Hand Weights – Wicked Cool Tool Wednesday #2

shutterstock_4142608This week’s tool has to do with decision-making. A lot of people get challenged when trying to figure something out for themselves and this tool will (hopefully!) make it easier. 

Here’s how you use the tool. 

Let’s say you’re trying to decide between buying the red car and the blue car. 

First, simply close your eyes and sit still for a few moments. Take some long, slow, cleansing breaths.

Next, hold both of your hands out, palms up in front of you as if you were gently cupping a little water in each hand. These two hands are going to become your tools. 

Decide which hand will represent the blue car decision and which hand will represent the red car decision. In this case, we’ll say blue is left and red is right. 

Now, think about the question at hand – “Which color car will make me the happiest?”

Take a moment to pay attention to your hands. Because you’re intending for your hands to be the barometers for this question, you’ll receive changes in this area to help you understand what is best. 

Perhaps one hand will get a little warm, heavy, cold, tingly, itchy, or maybe even a fly will land on it. Maybe you’ll feel like one hand kind of disappears or that you’re totally drawn to look at a certain hand.

There’s no limit to the way that this information will come in – and I can’t possibly list them all here – so you’re just going to have to trust. 

Now, there’s one more piece to this – and it’s the most important one. The accuracy of this method all depends on the question you ask. 

If you ask, “What color car SHOULD I get?” you’re asking a question that’s very tough to interpret. Should? Should based on what? Happiness? Satisfaction? Other people’s approval?

My suggestion is that you stick to phrases like, “Which color car will I feel most happy about for the next ten years?” or even better… “Which color car is it for my greatest and highest good to purchase.”

Depending on the questions you ask, you will get different answers about the same subject, so just spend time being selective and thoughtful in how you ask your questions!

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  1. Becca
    Becca says:

    Hi Danielle!
    Totally worked for me! In my case, the “answer” came immediately in the form of – well it felt like an energy paint brush brushing my hand. Really super cool, thank you!!! Have a Wicked Good Thursday!

    • Carley
      Carley says:

      Ouah ! J’adore le principe, je connaissais pas du tout.Quand j’aurai un peut d&soqur;argent de coté je pense aussi me laisser tenter.Merci beaucoup

  2. Martha
    Martha says:

    Hi Danielle — I have a wicked cooler tool for you. Rub your thumb & index fingertips together & say “yes” — they’ll rub smoothly. Rub them together and say “no” & they’ll stop short. Now ask your question: Will the red car make me happy?

    I learned this method of muscle testing at a massage conference some years ago, from a neuroscientist who was sure that it was the most reliable form of one-person kinesiology.

    I use this for absolutely everything. The conscious mind is a liar but the subcs holds truth. 🙂

  3. Debbie Gray
    Debbie Gray says:

    WOW! Well both methods worked…Danielle’s left my right hand feeling heavy and tingly. Then I tried Martha’s technique and that worked too…giving the same answer.

    YAY! Too totally wicked tools for the price of one :o)

  4. Wendy Fletcher
    Wendy Fletcher says:

    Loved the question “For my greatest and highest good”, it covers all that is needed. And, I love muscle testing and do it many times a day. The question is outstanding and so positive, the only way to go.



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