Why is THAT PERSON in My Life? – Success!

Why is THAT PERSON is My Life?

Danielle teaching at Why is THAT PERSON in My Life?

Last night was my first “Why is THAT PERSON in My Life?” I was both nervous and excited and Phewee! I did it! We began the night by talking about Soul Contracts between friends, family, lovers and even pets. I explained how these types of agreements begin, what common soul contracts are and even how to detect soul contracts “at home.” As I talked to the sold out group (thank you guys!) I was also watching the crowd. We had the mom and daughter in the front row wh0 were laughing at each of the examples I was giving (I think things were resonating with them). We had the furious note-takers (love that! It makes me feel like I’m really saying some good stuff!) along with those who were glancing around the room to see who else would come to an event like this… I love getting to know the different personalities of the attendees – and this night was no different.

Once people understood the beauty of the Soul Contract it was time for me to talk about one of my favorite topics – Negative Soul Contracts. I have tried to think of a different name for these agreements – as Negative Soul Contracts just sounds so… negative. But in the end, it really is the best description of what they are. These are the pesky little commitments we make at the deepest levels that stay with us lifetime after lifetime. On a whim (OK, an intuitive whim) I asked the audience to tell me what negative soul contracts they thought they had in place and WOW they came up with some impressive ones! Again and again someone would raise their hand to tell me what they had figured out was holding them back. It was so cool to listen and watch – as one person would bring up his own soul contract and then four or five other people would echo it.

Once the audience fully understood what a negative soul contract was and how it could silently but powerfully impact a person’s life – they began to ask, “How do I get rid of this one or that one?” and “I don’t want it anymore – what do I do?” And I could tell we were ready. I had been planning to do a group Negative Soul Contract breaking but when I had arrived to the event there was a huge and loud company holiday party going on next door and I wasn’t quite sure how that would go over. Were they going to think we were a cult? Am I going to look like a weirdo? Well, it turns out, I’m used to that and it didn’t stop me or anyone else. We did a really powerful Negative Soul Contract breaking right then and there. Afterwards, I always like to ask people what they notice as a result. I love to hear the reaction of the audience after that. People were feeling expansive, buzzing, “things” were flying off them, heavy hands, their heads were opening – it was one active (and kind of crazy) room!

We ended the night with audience Soul Contract readings. I love doing these, although I always question whether they are “flashy” enough for an event. Instead of giving people specific details about their life or about a deceased loved one like “oh, I see you are in finance” or “your mother says she likes the bird necklace” I look at the balance of particular relationships. Once I see the balance I can tell the person a bit about their relationship – like “OK, it looks like you are really trying to help your partner” or “hmmmm…. seems like you are not trusting your friend” and then I move in to what the soul contract is and how that person can move forward to complete it. Many people want the details that prove beyond a doubt that I am connected to their guides – but that’s just not what a soul contract reading is. It’s about assisting someone in their relationship so that they can find happiness within it (and sometimes without it). In the end, it felt like exactly the right thing to do though so I’m happy I chose that route!

As I drove home after the event – I was in a bit of a daze (I went North on the highway instead of South and added about a half hour to my ride – oh well we psychics are just not map-saavy) but I felt happy. The smiles on the faces of the people who were there meant a lot to me. Hopefully they walked away with information they can use to ease, grow and balance their relationships. AND I cannot wait to do this event again, which is lucky because the plan is to do this event many times and to get people to bring their family and friends…

PS: Right now there is another “Why is THAT PERSON in My Life?” scheduled for March at Leapin’ Lizards in Maine and I am working on scheduling others as well so stay tuned!

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  1. Donna O
    Donna O says:

    I was one of the people Danielle pointed at to read the relationship. She didn’t like how B treats me, and she told me I have told him before and I need to tell him again to treat me better. I never asked why I am in this relationship with B – but I’m guessing it’s so I learn to speak up. B has promised many things, but not come through. B has done construction work for me, but also promised me a puppy, promised a TV for my daughter, borrowed money he said would get resolved back in August. So, she was right on target. She said I felt guilty though, and I’m not sure why. She wasn’t sure either. Good seminar, I’d recommend it! I did some head nodding about the relationship from the parent/son who won’t listen to good advice. I have one of those too! Way to go Danielle! Glad to have the negative sould contract clearing too. thanks you!


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