opening your heart and mind to the possibility that our feline friends have so much to say – and so much of that will not just help them, but also us.. It’s a journey of discovery, laughter (because cats are hilarious), and, most importantly, love. So, are you ready to take the leap and become a fluent cat communicator? Join me, and let’s embark on this purr-fect adventure together!