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Soul Contract Cheat Sheet: Your Q’s Answered!

Cheat SheetEvery day I receive emails wondering what a Soul Contract is, how do you GET one, does everyone have one and more. I wanted to create a little Cheat Sheet that would give you a general overview of the different types of Soul Contracts (so many people are not aware that there are actually three different kinds!). I asked my Facebook followers what they wanted to know about Soul Contracts – the result: The Soul Contract Cheat Sheet.

Q. What is a Soul-to-Soul (StS) Soul Contract?
A. This is the contract that you created with another soul during the beautiful space between your last lifetime and this one. These StS Soul Contracts have a very high vibration because they came about when your soul knew exactly what to work on in the upcoming life. Your soul and the other soul involved decided what it was you were going to help each other with once you came into your human bodies. These Soul Contracts are always for our greatest and highest good, however sometimes the carrying out of them can feel negative. These are not contracts we want to or even can break.

Q. What is an Independent Soul Contract?
A. These are the contracts (also known as vows, oaths, agreements, commitments, and programming among other things) that you decreed when you were IN a lifetime, looking to control your life or prevent something from ever occurring again. For example, something may have occurred in a past life that made you vow to ensure that everyone around you is taken care of at all costs. You then arrive in this lifetime and find yourself sacrificing for family and friends. These contracts are releasable!

Q. What is an Animal Soul Contract?
A. An Animal Soul Contract is similar to a StS Soul Contract. Your Soul and the Soul of your pet decided (before coming into your bodies) how you were going to assist each other and that assistance gets carried out through behaviors during your lives together. For example, your dog may have contracted to assist you in learning to have a bigger voice in this lifetime by being very aggressive, which means that you must step up to the plate as the Alpha in order to move through the Soul Contract. As you work on this, your new found Alpha behavior will help you provide a better, more secure life for him.  (It’s a win-win!)

Q. Does having a Soul Contract mean there is no free will?
A. Absolutely not. The Soul Contract exists to help you move forward whether through the help of someone else (which can be a beautiful and often direct route to learning a lesson) or by taking the long road (by taking out vows that you may then spend the next few lifetimes trying to release).

Q. How is a Soul Contract different from a Soul Purpose?
A. They are not the same in any way. The Soul Purpose is what you came here to do – once you align with the path of your Soul Purpose (in other words that amazing “thing” you dream about achieving) you’ll feel wonderfully fulfilled. StS Soul Contracts and Independent Soul Contracts both help you learn a lesson or master something that your Soul has been struggling to understand and the understanding of these can help you align with your Soul Purpose.

Q. Do we have Soul Contracts with every person we meet or only with certain people who are very important to us?
A. It’s going to sound crazy, but we actually have a Soul-to-Soul Soul Contract with every single being we come into contact with in our lives: this includes all people, family, friends, acquaintances as well as pets and other animals. Some contracts are primary, while others are secondary (they support the primary contracts).

Q. Can I change the Soul Contract between another person and myself?
A. No, you cannot change the contract as it was put in place by your Soul so that you could master something very important. You CAN however work to understand it and as you do that, things may get easier between you and the other person. This however, could mean that that person has to leave your life. Mastering a Soul Contract does not often result in the exact outcome you are looking for. For example, a woman may end up leaving her husband if her contract with him was to learn how to speak up – and when she starts working on this, he can’t handle it. The result wouldn’t necessarily be that the two would begin to get along – it might be that the woman realizes her husband will never be able to listen, so she leaves.

Q. Can an Independent Soul Contract stop me from manifesting what I want in life?
A. YES! Absolutely! There are Independent Soul Contracts that stop people from having success, that bind them to failure, that prevent them from being seen, that stop them from being able to create and hold on to money and many more. I’ve seen this occur again and again and it’s usually because the person, in some past lifetime, felt that they needed to stop themselves from ever abusing their power, money, intuitive abilities, love or success again.

Q. How can I figure out my own Soul Contract?
I have answered that question briefly here.

I hope you found these answers helpful! If many more questions result from this post – I will do a follow up Cheat Sheet post.


10 replies
  1. Bonnie Grant
    Bonnie Grant says:

    Very helpful for me. This explains why I keep adopting older rescue dogs and why all my relationships with men are not good for me.

  2. Janice Killian
    Janice Killian says:

    Let me ask this;what about the people,that we meet, and just can’t stand-don’t like? what are we supposed to learn in this life, from that?

  3. Janice Killian
    Janice Killian says:

    my feelings on this… answering my own question; many times ,we meet people that have a characteristic,that we have in ourselves….and we may know that-but, we see it in others…and recognize it. This might be from past-life experiences with them,also.

  4. andrea
    andrea says:

    hi im interested in how to discover my soul to soul contract with my husband,how would i go about discovering this,we seem to make each other unhappy there must be a better way xxx

  5. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Love your article. However you can break a soul contract if you have fulfilled your portion of it. Let’s say you have you have sacrificed your whole life to a family member, from a child to mid life. The same pattern ignights over & over again. You try many different methods, to help the other person, but they do not listen, nor learn their lessons. You can release the soul contract you have with this family by saying you are done with this. Have minimal contact and let them find their way. You are not responsible for someone else’s journey, only yourself.

  6. says:

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