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Psychics can’t predict the future

What’s one thing I don’t like about being psychic? I don’t like when people ask me about their future.

Now, it’s not because I don’t think that, as a psychic I am not capable of looking at the future – because I CAN do it. The reason I don’t want to predict anyone’s future is actually very different.

Predicting the future takes away from a person’s ability to CREATE their own future. People naturally start “expecting” that future to happen, which means they start eliminating other futures, which means – they have stopped approaching their life the way they were before their future was told – which means, that future doesn’t fit the energy anymore.


What I LIKE to do is look at where things are headed for a person and then give that person tools to help them shape things to be more in line with what they want. This is so much more empowering!

Being intuitive isn’t just about learning your the next million dollar idea or determining if your boyfriend is cheating on you. In fact, those ways of using psychic abilities are missing the point!

When you’re in touch with your intuition, you can work with it to determine your best courses of action, what is safe and what is risky, who you can feel close to and who isn’t… when it’s really time to quit that job and start the career of your dreams…

Being psychic has a role in every day life if you let it!

So, maybe the title of this writing would have been better as, “There’s no need for a psychic to predict your future!”

Love and Light,

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  1. Bill
    Bill says:

    I never thought of it like that… It’s almost as if you might get annoyed at times for being psychic.
    Do you ever see that coming?? Jk. But seriously, interesting to read this!


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