Is Your Soul Messing with You?

19124374_sOK, let me start out by confirming that no, your Soul is not messing with you. I just thought that was a really good blog post title. In fact, your Soul would never mess with you and only wants to help you do everything you humanly can to rediscover the brilliance within. But holy cow! I’m sure you often feel like your Soul is messing with you! Until you understand how your Soul System really works, it can feel like the world is against you, you’re always dealing with terrible choices – and things just aren’t working properly.

I asked my Facebook peeps to give me questions based on the heading, “Is Your Soul Messing with You?” You all had a lot of questions! I’m going to answer some of those questions here – so that you could start to understand how your Soul System works and also see that your Soul is endeavoring to help you not mess with you!

Q: Is it just me or do we seem to be re-tested, so to speak, on lessons we already learned? Or is it just that things are thrown our way that are eerily similar to the past so we can learn the most from it?

A: If you have truly, at the soul-level, learned the lesson and you are facing similar versions of that lesson, you are actually experiencing an Echo. It’s a slightly smaller form of the lesson on which you already worked intended just to keep you on your toes and ensure you really “got” the lesson. Often through an echo, you’ll be able to take the lesson a little deeper – or you’ll be reminded of what you already learned so that you don’t fall off the wagon.

Q: Sometimes it feels like my soul is wanting or craving something/someone from the past that is not in alignment with my future. Why would my Soul be pulling me towards that which should be left behind?

A: It’s not your Soul that is pulling you towards things that don’t serve you. As we go through life, we tend to cover up the beauty of our Souls with other beliefs, fears, worries, anger and needs (otherwise known as Soul Contracts, Seed Thoughts and Root Belief Systems). In this situation, you have something to learn by being called back to something that you know doesn’t serve you. Look for the lesson in the yearning and you’ll be one step closer to releasing those energies blocking you from the beauty of your Soul and a non-yearning life.

Q: I have an issue (I believe it’s a Soul Contract from a past life) on which I’ve tried cutting cords, past life regressions, clearings etc. so that I can have a different outcome in this lifetime, but the issue remains. Perhaps you can touch base on why things like this happen because it does feel like something is messing with me (not letting me heal this issue).

A: I love this question! We’re living in an age where people are willing to do the energetic work but often forget to do the inner work. When a great challenge exists in your life, it is because you have a Soul Lesson to learn from it. Until you do the work to learn the lesson, no other technique, person, book or speech will be able to help. But the cool part is that once you do that inner work and you get that lesson – ALL of those other pieces will be able to help! In your situation, spend some time looking at the big picture. What could you possibly be trying to learn from this situation? The lesson really is the answer and learning it will free you up to begin feeling forward movement in your life.

Q: I have been battling with my health for over a year now (my stomach). The Doctor can’t seem to figure out what is wrong. I understand that I wrote that, but will I ever get a solution.

A: Ok first, see the answer to the question above. Next, for you it’s very much about the lesson. What is this sickness forcing you to do or not do? Finally take care of yourself? Slow down and live from more peaceful place? Live a different, healthier lifestyle? Look for the changes that you’ve had to make because of this illness. The illness is called a Bump Contract – and it’s a kind of plan B that your Soul put into place before you came into this lifetime. The Bump Contract shows up when your Soul knows you need a bit more help learning something. Step back and look at how this illness has changed your life – the lesson is in there – and when you get the lesson, the “solutions” will start to show up.

15277017_sQ: I wonder if my cat who scratches on the cabinets and couch is showing me the anger I have hidden inside?

A: Yes! This is called an Animal Soul Contract and it is exactly what is going on here! Our animals will contract with us, pre-birth, to help us evolve. Until you deal with your anger and release it, your cat will continue to send you this message. Luckily, AS you deal with your anger and release it, your cat’s behavior will improve as well.

So, I know that was only five questions – and you all asked many, many more on my Facebook page – but I have to keep my blog posts short so you’ll read the whole thing! Feel free to ask more questions below in the comments section or on Facebook or Twitter – and perhaps I’ll do another blog post addressing those!

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  1. MaryLee Bennison
    MaryLee Bennison says:

    I seem to facing loss in various ways and most recently my cat is lost and I am trying to understand the soul lesson. Of course, I am looking for her but also wondering why this seems to be happening to me a lot right now.

    • Pam-assistant to Danielle
      Pam-assistant to Danielle says:

      Dear MaryLee,
      For lost animals Danielle recommends Joe Polivick. You can find him at

      He’s a wonderful man and very good at his job. Hopefully he’ll be able to give you some peace and clarity.

  2. Jewel
    Jewel says:

    An ex-boyfriend is trying to come back into my life again… my son doesn’t really like him. My son is 16yrs old.

    Before, the ex-boyfriend used me. He didn’t contribute, lived with us etc. So I had kicked him out.

    Now, he has his own place, but yet, still wants this..especially since he’s “stuck in a siuation” w/o a car…
    But I’m unemployed, he lives way at other end of town… I don’t know what to do.
    When I’m feeling down or lonely, I text him. He loves me, & will text daily. But I don’t love him.

  3. Donna O
    Donna O says:

    I try to be a positive helpful person but it’s getting more and more difficult. I seem to have conflict after conflict, with neighbors, with my ex with my renters, etc. I thank the Universe each night for the blessings I have and ask for peace and compromise. I feel I’m not learning whatever lesson it is about conflict that I’m supposed to. Am I missing the big picture?

  4. Terri Timmons
    Terri Timmons says:

    My dog has a very tenacious problem with itching. she is constantly scratching. We have changed dog food, and vet has tried allergy pill and steroids. Could it be something I am doing or not doing that is causing the itching?

    • paula
      paula says:

      Terri, allergies are very hard to pinpoint, it could be anything from food to allergens in the air. Is your dog food free of corn, wheat, and soy? Corn and wheat are very common allergies. I have a shih-tzu that is allergic to fleas, even if it is just one. Even stress can cause itching. Did anything change that could have possible caused this, such as change in household, moving, etc. I would recommend taking your dog to a holistic vet. And I would not give my dog steroids, they are not good/healthy for ppl nor for animals. Dogs can also get a reaction to vaccines and shots, flea control. Hope your doggy gets better.

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