A Psychic’s Way to Receive a Spiritual Message From Animals on the Other Side

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What is a quick, easy, goofy way (it is goofy – everything is goofy!) to receive a spiritual message from animals on the Other Side?

This is all you have to do.  When you go to bed at night, lay down and call on your animal.

So I would call on my dog Kelso. Say “Kelso, I’d love to hear from you tonight. Please give me a message while I sleep. I’d be just so grateful. I look forward to it.  I’m open to it. Thank you.”

Make sure you have a pad of paper and pen next to your bed. Make sure you are going to sleep well – you’re not going to be interrupted. And go to bed.

You might have to try this for several nights in a row but eventually – provided you are not heavily grieving – you know if your animal just passed a couple days ago, not going to work.

But a month ago?  Probably gonna to work for you. Give it a few days. Eventually you are going to get a message.

That message may be a hello.  That message may be that you just get to hang out with him or her and just be together. That message may be that you actually got to touch him or her. The message may be just a sound. But it will be something that allows you to know hey, he’s here…she’s here…we were together. We got to connect for a moment.

And then be sure as soon as you wake up to get into the habit of writing it down right away. And sometimes you are going to write down gibberish. I definitely did this for a while and I got to a point where I couldn’t read what I was writing because it was all crooked on the paper because I got really into doing it.

So give yourself a break, go easy, give it a few days. But have fun, be light and happy about it and you should get a message.

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