Soul Level Business Mastermind Application

Here are the details for this incredible, year-long opportunity to hone and expand your intuitive business!

  • We’ll get together as a group the second Wednesday of every month at noon Eastern for a year to do that important, exciting, personal, Soul LevelTM work on your business. This could mean working on what is stopping you from experiencing the success you want, helping you create the business growth you desire, or even figuring out how to position yourself in this niche world of intuition.  In every session, I’ll be in full-on Soul Level CoachingTM mode to provide the best assistance! Can’t make that month’s session? No worries – it will be recorded!
  • You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with others just like you (this is your Soul Level Business MastermindTM Community) so you can get their assistance as you make your way through the month.
  • We’ll have several people in the Transformation Seat each month. If you’d like to be one of those peeps, you’ll fill out a form so I know who’s ready to put it out there and get that targeted assistance on their business!
  • As we go, since this is a first time program (never been done before), I will most likely make tweaks and changes to create the best Soul Level Biz Mastermind possible!

    All of this for one time payment of $2340 (which breaks down to $195/month). That’s WAY less than what it cost to do monthly coaching with me (which I don’t offer anymore) and it’s also WAY more support!

    This is the ONLY way for you to get my intuition working for you month after month so you can grow and tune the business you’ve always wanted. Plus, you get the rest of the Soul Level Business MastermindTM group to assist and keep you on track too!

    Please fill out the application below. We will review all applications and get back to you as soon as possible. If you’re accepted into the Mastermind, we’ll provide more information on payment, webinar information, logistics etc. at that time.